Index First Name Last Name Year State Division Position Home town High School Club College
A4194 Dawson Balabanoff 2020 CO D2 Midfield Denver Arapahoe CC Adams State
A4193 Levi Butler 2020 IA D2 Defense West Des Moines Valley Adams State
A4192 Brett Carberry 2020 IL D2 Midfield Chicago Lincoln Way West Adams State
A4191 Kyle Coking 2020 AZ D2 Midfield Prescott Hamilton Adams State
A4190 Bruce Cooper 2020 CO D2 Midfield Denver Vista Peak Prep Adams State
A4189 Tim Cronn 2020 CA D2 Attack Tustin Lutheran Adams State
A4188 Brendan Hauge 2020 WA D2 Defense Superior Century Adams State
A4187 Anthony Hibler 2020 NV D2 Goalie Las Vegas Faith Lutheran/North Adams State
A4186 Tyler Hubbard 2020 CA D2 Attack Dana Point Dana Hills Adams State
A4185 Andrew Leonard 2020 NM D2 Defense Rio Rancho Rio Rancho Adams State
A4184 Jose Pacheco 2020 CO D2 Defense Denver Kennedy Adams State
A4183 Justin Peterson 2020 CO D2 FOGO Denver Arvada West Adams State
A4182 Zack Whittworth 2020 CO D2 Defense Denver Aurora CC Adams State
A3183 Brandon Badger 2020 FL D2 Defense Palm Coast Flagler Palm Coast Adams State
A3182 Trent Simmons-Falk 2020 OR D2 Midfield Hillsboro Hillsboro Adams State
A2565 Nick Dekalaita 2020 MI D2 Midfield Flushing Grand Blanc Army Ants Adams State
A2564 DJ Ferrigno 2020 CA D2 Defense Santa Clarita Hart Ronin Adams State
A2563 Tige Nagel 2020 WA D2 Defense Puyallup Rogers Sea Town Kings Adams State
A2431 Kristopher Owens 2020 MD D2 Midfield Severn Old Mill Adams State
A1217 Timothy Allen 2020 CO D2 Goalie Lakewood Bear Creek Adams State
A1216 Declan Larm 2020 CO D2 Defense Denver Jefferson Adams State
A1215 Blake McKinley 2020 CO D2 Midfield Fort Collins Rocky Mountain Fellowship Adams State
A1214 Brennan Morrissey 2020 WI D2 Defense Superior Superior MN Loons Adams State
A1213 Chase Roush 2020 WA D2 Attack Brush Prairie Hockinson Maniax Adams State
A1212 Jacob Hicks 2020 FL D2 Midfield Gainesville Genesee CC Adams State 
B2960 Kristopher Owens 2021 MD D2 Midfield Severn Old Mill Rockfish Adams State
B2561 Josh Boonshaft 2021 MD D2 Midfield Frederick Oakdale MD Extreme Adams State
B2560 Quinten Brunson 2021 CA D2 Defense Culver City Culver City 3D Adams State
B2450 Andreas Bramscher 2021 MN D2 Goalie Circle Pines Centennial MN Loons Adams State
B2449 Griffin Thomas 2021 IN D2 Midfield Indianapolis Southport MW Express/Origins Adams State
B2341 Daniel Cardoza 2021 FL D2 Defense Lehigh Acres Immokale Venom Adams State
B2142 Will Wagner 2021 CO D2 Attack Silverthorne Summit Adams State
B1067 Dexter Tedesco 2021 MT D2 Attack Clancy Helena Treasure State Adams State
B0048 Cameron James 2021 MD D2 Defense Glen Burnie Old Mill Adams State
G0210 Gunner Greer 2023 TX D2 Defense Montgomery Magnolia Adams State
A3595 Jack Herzlinger 2020 NY D2 Attack West Islip West Islip Adelphi
A3181 Kyle Cash 2020 TX D2 Goalie The Woodlands The Woodlands Red Devil/Carolina N Adelphi
A2377 Josh Uhri 2020 IL D2 Attack St. Charles North Yeti Adelphi
A1211 Michael Caiazzo 2020 NY D2 Attack Locust Valley Adelphi
A1210 Eamon Hall 2020 NY D2 Attack Massapequa Massapequa True Blue Adelphi
A1209 Jack Hipchen 2020 IL D2 Attack Fremd Yeti Adelphi
A1208 Brian Kelly 2020 NY D2 Attack Albany Academies Adelphi
A1207 Luke Lombardi 2020 NY D2 Midfield Massapequa Plainedge True Blue Adelphi
B3592 Zak Edwards 2021 FL D2 Defense Fort Myers Fort Myers Adelphi
B3326 Tom Galgano 2021 NY D2 Defense Bethpage Bethpage/Binghamton LI Team 91 Adelphi
B2735 Brandon Kessler 2021 NY D2 Goalie Deer Park Half Hollow Hills Ea LI Igloo Adelphi
B2559 Ryan Durnin 2021 NY D2 LSM Massapequa Massapequa True Blue Adelphi
B1097 Nicholas O'Shea 2021 NY D2 Midfield New Hyde Park Sewanhaka LI Igloo Adelphi
A3594 Cooper Howatt 2020 MI D3 Goalie Dexter Dexter Coalition Adrian
A3593 Steven Martin 2020 MI D3 FOGO Lake Orion Lake Orion Invictus Adrian
A3592 Trentin Tidswell 2020 MI D3 Midfield Britton Tecumseh Adrian
A3180 Michael O'Connor 2020 MI D3 Attack West Bloomfield Walled Lake Northern 1763 Chiefs Adrian
A2562 Jaden Bishop 2020 MI D3 Attack Davison Davison Chiefs Adrian
A2561 Jake Mouranie 2020 MI D3 Defense Walled Lake Walled Lake Western Adrian
A2560 Ben Steirer 2020 OH D3 Defense Sylvania Northview Adrian
A0866 Colton McDermaid 2020 MI D3 Defense Grand Blanc Grand Blanc 313 Adrian
A0865 Nicholas Palomba 2020 MI D3 Midfield Macomb Dakota 586 Adrian
A0864 Cameron Wallace 2020 MI D3 LSM Ann Arbor Skyline Army Ants Adrian
A0863 Garon Blanchard 2020 MB D3 Midfield Portage la Prairie Portage Collegiate Adrian 
B3395 Gavin DePue 2021 MI D3 Midfield Temperance Temperance Bedford Adrian
B3312 Jack Messel 2021 MI D3 Defense West Bloomfield Walled Lake Northern Blue Brothers Adrian
B3311 Bowen Sparks 2021 MI D3 Attack White Lake Walled Lake Northern Blue Brothers Adrian
B3086 Brandon Hoerauf 2021 MI D3 Midfield Macomb Dakota Omnia/ Adrian
B2949 AJ Hayes 2021 MI D3 Defense Rochester Hills De La Salle Origins Adrian
B2864 Mike Jonas 2021 MI D3 Attack Holland Holland West Ottawa West Side Adrian
B2761 Anthony Tarro 2021 MI D3 Defense Brighton Brighton PLG Adrian
B2760 Gino Capicchioni 2021 MI D3 FOGO South Lyon South Lyon East 313/Team Total Adrian
B2719 Riley Edwards 2021 ON D3 Midfield Schomberg Frederick Gunn Schoo Evolve Adrian
B2411 Chris Baxter 2021 MI D3 Defense Troy Troy Adrian
B2410 Justin Norgrove 2021 MI D3 Attack Walled Lake Walled Lake Shamrocks Adrian
B2409 Tyler Swanson 2021 IL D3 Goalie Naperville Naperville 1223 Adrian
B2314 Derek Hassel 2021 KY D3 Attack Louisville DuPont Manual Adrian
B2313 Cameron Reed 2021 ON D3 LSM Waterloo Kitchner-Waterloo Evolve Adrian
B2014 Sam Spangler 2021 MI D3 Goalie Canton Canton PLG Adrian
A3179 Mateo Brown 2020 MD D1 Attack Mount Hebron Baltimore Crabs Air Force
A3178 Josh Yago 2020 CO D1 Attack Wheat Ridge Team 91 (CO)/DOCO Air Force
A2119 Nick Capannelli 2020 VA D1 FOGO Patriot VLC Air Force
A2118 James Chastain 2020 PA D1 Defense Avon Grove Rising Sons/NXT Air Force
A2117 Cody Gross 2020 FL D1 LSM IMG Academy TRUE Air Force
A2115 Jake Knapp 2020 NY D1 FOGO Fairport Fairport Harvest Air Force
A2114 Grant Laman 2020 FL D1 Midfield St. Thomas Aquinas SweetLax Air Force
A2113 Robbie Lionetti 2020 CT D1 Midfield Branford Avon Old Farms Eclipse Air Force
A2112 Vincent Mata 2020 CO D1 Defense Aurora Regis Jesuit CO Thunderbolts Air Force
A2111 Ryan McGuinness 2020 PA D1 Attack Red Land Duke's/Looney's Air Force
A2110 Dante Orlando 2020 CO D1 Attack Cherry Creek 212 Air Force
A2109 Cooper Rich 2020 CO D1 Midfield Valor Christian Evolve Air Force
A2108 Quinn Richards 2020 MA D1 Goalie Belmont Hill School Laxachusetts Air Force
A2107 Matt Rubino 2020 CT D1 Attack Madison Loomis Chaffee 3D NE Air Force
A2106 Sean Schweiger 2020 MN D1 Defense Blaine Team MN Air Force
A2105 William Stax 2020 GA D1 Midfield Milton Milton Thunder LB3 Air Force
A2104 Alexander Stepney 2020 CT D1 Attack New Hartford Loomis Chaffee Primetime Air Force
A2103 Jack Stewart 2020 NJ D1 Midfield Moorestown Moorestown LI Team 91 Air Force
A2102 Chad Teresky 2020 NH D1 Attack Derry Berkshire School NH Tomahawks Air Force
A2100 Mason Vasta 2020 MO D1 Attack Rockhurst MW Top Gun/Team KC/L Air Force
B2774 Ian Balser 2021 NY D1 Defense Brooklyn McCallie School Nation United/Rebels Air Force
B1401 Hillis Burns 2021 KY D1 Attack Louisville St. Xavier L4 Air Force
B1258 Colin Degrassi 2021 VA D1 Defense McLean Paul VI VLC Air Force
B1138 Wes Peene 2021 NJ D1 Midfield Ridgewood Ridgewood Patriot Air Force
B0545 James Conlon 2021 MI D1 Midfield Grand Rapids Hill Academy 2-Way Air Force
B0544 Daniel Enoch 2021 NC D1 Defense Cardinal Gibbons Bucktown Air Force
B0542 Samuel Gee 2021 NY D1 Attack Elmira Hotchkiss School Sweetlax/FCA Air Force
B0541 Kyle Griffith 2021 MD D1 Attack Severna Park API Air Force
B0540 Matthew Gulley 2021 NC D1 Defense Apex Apex MadLax/Team 91 Air Force
B0538 Daniel Haimes 2021 FL D1 Midfield American Heritage Sweetlax Air Force
B0537 Brooks Jeffers 2021 TX D1 Midfield Austin Westlake SouthStar/Iron Horse Air Force
B0536 Ollie Lovell 2021 TX D1 Midfield Austin Westlake Iron Horse Air Force
B0535 Tucker Lowrance 2021 TN D1 Defense Briarcrest Christian No Excuse Air Force
B0533 Mason Meagher 2021 SC D1 LSM Simpsonville J. L. Mann 24-7 Air Force
B0532 Ben Morfit 2021 NY D1 Midfield Pelham Pelham Igloo Air Force
B0531 Spencer Norris 2021 NY D1 Midfield Yorktown Heights Yorktown Predators Air Force
B0530 Adam Norris 2021 NY D1 Goalie Yorktown Heights Yorktown Predators Air Force
B0529 Donovan Rock 2021 TX D1 Midfield The Woodlands The Woodlands Nation United/Iron H Air Force
B0527 Gabe Swanser 2021 NC D1 Midfield Apex Apex MadLax/Team 91 Air Force
G0275 Nicholas Walter 2023 PA D1 Attack Doylestown Penn Charter School Big 4 HHH/Team 11 Air Force
G0238 Hunter Bisbee 2023 NC D1 Attack Greensboro Grimsley NCF Triad/Fusion Air Force
G0237 Jack Cyrek 2023 MI D1 FOGO Northville Calvert Hall FCA/TRUE/Blues Bros/ Air Force
G0236 Jake Park 2023 TX D1 Attack Dallas St. Mark's School (T UNRL/Legends Air Force
G0235 Ben Wable 2023 CT D1 Attack Cheshire Choate Rosemary Hall 2Way Air Force
G0194 Turner Ashby 2023 FL D1 Attack Tampa Plant FL Crabs Air Force
G0182 Trevor Galgano 2023 NY D1 Defense Huntington Station Walt Whitman LI Rebels Air Force
G0181 James Hillwig 2023 MD D1 Defense Phoenix Boy’s Latin Breakers Air Force
G0180 Forrest Ives 2023 NY D1 LSM Erieville Cazenovia Orange Crush Air Force
G0179 Jack Schulte 2023 FL D1 Attack Parkland Saint Andrews School Sweetlax Air Force
G0178 Matthew Torrey 2023 MA D1 Goalie Hingham Belmont Hill School Laxachusetts Air Force
A3797 Ethan Hyde 2020 TN D2 Attack Chattanooga Soddy-Daisy Alabama-Huntsville
A3696 James Dicostanzo 2020 NY CLUB Attack Clarence Alabama
A3177 Iah Hall 2020 MD D2 Defense Glenelg Team MD Alabama Huntsville
A3176 Ian Arnt 2020 MN D2 Attack North St. Paul Mahtomedi MN Loons Alabama-Huntsville
A3175 Silas Herman 2020 MN D2 Midfield Long Lake Orona MN Select Alabama-Huntsville
A3174 Jake Schramm 2020 GA D2 Midfield North Paulding Wasatch Alabama-Huntsville
A2295 Greyson Stevens 2020 GA D2 Attack Alpharetta Mt Pisgah 3D Alabama-Huntsville
A1206 Will Blake 2020 GA D2 Defense Mill Creek Alabama-Huntsville
A1205 Conor Young 2020 PA D2 Attack Lansdale North Penn Duke's Alabama-Huntsville
A1204 Cole Clayton 2020 CA D2 Defense Santa Clarita Valencia Ronin Lax Alabama-Huntsville 
B3768 Wes Love 2021 AL D2 Midfield Birmingham Briarwood Christian Alabama-Huntsville
B3559 Michael Ward 2021 IN CLUB Attack Carmel Carmel MW Express/Juiced Ch Alabama
B3532 Ryan Craig 2021 GA D2 Attack Lilburn Parkview ATL Empire Alabama-Huntsville
B3223 Will Ford 2021 TX D2 Midfield San Antonio Smithson Valley Sting Alabama-Huntsville
B3148 Alexander Dorenkott 2021 FL D2 Defense Lake Mary Lake Mary Sweetlax Alabama-Huntsville
B3147 Collin Galinski 2021 GA D2 Defense Alpharetta Mount Pigsah Christi 3D (GA) Alabama-Huntsville
B3146 Will Kastel 2021 NC D2 Defense Huntersville Lake Norman Charter Carolina Miners Alabama-Huntsville
B3145 Michael Lindsey 2021 GA D2 Defense Suwanee Lambert ATL Empire Alabama-Huntsville
B3144 Hutson Milligan 2021 AL D2 Defense Hoover Hoover Alabama-Huntsville
B3143 Eric Rausch 2021 GA D2 Defense Fayetteville Starr's Mill Copperheads Alabama-Huntsville
B3070 Nate Burt 2021 GA D2 Midfield Lilburn Parkview ATL Empire Alabama-Huntsville
B2558 Andrew Bauer 2021 KY D2 LSM Fort Mitchell Beechwood Resolute/Bluegrass/K Alabama-Huntsville
B2448 Max Keller 2021 VA D2 Goalie Virginia Beach Ocean Lakes Roughriders Alabama-Huntsville
B1921 William Beldner 2021 MO D2 Goalie St. Louis Christian Brothers C MW TopGun/MO22 Alabama-Huntsville
B1920 Paul Johnson 2021 FL D2 Attack Lithia Newsome 3D/813 Alabama-Huntsville
B1393 Hunter Coleman 2021 GA D2 FOGO Woodstock Etowah Thunder LB3 Alabama Huntsville
A4022 Sam Hixon-Milks 2020 OH D1 Midfield Springboro Springboro/Onondaga FLG Albany
A4021 Tyler Shook 2020 NY D1 Midfield West Islip West Islip Laxachusetts Albany
A3591 Elijah Gash 2020 WI D1 Defense Green Bay Bay Port/St. Ambrose Sconnie/Team WI Albany
A3590 Connor Feneley 2020 MI D3 Midfield Battle Creek Harper Creek M3 Albion
A3173 Sam Stratton 2020 NY D1 Defense Manlius Fayetteville-Manlius Orange Crush Albany
A3172 Matthew Bouchard 2020 CT D3 LSM Kensington Berlin CT Valley Albertus Magnus
A3171 Josh Turcotte 2020 MI D3 Midfield Hartland Hartland Albion
A2558 Liam Donnelly 2020 NY D1 Goalie Yorktown Yorktown/Rutgers/Uta Prime Time/No Limit Albany
A2557 Nicholas Repkey 2020 MI D3 Attack Waterford Township Waterford Kettering TRUE (MI) Albion
A2556 Ethan Rottell 2020 MI D3 Attack Plymouth Plymouth TRUE (MI) Albion
A2555 Lee Bostic 2020 MD D3 Defense White Plains McDonough Category 5 Albright
A2294 Mike Leschinsky 2020 PA D1 Midfield Macungie Emmaus NXT Albany
A2099 Regan Endres 2020 NY D1 FOGO Victor Victor Orange Crush Albany
A2098 Hogan Fox 2020 NY D1 Attack Glens Falls Glens Falls ADK Albany
A2097 Camden Hay 2020 NY D1 Attack Victor Victor Sweetlax Albany
A2096 Davon Johnson 2020 NY D1 Midfield New York City Frederick Douglass Harlem Albany
A2095 Patrick Mai 2020 NY D1 Attack Islip Islip LI Legacy Albany
A2094 TJ McNicholas 2020 NY D1 Defense Rockville Centre South Side Express Albany
A2093 Joey Pezzimenti 2020 NY D1 Attack Victor Victor Sweetlax Albany
A2092 John Prizzi 2020 NY D1 Midfield Kingston Kingston Express Albany
A2091 Thomas Rodriguez 2020 MN D1 FOGO White Bear Lake White Bear Lake MN Select Albany
A2090 Peter Salit 2020 GA D1 Midfield Johns Creek Johns Creek 3D Albany
A2089 Logan Tucker 2020 NY D1 Midfield Massapequa Massapequa Sweetlax/True Blue Albany
A2088 Jack VanValkenburgh 2020 NY D1 Goalie Syracuse Fayetteville-Manlius Orange Crush Albany
A1336 Kevin Groom 2020 NY D1 Defense Bethpage Bethpage True Blue Albany
A0862 Marcus Abbott 2020 MI D3 Attack Ada Grand Rapids Christi PLG/Westside Albion
A0861 Niklos Anderson 2020 MI D3 Attack Haslett Haslett-Williamston PLG Albion
A0860 Chase Bidle 2020 MI D3 Midfield Grandville TRUE (MI)/West Side Albion
A0859 Logan Bonner 2020 MI D3 Defense North Street Port Huron 586 Albion
A0858 Skyelar Brennan 2020 MI D3 Defense Battle Creek Harper Creek M3 Albion
A0857 Brad Luketic 2020 MI D3 Goalie Brighton Brighton PLG Albion
A0856 Parker McFarlane 2020 MI D3 Defense Canton Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri PLG Albion
A0855 Timmy Salinas 2020 MI D3 Midfield Haslett Haslett-Williamston Albion
A0854 Vaughn Shewell 2020 MI D3 Attack Shelby Eisenhower 313 Albion
B3658 Jahmeir Warfield 2021 NY D1 LSM Rochester East/Tabor Academy Sweetlax/Knighthawks Albany
B3347 Jack Pucci 2021 NY D1 FOGO Huntington Syosset/Jacksonville LI Express/Team 91/G Albany
B3142 Will Tessin 2021 NC D2 Defense Waxhaw Marvin Ridge Albion
B2964 Adam Thistlewaite 2021 ON D1 Midfield Peterborough Williston Northampto Evolve/Peterborough Albany
B2889 Parker Emmett 2021 GA D1 Midfield Hoschton Mill Creek Albany
B2863 Jack Erickson 2021 MI D3 Goalie Midland Midland PLG Albion
B2762 Sebastian Aheimer 2021 MI D3 Defense Northville Northville Albion
B2312 Ryan Meldrum 2021 MI D3 Attack Romeo Romeo Albion
B2228 Robert Dameron 2021 MI D3 Attack Macomb Macomb Dakota Juiced Cherries Albion
B2227 Jack Heft 2021 MI D3 Attack Commerce Walled Lake Northern Army Ants Albion
B2226 Fabrizio Raciti 2021 MI D3 Attack Bruce Township Romeo 586 Albion
B2111 Jake Lettieri 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Hackettstown Hackettstown Thunder Albright
B1862 Connor Sims 2021 MI D3 Defense Bloomfield Hills Detroit Country Day 3D Albion
B1710 Raleigh Canady 2021 MI D3 Defense Haslett Haslett-Williamston Juiced Cherries/Grea Albion
B1659 Conlon Crowley 2021 NY D1 Defense Vestal Vestal Orange Crush Albany
B1585 Keegan Pastor 2021 MI D3 Midfield Haslett Haslett Williamston CAPS/Momentum Albion
B1417 Justinus Park 2021 PA D3 Midfield Fort Washington Upper Dublin Bandits Albright
B1066 Thomas Decker 2021 NY D1 Midfield North Massapequa Farmingdale FLG Albany
B0947 Peter Alessi 2021 PA D3 Midfield Honesdale Scranton Prep NEPA Albright
B0607 Trey Goins 2021 OK D1 Midfield Owasso Owasso Impulse/Tulsa Unpara Albany
B0526 Connor Fundis 2021 NY D1 Defense Fairport Fairport 3D Albany
B0525 Jezayd Hall 2021 NY D1 FOGO Mastic Beach William Floyd LI Empire Albany
B0524 Caeden LaPietro 2021 NY D1 Midfield Burnt Hills Ballston Albany Power Albany
B0523 Jake Moran 2021 NY D1 Midfield Central Square Paul V Moore Orange Crush Albany
B0521 Jacob Webb 2021 FL D1 Defense Palm Beach Gardens King's Academy Sweetlax Albany
B0520 Parker Winkky-Wade 2021 NY D1 Attack Horseheads Sweetlax Albany
G0209 Landon Whitney 2023 GA D1 Goalie Peachtree City Trinity-Pawling Scho Thunder LB3/3D GA/ T Albany
G0092 Nolan Gilmartin 2023 VA D1 Attack Richmond Benedictine/Christch Richmond Hawks Albany
A4020 Ryan Barndollar 2020 MD D2 Defense Walkersville Walkersville Key City Alderson Broaddus
A4019 Jackson Barnett 2020 GA D2 FOGO Newnan Kennesaw Mountain Alderson Broaddus
A4018 Isaiah Daniel 2020 MD D2 Midfield Walkersville Walkersville Key City Alderson Broaddus
A4017 Brandon Heath 2020 WV D2 Defense Moundsville Marshall Alderson Broaddus
A4016 Dahon Saunders 2020 MD D2 Midfield Hampstead Manchester Valley Alderson Broaddus
A4015 Zach Vereen 2020 MD D2 Midfield Huntingtown Huntingtown Alderson Broaddus
A4014 Maguire Willard 2020 WV D2 Attack Martinsburg Spring Mills Alderson Broaddus
A4013 Matthew Yoder 2020 DE D2 Defense Dover Smyrna Alderson Broaddus
A2376 Cameron Russo 2020 MD D2 Midfield Derwood Magruder MD Extreme Alderson Broaddus
A1203 Robert Campbell 2020 FL D2 Attack Immokalee Immokalee Alderson Broaddus
A1202 Charlie Jackson 2020 VA D2 Defense Brambleton Broad Run Hammers Alderson Broaddus
A1201 Kyle McFadden 2020 MD D2 Attack Easton Easton MDX Alderson Broaddus 
A1200 Noah Christopher 2020 MD D2 Goalie Chester Kent Island Motley Crew Alderson-Broaddus
B3531 Garrett Mardis 2021 NC D2 Midfield Fayetteville Fayette County Alderson Broaddus
B3222 Salum Matope 2021 MD D2 Defense Silver Spring Northwood MD Xtreme Alderson Broaddus
B2885 Thomas Whitaker 2021 DE D2 Attack Wilmington Delaware Military Ac Team 302 Alderson Broadus
A3796 Andrew Davis 2020 NY D3 Goalie Baldwinsville C. W. Baker FCA Alfred
A3695 Seamus Pickener 2020 VT D3 Attack St. Albans Bellows Free Academy Catamount Alfred
A3589 Nathaniel Dell 2020 NY D3 Attack Buffalo City Honors Alfred
A3588 Evan Hurlbutt 2020 NY D3 Attack Palmyra-Macedon Alfred State
A3587 Eric Manzler 2020 NY D3 Midfield Fairport Marcus Whitman FCA/Finger Lakes Alfred State
A3586 Devin Rogers 2020 NY D3 Attack Honeoye Falls-Lima Alfred State
A3585 Joey VanZandt 2020 NY D3 Goalie Pittsford Pittsford Prospectors Alfred State
A0853 Mike DeSain 2020 NY D3 Defense Palmyra Palmyra-Macedon Harvest Alfred
A0852 Josh Hauman 2020 NY D3 Attack Webster Schroeder Alfred
A0851 Ashton Howlett 2020 NY D3 Defense Brockport Brockport Echelon/3D Alfred
A0849 Casey Mckenna 2020 NY D3 Midfield Canandaigua Canandaigua Alfred 
B3310 Alex Pace 2021 NY D3 Defense Orchard Park Orchard Park Buffalo Lax Alfred
B3309 Logan Yates 2021 NY D3 Midfield Rochester Greece Athena Harvest Alfred
B1957 Shane Cubala 2021 NJ D3 LSM River Vale Pascack Valley Swarm Alfred
B1398 Quinn Sullivan 2021 NY D3 Goalie Elmira Elmira Gaffer Elite Alfred
A3694 Brennan Dugan 2020 PA D3 Attack Sewickley Quaker Valley Allegheny
A3170 Aidan D'Amato 2020 CT D3 Midfield Tolland Tolland CT Valley Allegheny
A3169 Cameron Lynch 2020 TX D3 Defense San Antonio TMI Episcopal Allegheny
A2430 Cassady Bouthet 2020 CT D3 Defense Vernon Rockville CT Titans Allegheny
A0848 Brecken Catalano 2020 NY D3 Goalie Pittsford Pittsford 3D Allegheny
A0847 Graham Nash 2020 ON D3 Midfield Innisfil Nantyr Shores Evolve Allegheny
B3394 Ian Bowser 2021 PA D3 Defense Cornwall Borough Cedar Crest LVLC Allegheny
B3308 Konrad Homiak 2021 NC D3 LSM Hampstead Topsail Cape Fear Shamrocks Allegheny
B2650 CT Graniel 2021 PA D3 Midfield Scranton Scranton Prep NEPA Allegheny
B2110 Anthony DeMarco 2021 OH D3 Midfield Olmsted Falls Olmsted Falls Xcelerate/NEO Allegheny
B1065 Andrew Myers 2021 PA D3 Attack Wexford North Allegheny Apex Allegheny
B1064 Jack Wentz 2021 PA D3 Midfield Pittsburgh Sewickley Academy Low & Away Allegheny
A4072 Carson Koziel 2020 IL D3 Defense Plainfield Plainfield North Alma
A4071 Zintis Kakulis 2020 IL D3 Defense Western Springs Lyons Township East Ave Alma
A3795 Drew Gulick 2020 MI D3 Midfield Okemos Okemos CAPS/Momentum Alma
A3584 Thomas Burns 2020 MI D3 Goalie University of Detroi Alma
A0846 Brandon Bellant 2020 MI D3 Midfield Rochester Rochester Alma
A0845 Reid Cunningham 2020 MI D3 Goalie Battle Creek Harper Creek Alma
B3307 Matt DeJonghe 2021 MI D3 Attack Davison Davison Alma
B2862 MJ Humphreys 2021 MI D3 Midfield Grand Blanc Grand Blanc Flint Tropics Alma
B1743 Eden Bosca 2021 MI D3 Midfield Harrison Charter Twp Faith Christian 586/313 Alma
A0844 Sean Goldsmith 2020 NJ D3 Goalie Mount Olive Mount Olive Thundercanes Alvernia
A0843 Michael Millar 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Pope John Alvernia
B3085 Aiden Taylor 2021 AL D3 Defense Birmingham Oak Mountain/MXB Pre Thunder LB3/3D Alvernia
B2225 Dean Sabarese 2021 NJ D3 Goalie Delran Delran NJLC Alvernia
B0946 Sawyer Smith 2021 PA D3 Midfield Mount Joy Elizabethtown Team Lax Alvernia
B0589 Sean Goldsmith 2021 NJ D3 Goalie Mount Olive Mount Olive Jersey Thunder Alvernia
G0094 Dylan Batche 2023 PA D3 Attack Pottstown Pottsgrove Shockwave Alvernia
A3168 Nick Mee 2020 MA D2 Goalie Westfield Westfield CT Valley American Internation
A3167 Tyler Shrewsbury 2020 MA D2 Midfield Westfield Westfield CT Valley American Internation
B3530 David Shea 2021 MA D2 Defense Chicopee Catamount American Internation
B2141 Ben Hardcastle 2021 MA D2 Midfield Upton Blackstone Valley Te Coyotes American Internation
B0606 Jacob Chapman 2021 CT D2 Midfield Colchester Bacon Academy CT Shoreline American Internation
B0605 Gabe Zippin 2021 CT D2 LSM Wilbraham Minnechaug CT Valley American Internation
A3166 Bayard DeMallie 2020 NJ D3 Attack Ridgewood Deerfield Academy BBL Amherst
A3165 Connor Guest 2020 ON D3 Attack Peterborough Deerfield Academy Evolve Amherst
A0842 Louie Adams 2020 FL D3 Defense St. Andrew's School Sweetlax Amherst
A0841 Jake Bennett 2020 NJ D3 Attack Princeton Day Tri-State Amherst
A0839 John Fitzhenry 2020 OR D3 LSM Portland Oregon Episcopal Sch WC Starz/212 Amherst
A0838 Ethan Gatto 2020 NY D3 Attack East Hills Roslyn LI Outlaws/Sting Amherst
A0837 William Mohr 2020 MO D3 Midfield Shawnee Mission East MW Top Gun Amherst
A0836 Ryan Rahbany 2020 MA D3 Defense Rivers School Fighting Clams Amherst
A0835 Paul Richardson 2020 PA D3 Midfield Philadelphia Springfield (Montco) Big 4 HHH Amherst
B1740 Dylan Hsu 2021 MD D3 Attack Potomac Georgetown Prep MadLax/Nation United Amherst
B1069 Ben Bruno 2021 NY D3 Midfield Huntington Cold Spring Harbor FLG Amherst
B1063 Lawson Laverty 2021 VA D3 Defense Round Hill Episcopal (VA) Madlax/3D Amherst
B0945 Alex Giacobbe 2021 NY D3 Attack Manhassett Manhassett FLG Amherst
B0944 Mitch Likins 2021 CA D3 Goalie Encinitas La Costa Canyon Mad Dog Amherst
B0778 Mason Chandler 2021 TX D3 FOGO Dallas Jesuit Iron Horse Amherst
B0777 Steven Crawford 2021 GA D3 Midfield Atlanta Westminster Schools Thunder LB3 Amherst
B0776 Will Filipovits 2021 PA D3 Midfield Allentown Parkland Big 4 HHH Amherst
B0775 Jordan Gangaram 2021 NY D3 Defense Manhasset Manhasset Igloo Amherst
B0774 Nicholas Kopp 2021 MD D3 FOGO Landon School Leading Edge Amherst
B0773 Rob Williamson 2021 TX D3 Goalie Dallas Jesuit Iron Horse Amherst
A3693 Jeremiah Riddle 2020 IN JUCO Midfield Argos Argos Ancilla JC
A3692 Warner Stuart 2020 WI JUCO Midfield Hudson Hudson Ancilla JC
A3164 Bret Schiefelbein 2020 WI JUCO Defense Jackson Kettle Moraine Luthe Rush Ancilla JC
A3163 Eli Wright 2020 TN JUCO Defense Knox Carter Ancilla JC
A0125 Korey Raymond 2020 OH JUCO LSM Columbus Olentangy Liberty Ancilla JC
A0124 Trenton Wattles 2020 MI JUCO Attack East Kentwood TRUE (MI) Ancilla JC
A4181 Hayes Barnett 2020 TN D2 Midfield Franklin Page Anderson (SC)
A4180 Logan Edwards 2020 NC D2 Defense Indian Trail Porter Ridge Anderson (SC)
A4179 Garrett Jepson 2020 OH D2 Goalie Upper Arlington Upper Arlington Anderson (SC)
A4178 Jack Zilgme 2020 NY D2 Midfield Albany Christian Brothers/S Anderson (SC)
A3583 Tyler Barlan 2020 GA D2 Defense Lawrenceville Mountain View ATL Empire Anderson (SC)
A3582 Nolan Clanton 2020 CA D2 Attack Murrieta Vista Murrieta Anderson (SC)
A3581 Aidan Duca 2020 GA D2 Midfield Suwanee Lambert Anderson (SC)
A3580 Ryan Eastby 2020 NY D2 Defense Lindenhurst Lindenhurst Recon Anderson (SC)
A3579 Calvin Flippin 2020 MD D2 Defense Leonardtown Leonardtown 313/St. Mary's Admir Anderson (SC)
A3578 Logan Gaddis 2020 GA D2 Attack Norcross Norcross ATL Empire Anderson (SC)
A3577 Mason Gore 2020 NC D2 Defense Indian Trail Porter Ridge Carolina Crush Anderson (SC)
A3576 Ryan Gunderson 2020 NC D2 Midfield Waxhaw Sun Valley Anderson (SC)
A3575 Rex Hardy 2020 NC D2 Midfield Wilmington Hoggard Cape Fear Shamrocks Anderson (SC)
A3574 Jack Harrison 2020 NC D2 Goalie Mooresville Southlake Christian Anderson (SC)
A3573 Beau Henson 2020 GA D2 Midfield Woodstock Woodstock/Young Harr Anderson (SC)
A3572 Diego Hernandez 2020 FL D2 Midfield Tampa Wharton Anderson (SC)
A3571 Tagrt Houghton 2020 NC D2 LSM Weddington Weddington 24-7 Anderson (SC)
A3570 Gavin Keniston 2020 GA D2 LSM Sugar Hill Lanier/Potomac State Anderson (SC)
A3569 Jared Ledford 2020 SC D2 Defense Duncan Brynes Anderson (SC)
A3568 Keaton Matthews 2020 SC D2 Simpsonville Hillcrest Anderson (SC)
A3567 Colby McCaskill 2020 NC D2 Defense Wilmington New Hanover Anderson (SC)
A3566 Michael McCormack 2020 CT D2 Midfield Norwich Norwich Free Academy Rip-It Anderson (SC)
A3565 Ethan Pratt 2020 SC D2 FOGO Greer Riverside Anderson (SC)
A3564 Sean Ring 2020 GA D2 Goalie Suwanee North Gwinnett Anderson (SC)
A3563 Jason Roche 2020 GA D2 Defense Buford Buford ATL Empire Anderson (SC)
A3562 Mitchell Taylor 2020 GA D2 FOGO Auburn Mountain View ATL Empire Anderson (SC)
A3561 Logan Teter 2020 NC D2 Midfield Wilmington Ashley Cape Fear Shamrocks Anderson (SC)
A3560 Kaleb West 2020 AZ D2 Midfield Glendale Centennial Anderson (SC)
A3559 Ryley Zopfi 2020 MN D2 Midfield Champlin St Michael Albertvil TRUE (MN) Anderson (SC)
A3162 Isaiah Hines 2020 TX D2 Attack Allen Allen Rock Anderson (SC)
A3161 Terrance Jenkins 2020 FL D2 Defense Coconut Grove Fayette County/Potom Anderson (SC)
A2566 Cameron Weeks 2020 SC D2 FOGO Mt. Pleasant Ocean Collegiate Rock/Top Left Anderson (SC)
A2429 Isaac Palmer 2020 IN D3 Midfield Indianapolis Southport Anderson (IN)
A2293 Ian Larkin 2020 TX D2 Attack McKinney McKinney Iron Horse Anderson (SC)
A1199 Nick Calabrese 2020 GA D2 Attack Aburn Mill Creek Anderson (SC)
A1198 Logan Trafton 2020 NC D2 Goalie Wilmington Hoggard Anderson (SC)
A1197 Jared Carter 2020 WV D2 Defense Charleston Berkeley County/Poto Anderson (SC)
A1196 Garrett Hawkins 2020 SC D2 Midfield Clover Clover Anderson (SC)
A0833 Mason Bratcher 2020 KY D3 Defense Louisville Louisville Male Commonwealth Kings Anderson (IN)
A0832 Griffin Broge 2020 MI D3 Defense Roscommon Houghton Lake 586/313 Anderson (IN)
A0831 Clay Damron 2020 OH D3 LSM Sylvania Sylvania Southview Anderson (IN)
A0830 Parker Hughey 2020 CO D3 FOGO Parker Ponderosa Anderson (IN)
A0829 Bryce Johnson 2020 IN D3 Defense Greenfield Cathedral Anderson (IN)
A0828 Landon Lawrence 2020 IN D3 Midfield Westfield Westfield Anderson (IN)
A0827 Koby Pyra 2020 IN D3 Goalie Greenwood Greenwood Anderson (IN)
A0826 Josh Rhodes 2020 VA D3 Midfield Vienna James Madison Top Caliber Anderson (IN)
A0825 Hunter Utz 2020 NE D3 Attack Papillion Papillion-La Vista S Anderson (IN)
B3529 Peyton Jefferson 2021 TX D2 LSM Allen Allen/Hofstra C2 Anderson (SC)
B3141 Dimitri Hrysikos 2021 SC D2 Midfield Simpsonville Hillcrest River Hawks Anderson (SC)
B3140 Tucker McDonald 2021 GA D2 Defense Sharpsburg East Coweta Copperheads Anderson (SC)
B3139 Spencer McNearney 2021 GA D2 Goalie Kennesaw Harrison Trilogy Anderson (SC)
B3138 Matt Morgenroth 2021 GA D2 Midfield Dacula Dacula MadLax Anderson (SC)
B3137 Chase Robertson 2021 VA D2 Defense Roanoke North Cross School Team MD Anderson (SC)
B3136 Triston Schaffer 2021 PA D2 Attack Pittsburgh Upper St. Clair Low & Away Anderson (SC)
B3135 Thomas Wickham 2021 SC D2 LSM Greenville J.L. Mann Anderson (SC)
B2768 Garrett Lauterbach 2021 LA D2 Goalie Covington St. Pauls Catholic FTK/Wolves Anderson (SC)
B2744 Christian Chilton 2021 VA D2 Attack Foster McCallie School No Excuses/Warrior/C Anderson (SC)
B2557 Collin Martin 2021 TX D2 Defense Frisco Frisco Chaos Anderson (SC)
B2556 Eli Meyer 2021 NC D2 Attack Wilmington Hoggard Cape Fear Shamrocks Anderson (SC)
B2408 Blake Seifert 2021 MO D3 LSM Kirkwood Kirkwood MO Rush Anderson (IN)
B2311 Jacob Carlisle 2021 OR D3 Defense Beaverton Liberty Awestruck Anderson (IN)
B1959 Kiernan O'Connell 2021 NC D2 Attack Newport Croatan Cape Fear Shamrocks Anderson (SC)
B1732 Kenny Bentley 2021 MI D3 Midfield Lansing Holt M3 Anderson (IN)
B1731 Justin Bemis 2021 ON D3 Defense Dayton Centerville Anderson (IN)
B1698 Hunter Crowe 2021 FL D2 Coyotes Winter Park Bishop Moore Swarm Anderson (SC)
B1597 Lawson Haynes 2021 VA D2 Midfield McLean Trinity Christian Top Caliber Anderson (SC)
B1590 Cole Shallet 2021 GA D2 Attack Suwannee North Gwinnett/MBX ATL Empire Anderson (SC)
B1062 Maxwell Calabrese 2021 GA D2 Attack Auburn Mill Creek Thunder LB3 Anderson (SC)
B0674 Trey Davis 2021 GA D2 Defense Duluth Duluth Thunder LB3 Anderson (SC)
B0673 Jack Goldstein 2021 GA D2 Midfield Sugar Hill Lanier 3D (GA) Anderson (SC)
B0672 Garrett Jepson 2021 OH D2 Goalie Columbus Upper Arlington Anderson (SC)
B0047 Ethan Bormann 2021 NC D2 Attack Kernersville East Forsyth NCF Triad Elite/Twin Anderson (SC)
A4233 Kylen Carmichael 2020 MD JUCO Defense Meade Anne Arundel CC
A2554 Will D'Autremont 2020 MI D3 Defense Sault Ste Marie Sault Area Momentum Anna Maria
A2292 Ethan Quinn 2020 MA D3 Attack Dudley Shepherd Hill Catamount Anna Maria
B3804 Jonathan Adamczyk 2021 CT D3 Goalie Rocky Hill Rocky Hill Anna Maria
B3685 Nathan Powers 2021 VT D3 Midfield Putney Brattleboro Catamount Anna Maria
B3306 Holy Gaboton 2021 NY D3 Defense Elmont Sewanhaka Anna Maria
A3558 Zack Blakeman 2020 NC CLUB Midfield Raleigh Leesville Road Appalachian State
A3556 Giacomo Santamauro 2020 NC CLUB Attack Northern Guilford Appalachian State
A3555 Andrew Briskey 2020 MI NAIA Midfield Walled Lake Walled Lake Western Aquinas
A0117 David Bartnicki 2020 MI NAIA Defense Canton Canton PLG Aquinas
A0116 Grant Caswell 2020 MI NAIA Defense Plymouth Plymouth PLG Aquinas
A0115 Cam Gunn 2020 MI NAIA Defense Zeeland Zeeland West West Side Aquinas
A0114 Griffin Hotchkiss 2020 MI NAIA Midfield Lansing Lansing Waverly Momentum Aquinas
A0113 Kevin LaHaie 2020 MI NAIA Midfield Grand Blanc Grand Blanc Army Ants Aquinas
A0112 Cade Linnemeyer 2020 IL NAIA Attack Chicago Northside College Pr East Avenue Aquinas
A0111 Jack Rioux 2020 MI NAIA Midfield Farmington Detroit Catholic Blues Bros./TRUE (MI Aquinas
A0110 Alex Rolands 2020 MI NAIA Midfield Troy Athens M53 Aquinas
A0109 Zachary Sweet 2020 MI NAIA Attack Canton Canton Juiced Cherries Aquinas
A0108 Nolan Benoit 2020 MI NAIA Attack Macomb Dakota Motor City Knights/5 Aquinas 
B2763 Liam Mehren 2021 MI NAIA Defense Comstock Park Comstock Park Aquinas
B2595 Tim Shacklette 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Traverse City St. Francis Juiced Cherries Aquinas
B2469 Joey Bretz 2021 MI NAIA Attack Royal Oak Chippewa Valley 586 Aquinas
B2468 Jacob Weber 2021 MI NAIA Attack Howell Howell Army Ants Aquinas
B2266 Austin Hynote 2021 IN NAIA Goalie Chesterton Chesterton East Ave Aquinas
B2265 Brady Waling 2021 MI NAIA Attack Novi Walled Lake Western Army Ants/Team Total Aquinas
B1776 Noah Szarejko 2021 MI NAIA FOGO Battle Creek Harper Creek TRUE (MI) Aquinas
B1775 Ethan Young 2021 MI NAIA Defense Livonia Livonia PLG/Raptors Aquinas
B1605 Reed Chastain 2021 KY NAIA Midfield Crestwood South Oldham Commonwealth Kings/M Aquinas
B1568 Lou Nageotte 2021 MI NAIA Defense Hartland Hartland Army Ants Aquinas
A3554 Owen Tafe 2020 OH D3 Attack Shaker Heights Shaker Heights Force Arcadia
A3160 Christian Chiulli 2020 PA D3 LSM Lopatcong Phillipsburg HEADstrong Arcadia
A3159 Maxwell Henry 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Ewing Pennington School Team Turnpike Arcadia
A2553 Clayton Gibbs 2020 PA D3 LSM Berks Catholic Blak Widow Arcadia
A0824 Alex Adamczyk 2020 PA D3 Attack Zionsville Emmaus Fusion Arcadia
A0823 Blaise Botley 2020 PA D3 Attack Birdsboro Exeter Township Blackwidow Arcadia
A0822 Dominic Gagliardi 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Linwood Mainland New Jersey Arcadia
A0821 Thomas Kelly 2020 PA D3 Goalie Doylestown Central Bucks West Fusion Arcadia
A0820 Bailey Lanzi 2020 NJ D3 Attack East Brunswick Immaculata Team Turnpike Arcadia
A0819 Cameron Mang 2020 MD D3 Defense Crownsville Severn School PLC Arcadia
A0818 Dalton Moyer 2020 PA D3 Defense Robesonia Conrad Weiser Blackwidow Arcadia
A0817 Brian Rusnak 2020 CA D3 Midfield Yorba Linda Servite Angel City Arcadia
A0816 Will Stone 2020 PA D3 Midfield Lancaster Conestoga Valley Rock Arcadia
B2529 Emanuel Jackson 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Princeton Pennington School Tri-State Arcadia
B2224 Dylan Mann 2021 NJ D3 LSM Sussex Vernon TRUE (NJ) Arcadia
B2109 Patrick Whalen 2021 NJ D3 Defense Skillman Montgomery Team Turnpike Arcadia
B1733 Jonathan Oberholtzer 2021 PA D3 Attack Reading Exeter Township Blak Widow Arcadia
B0772 Vincent Giordano 2021 NY D3 Defense Lake Ronkonkoma Sachem North FLG Arcadia
B0771 Chase Stephens 2021 PA D3 Attack Scranton Scranton Prep NEPA Arcadia
B0671 Andrew Borum 2021 NY D3 Attack Hicksville Hicksville Recon Arcadia
B0670 Kyle McLaughlin 2021 PA D3 Attack Doylestown New Hope-Solebury Team Turnpike Arcadia
B0642 Broc Fantazzi 2021 PA D3 Attack Kennett Square Kennett Roughriders Arcadia
B0603 Adrian Dominguez 2021 PA D3 Midfield Reading Berks Catholic Freedom Arcadia
B0588 Connor Gundersen 2021 PA D3 Midfield Reading Berks Catholic Blak Widows Arcadia
B0587 Gavin Lacy 2021 NY D3 Defense Glen Head North Shore LI Team 91 Arcadia
B0570 Cole Dexter 2021 NY D3 Goalie Wantagh Wantagh FLG Arcadia
A4099 Charlie Gold 2020 OR CLUB Attack Portland Sunset 3D Arizona
A4070 Paul Pappas 2020 CA CLUB Goalie Piedmont Piedmont Alcatraz Outlaws Arizona
A4012 Dawson Bienz 2020 AZ CLUB Attack Scottsdale Desert Mountain Arizona State
A3553 Alek Beddings 2020 PA CLUB Defense Moon Township Moon Arizona State
A3158 Graham Schulte 2020 MI CLUB Defense Cranbrook Juiced Cherries/TRUE Arizona
A3157 Zack Jadlocki 2020 PA CLUB Midfield Moon Township Moon Dukes/412 Arizona State
B3711 Matthew Andolino 2021 AZ CLUB Defense Glendale Mountain Ridge Arrowhead Arizona
B3710 Utah Bryant 2021 CO CLUB LSM Golden Salisbury School Team 91 CO Arizona
B3709 Chance Crafton 2021 AZ CLUB FOGO Litchfield Park Brophy Prep Hot Sauce Arizona
B3708 Max Davis 2021 UT CLUB Midfield Salt Lake East Arizona
B3707 Garrett Landmark 2021 CO CLUB Midfield Golden IMG Academy CO Fire Arizona
B3706 Jack McKernan 2021 AZ CLUB Attack Cave Creek Cactus Shadows Arizona
B3705 Andres Norman 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Truckee Arizona
B3704 Andre Richardson 2021 AZ CLUB Midfield Chandler Arizona
B3426 Nathan Hakes 2021 TX CLUB Midfield Magnolia Magnolia Arizona State
B3179 Kai Johnston 2021 AZ CLUB Midfield Tucson Catalina Foothills Adrenaline/Legends/H Arizona
B3178 Colin MacIntyre 2021 NV CLUB Midfield Las Vegas Faith Lutheran Vegas Starz/WC Starz Arizona
B3177 Chase Martin 2021 OR CLUB Defense Lake Oswego Lake Oswego North Shore Arizona
B3176 Trevor Telson 2021 CA CLUB Defense Foothill OC CrushSoCal/WC Sta Arizona
B3175 Benjamin Yurek 2021 PA CLUB Goalie Pine-Richland Ultimate Arizona
B2985 Kobe Ehmke 2021 CA CLUB Defense Temecula Chaparral SoCal Devils Arizona State
B2807 Brandon Heffern 2021 NV CLUB Midfield Las Vegas Faith Lutheran Force Arizona State
B2781 JJ Fahey 2021 AZ CLUB Defense Scottsdale Chaparral AZ Elevation Arizona
B2686 Matthew Bundy 2021 NJ CLUB Midfield Cinnaminson Cinnaminson SouthShore/Shamrocks Arizona State
B2585 Nick Strain 2021 CA CLUB Attack Pleasanton Amador Valley 3D/ADVNC Arizona
B0151 Hunter Kirby 2021 TX CLUB FOGO Austin Lake Travis Iron Horse Arizona
A3156 Eamon Murphy 2020 NC D1 Midfield Weddington 24-7 Army
A2087 Kyle Atherton 2020 CT D1 Defense Trumbull Trumbull Eclipse Army
A2086 Matt Chess 2020 PA D1 Goalie Episcopal Academy Rising Sons Army
A2085 Will Coletti 2020 MD D1 FOGO Linganore FCA (MD) Army
A2084 Dylan D'Agostino 2020 NY D1 Midfield St. Anthony's LI Legacy Army
A2083 John Devino 2020 NY D1 Midfield Chaminade LI Express Army
A2082 Brayden Duncan 2020 TX D1 Attack Westlake SouthStar/Iron Horse Army
A2081 Patrick Dunleavy 2020 MD D1 Midfield St. Marys (MD) Hawks Army
A2080 Jackson Eicher 2020 VA D1 Attack Episcopal (VA) Madlax Army
A2079 Cole Erickson 2020 MD D1 Midfield Boys Latin Baltimore Crabs Army
A2078 Alex Gekas 2020 GA D1 Midfield Roswell Thunder LB3 Army
A2077 Timothy Johnson 2020 TX D1 Defense Allen Lawrenceville Iron Horse/Thunder L Army
A2076 Trevor Kelly 2020 NC D1 Midfield Charlotte Myers Park 24-7 Army
A2074 John Manero 2020 TX D1 Midfield Southlake Carroll Army
A2073 Finn McCullough 2020 NY D1 Attack Niskayuna Niskayuna Sweetlax Army
A2072 Ryan Nixon 2020 VA D1 Defense Briar Woods VLC Army
A2071 Bennett Ong 2020 CT D1 Goalie New Canaan Eclipse Army
A2070 AJ Pilate 2020 NY D1 Defense Massapequa Massapequa Army
A2069 Jack Rigley 2020 MD D1 Defense Baltimore Calvert Hall FCA/WC Starz/True MN Army
A2067 Jake Spaniak 2020 PA D1 FOGO West Chester Rustin Roughriders/Fusion Army
A2066 Jack Szalankiewicz 2020 MD D1 LSM Glen Burnie Mount St. Joseph PLC Army
B1946 Mark Schroeder 2021 VA D1 Defense Sterling Dominion/Portsmouth VEL Army
B1106 Christian Mazur 2021 PA D1 Midfield Media Strath Haven NXT Army
B0943 Mack Carter 2021 CA D1 Midfield Novato Novato Alcatraz Outlaws/WC Army
B0669 Billy Adams 2021 PA D1 Midfield West Chester Episcopal Academy Freedom Army
B0539 Mitchell Gutgsell 2021 CO D1 Goalie Highlands Ranch Valor Christian Denver Elite Army
B0519 Sean Byrne 2021 GA D1 Goalie Allatoona Thunder LB3 Army
B0518 Dawson Clark 2021 NH D1 Attack Bedford Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Army
B0517 Samuel Erickson 2021 CT D1 Defense Darien Prime Time Army
B0516 Christian Fournier 2021 TX D1 LSM Austin Westlake SouthStar/Iron Horse Army
B0515 Austin Groce 2021 NJ D1 Defense Summit Summit STEPS Army
B0514 Brian King 2021 MD D1 LSM Churchville Calvert Hall FCA Army
B0513 Cal Lambert 2021 NY D1 Midfield Victor Victor Sweetlax Army
B0512 Brendan McCrary 2021 NY D1 Defense Coram Comsewogue LI Legacy Army
B0511 CJ Monturio 2021 MA D1 Midfield Weymouth Thayer Academy Laxachusetts Army
B0510 Alex Petrignani 2021 PA D1 Midfield Easton Academy of New Churc Duke's Army
B0509 Evan Plunkett 2021 GA D1 Midfield Roswell Roswell Nation United Army
B0508 Evan Richardson 2021 NY D1 Goalie Watertown Watertown Sweetlax Army
B0507 Ryan Sellew 2021 CT D1 Attack Glastonbury Hotchkiss School Express Army
B0506 Luke Stratton 2021 NY D1 Defense Fayetteville-Manlius Orange Crush Army
B0505 John Sullivan 2021 NH D1 LSM Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Army
B0504 Alec Vaccaro 2021 IL D1 FOGO Culver Academy TRUE (IL) Army
G0234 Ethan Linsay 2023 WA D1 Attack Seattle O'Dea Seattle Starz/WC Sta Army
G0177 Marek Seaman 2023 PA D1 Midfield West Chester Rustin Brotherly Love Army
G0176 Robert Simone 2023 NJ D1 FOGO North Caldwell Don Bosco Prep/Lawre NJ Riot Army
G0078 Ryan DiRocco 2023 PA D1 Attack Haverford Haverford School Mesa Army
G0011 Owen Bunten 2023 MA D1 Attack Southwick Deerfield Academy 3D NE Army
G0010 Ben Calabrese 2023 CT D1 Attack Wilton Wilton Primetime Army
G0009 Hill Plunkett 2023 GA D1 Attack Roswell Roswell Thunder LB3 Army
G0008 Brady White 2023 OH D1 Goalie Dublin Dublin Jerome TRUE Army
A3552 Sebastian Alvarez 2020 FL JUCO Goalie Pembroke Pines Pembroke Pines Chart ASA-Miami
A3551 Dackota Anderson 2020 CO JUCO Defense Castle Rock Douglas County ASA-Miami
A3550 Kairon Battle 2020 MD JUCO Goalie Baltimore Overlea ASA-Miami
A3549 Andrew Bennett 2020 FL JUCO LSM Oviedo Hagerty/Barton Always Sunny ASA-Miami
A3548 Andy Bianco 2020 FL JUCO LSM Miami Columbus/Lynn ASA-Miami
A3547 Blake Bondank 2020 FL JUCO Defense Ocala Forest/Flagler ASA-Miami
A3545 James Murray 2020 NY JUCO Defense Bellmore Mepham ASA-Miami
A3543 Abdul Sesay 2020 VA JUCO Midfield Woodbridge Freedom ASA-Miami
A3541 Dalani Tate 2020 MO JUCO Midfield St. Louis Ladue Horton ASA-Miami
A3540 Gus Vazquez 2020 MO JUCO Attack St. Louis Ladue Horton ASA-Miami
A3539 Edgar Velez 2020 FL JUCO Midfield Hallandale Beach South Broward ASA-Miami
A2881 Austin Roark 2020 OR JUCO Attack Roseburg Roseburg ASA-Miami
A3155 Aidan Boyle 2020 MA D2 Defense Westfield Westfield TD Elite/CT Valley Assumption
A3154 Jackson Bulger 2020 CT D2 Midfield Simsbury Simsbury CT Valley Assumption
A3153 Colin Malone 2020 NY D2 Goalie St. John Baptist Express Assumption
A3152 Mick Marcacci 2020 SC D2 Defense Charleston Bishop England Break Thru/MXB Assumption
A3151 Hunter Mulvey 2020 MA D2 Midfield St. Mark's Laxachusetts Assumption
A2552 Casey Tarbay 2020 NY D2 Midfield Albany Colonie ADK Assumption
A2291 Sam Maciel 2020 RI D2 Midfield Providence La Salle Academy 3D Assumption
A1195 Ryan Bogar 2020 MA D2 Midfield Medfield Thayer Academy Laxachusetts Assumption
A1194 Dylan Chapel 2020 CT D2 FOGO Norwich Free Academy Rip-It Assumption
A1193 Cooper Joyal 2020 MA D2 Defense Longmeadow Longmeadow Piatelli Kings Assumption
A1192 Brady McNulty 2020 CT D2 Midfield Tolland Tolland Piatelli Kings Assumption
A1191 Teddy Willett 2020 MA D2 Defense Norwood Assumption
B3134 Anthony Fayette 2021 FL D2 Defense Sarasota Cardinal Mooney True (FL) Assumption
B2447 Jack Kinsella 2021 MA D2 Defense Upton Blackstone Valley Te Fighting Clams Assumption
B1968 Joey Consigli 2021 MA D2 Midfield Franklin Franklin Piatelli/RI bulldogs Assumption
B1656 Nicholas Polymeros 2021 MA D2 FOGO Natick Natick Laxachusetts Assumption
B1577 Colby Leighton 2021 MA D2 LSM Sandwich Sandwich Cape Cod Kings Assumption
B1546 Colby Bailey-Gates 2021 CT D2 Midfield Simsbury Simsbury CT Valley Assumption
B1545 Cam Theriault 2021 MA D2 Attack Westfield Westfield CT Valley Assumption
B2984 Hunter Butterworth 2021 GA CLUB Midfield Dallas North Paulding Crossfire Auburn
A3150 Gustaf Magnusson 2020 MN D3 Goalie Mahtomedi TRUE (MN) Augustana
B2649 Ethan Shap 2021 IL D3 Defense St. Charles St. Charles North TRUE (IL) Augustana
B2648 Graham Shap 2021 IL D3 Midfield St. Charles St. Charles North TRUE (IL) Augustana
B2310 Henry Grant 2021 CO D3 Midfield Colorado Springs Air Academy Team 91 (CO) Augustana
B1643 Jack Connolly 2021 IL D3 Attack St. Charles St. Charles North TRUE (IL) Augustana
A3538 Logan Goessele 2020 IL D3 Attack Fox Lake Grant Community Aurora
A3149 Noah Susano 2020 LA D3 Attack Shreveport Caddo Magnet FTK Aurora
A2375 Nick Boey 2020 IL D3 LSM St. Viator Yeti Aurora
A2290 Jacob Rimkus 2020 CO D3 Attack Denver Rock Canyon 3D Aurora
A0815 Devon Pollard 2020 WA D3 Midfield Graham Kapowsin Seattle Starz/Blackh Aurora
A0814 Aric Vale 2020 VA D3 Goalie Lovettsville Woodgrove Blackwolf Aurora
B2309 Brett Shoman 2021 PA D3 LSM Broomall Cardinal O'Hara Rising Sons Aurora
B2308 Brett Wheeler 2021 ID D3 Attack Meridian Rocky Mountain Wasatch/Tropics Aurora
B1861 Luke Crone 2021 NC D3 Midfield Mooresville Lake Norman 24-7 Aurora
B1860 Nathan Lewis 2021 OH D3 Attack Avon Avon Burning River Aurora
B1859 Mason Soucy 2021 MN D3 Defense Monticello Monticello MN Chill Aurora
B1858 Jack Wasik 2021 OH D3 Defense Columbus Worthington Kilbourn Resolute Aurora
B1290 Conor Bolton 2021 IN D3 Attack Fort Wayne Homestead TRUE (IN) Aurora
B1209 Lukas Bluhm 2021 IN D3 Goalie Fort Wayne Homestead TRUE (IN) Aurora
A0813 Connor Taff 2020 NC D3 Midfield Durham C E Jordan Averett
B3757 Nick Baiers 2021 NC D3 Midfield Midway Glenn Triad Averett
B3756 Jyair Bellot 2021 GA D3 Goalie Atlanta West Lake Averett
B3755 Gabriel Gonzalez 2021 VA D3 Defense Alexandria Edison Averett
B3754 Elliot Harris 2021 SC D3 Defense New Zion Manning Academy Alpha Averett
B3753 Dawson Hobbs 2021 VA D3 Midfield Newport News Menchville Peninsula Patriots Averett
B3752 Andrew King 2021 VA D3 Goalie Yorktown Grafton Averett
B3751 Davis Moore 2021 GA D3 Attack Snellville Brookwood Shred Thread Averett
B3750 Cody Morphis 2021 SC D3 Goalie Surfside Beach St. James Averett
B3749 Jackson Nicholson 2021 VA D3 Defense Ferrum Franklin County FCLC Averett
B3748 Tyler Pearson 2021 CO D3 Defense Denver Denver East Team 91 CO Averett
B3747 Brayton Powers 2021 AB D3 Attack Airdrie McDoughall Rockyview Rage Averett
B3746 Ricky Shlifflett 2021 VA D3 Defense Roanoke Fleming Averett
B3745 Lachlan Sterling 2021 VA D3 Defense Manassas Forest Park Averett
B3744 Joey White 2021 SC D3 Goalie Murrells Inlet Waccamaw Averett
A2428 Bryan Hanley 2020 NY D3 Goalie Plainview Bethpage LI Express Babson
A2427 Dillon Quinn 2020 NJ D3 LSM Spring Lake Christian Brothers A MadDog/Tri-State Babson
A2289 Max Iannone 2020 CT D3 Defense Westport Staples Express/Lax for Wish Babson
A2288 David Taylor 2020 MA D3 Midfield Winchester Pingree School 3D Babson
A0812 Alex Fairman 2020 CA D3 Attack La Costa Canyon Babson
A0811 Grey Sunderland 2020 WA D3 FOGO Bellevue Bellevue Seattle Starz/Classi Babson
A0810 Ben Wildman 2020 NY D3 Defense Penfield Penfield Harvest Babson
A0809 Robbie Wilson 2020 PA D3 LSM Conestoga Roughriders/Classics Babson
B3624 Samuel Erjavac 2021 MI D3 Defense Bloomfield Hills Detroit Country Day Juiced Cherries Babson
B3510 Matt Stucchi 2021 NY D3 Midfield Clifton Park Hill Academy/Loyola/ 3D Babson
B3084 Riley Shaw 2021 GA D3 Midfield Suwanee Peachtree Ridge 3D Georgia Babson
B2861 Colt Bordonaro 2021 OR D3 Attack Portland Jesuit MadLax/3D (OR) Babson
B2647 Nicholas Crouthamel 2021 IL D3 Midfield Burr Ridge Culver Academy TRUE (IL) Babson
B1456 Bryce Smith 2021 CT D3 Defense Glastonbury Taft School Express Babson
B1074 Max Mallett 2021 VA D3 Attack Alexandria St. Stephens & St. A VLC Babson
B1061 Cooper Ash 2021 PA D3 Defense West Chester Unionville Freedom Babson
B0942 Jared Lucich 2021 NJ D3 FOGO Point Pleasant Christian Brothers Tri-State Babson
B0941 Emmitt Martin 2021 MA D3 Midfield Boston College HS Laxachusetts Babson
B0770 Christopher Farinacci 2021 NJ D3 Defense Brielle Manasquan Mad Dog Babson
B0769 Alex Fascilla 2021 NY D3 Goalie Huntington Huntington Rebels Babson
B0768 Matthew Park 2021 MA D3 Midfield Waltham Boston College HS Fighting Clams Babson
A3537 John Bartolotto 2020 NY D3 LSM Fairport Fairport Blaze Baldwin Wallace
A3536 Noah Bartos 2020 NY D3 Attack Lancaster Lancaster Performax Baldwin Wallace
A3148 Sam Lopiccolo 2020 OH D3 Goalie Mason Mason Resolute Baldwin Wallace
A3147 Parker Ruggles 2020 IN D3 Attack Westfield Westfield TRUE (IN) Baldwin Wallace
A3146 Zak Taylor 2020 OH D3 Defense Granville Granville TRUE (OH) Baldwin Wallace
A2551 Jay Rodriguez 2020 PA D3 Midfield Hershey Hershey Baldwin Wallace
A0808 Anthony Bailey 2020 OH D3 Defense Milford Archbishop Moeller Baldwin Wallace
A0807 Nicholas Bryden 2020 MD D3 Midfield North Hagerstown Team MD Baldwin Wallace
A0806 Zak Kroeger 2020 OH D3 Attack Cincinnati Archbishop Moeller TRUE (OH)/Headlines Baldwin Wallace
A0805 William Lasch 2020 MI D3 Defense Lansing Lansing Catholic Momentum Baldwin Wallace
A0804 Gunner MacMillan 2020 NY D3 Attack Henrietta Rush-Henrietta FCA Baldwin Wallace
A0803 Trevor Stevens 2020 NY D3 Attack Lancaster Lancaster Performax Baldwin Wallace
A0802 Jake Zanotta 2020 MD D3 Defense Hereford Baldwin Wallace
B3305 Jake Schorling 2021 OH D3 Attack Westerville Westerville Central Blackjack Baldwin Wallace
B2764 Casey Kujawski 2021 MI D3 Midfield Orchard Lake Orchard Lake St. Mar Omnia/Blues Brothers Baldwin Wallace
B2307 Surafel Phillips 2021 MD D3 Defense Arnold Broadneck PLC Baldwin Wallace
A3691 Jashane Uter 2020 NC D2 Midfield Jacksonville Northside Barton
A3535 Bryan Balland 2020 NC D2 Goalie New Hanover New Hanover Cape Fear Shamrocks Barton
A3534 Max Czibur 2020 NC D2 Defense Fuquay-Varina Fuquay-Varina Goblins Barton
A3533 Jamie Kukucha 2020 AB D2 Attack Lethbridge Chinook Evolve Barton
A3532 Jacob Schwarz 2020 FL D2 Midfield Land O' Lakes Sunlake Barton
A2550 Josh Klinger 2020 MD D2 Attack Millersville Glen Burnie Rockfish Barton
A1190 Kris Fails 2020 NC D2 LSM Cary Cary Team 91 (NC)/Carolin Barton
A1189 Declan Feeley 2020 NC D2 Midfield Northwest Guilford Barton
A1188 Ian Howard 2020 NC D2 Attack Wake Forest Rolesville Team 91 (NC) Barton
A1187 Alex Jones 2020 NC D2 Defense Topsail Topsail Cape Fear Shamrocks Barton
A1186 Logan Kennedy 2020 NC D2 Midfield Holly Springs Holly Springs Team 91 (NC)/Carolin Barton
A1185 Nathan Metcalf 2020 NC D2 Goalie Franklintown Carolina Friends Sch Team 91 (NC) Barton
A1184 Samuel Salisbury 2020 NC D2 Defense Middle Creek Team 91 (NC)/Carolin Barton
A1183 Logan Wheeler 2020 NC D2 Midfield Fuquay-Varina Fuquay-Varina Team 91 (NC)/Carolin Barton
B3221 Ethan Burke 2021 NC D2 Midfield Fuquay-Varina Fuquay-Varina Goblin Barton
B1721 Parker Shoun 2021 NC D2 Defense Raleigh Millbrook Hilltoppers Barton
B1319 Cole McCarthy 2021 MD D2 FOGO Huntingtown Huntingtown Barton
B1238 Will Larsen 2021 NC D2 Midfield Fuquay Varina Fuquay Varina Barton
B1122 Dylan Cote 2021 NC D2 Midfield Apex Apex-Friendship Team 91 Barton
B0940 Brock Dempsey 2021 NC D2 Attack Apex Apex Barton
B0939 Cameron Fleming 2021 NC D2 Defense Apex Apex Team 91 (NC) Barton
B0938 Nic Lord 2021 NC D2 Attack Wilmington Laney Cape Fear Shamrocks Barton
B0937 Sam Lord 2021 NC D2 Attack Wilmington Laney Cape Fear Shamrocks Barton
B0936 Matthew Lord 2021 NC D2 Goalie Wilmington Laney Cape Fear Shamrocks Barton
B0728 JT Sents 2021 NC D2 LSM Holly Springs Holly Springs Goblins Barton
B0046 Cole Everett 2021 NC D2 Midfield Fuquay-Varina Fuquay-Varina Goblin Barton
A3690 Anders Corey 2020 ME D3 Attack Yarmouth Yarmouth 4 Leaf Bates
A3689 Tyler Drake 2020 PA D3 Midfield Bryn Mawr Shipley School Mesa/PennLax Bates
A3145 Eli Sherbakov 2020 MD D3 Defense Baltimore Friends School FCA (MD) Bates
A0801 Jack Daoust 2020 MA D3 Midfield Westwood Xaverian Brothers Piatelli Kings Bates
A0800 Alex Horowitz 2020 CA D3 Attack Los Angeles Loyola Legends/LA Heat Bates
A0799 Alexi Hunt 2020 MA D3 Midfield Concord Carlisle Laxachusetts Bates
A0798 Jake Johnson 2020 WA D3 Midfield Lake Forest Park Lakeside Seattle Starz Bates
A0797 Wil Masterson 2020 ME D3 Attack York 207 Bates
A0796 Max Patterson 2020 ME D3 LSM Cape Elizabeth Cape Elizabeth NH Tomahawks Bates
A0795 Ryan Williams 2020 CT D3 Defense Avon Avon Old Farms Schoo Bates
A0794 Spencer Wood 2020 CA D3 Goalie Los Altos Hills St. Francis ADVNC/WC Starz Bates
B2948 Quinn Berry 2021 VT D3 Defense Williston Northampto Catamount/3D Bates
B2108 Kellen Seth 2021 PA D3 Midfield Lower Gwynedd Penn Charter School Dukes/Nation United/ Bates
B1103 Denzel Evans 2021 MD D3 Attack Baltimore Archbishop Curley Charm City/Nation Un Bates
B1102 Denim Evans 2021 MD D3 Midfield Baltimore Archbishop Curley Motley Crew Bates
B1060 Tyler Chang 2021 NY D3 Midfield Manhasset Manhasset LI Igloo/ICON Bates
B1059 Ben Miller 2021 NY D3 LSM Scarsdale Scarsdale Predators Bates
B1058 Luke Morissette 2021 OR D3 Attack Portland Oregon Episcopal Sch 3D/Mad Dog Bates
B0935 Colton Curtis 2021 NC D3 Defense Charlotte Myers Park 24-7 Bates
B0934 Cooper Lance 2021 CA D3 Midfield San Diego St. Augustine SoCal Bulls/WD Starz Bates
B0766 Henry Bruininks 2021 WA D3 Attack Seattle O'Dea CitySide Bates
B0383 Bobby Conroy 2021 MO D3 Midfield St Louis St. Louis University Venom/Brady's Bunch Bates
B2260 Sam Simonian 2021 TX CLUB Midfield Humble Atascocita TX Legacy Baylor
A4231 Jonathan Casterline 2020 FL D2 Midfield Sanford Bishop Moore Swarm Belmont Abbey
A4011 Denton Macdonald 2020 BC D1 Midfield Victoria Claremont Nanaimo Timbermen Bellarmine
A4010 Riley Arsenault 2020 BC D2 Attack Saanich Claremont Shamrocks Belmont Abbey
A4009 Jeremy Benson 2020 BC D2 Victoria Claremont Nanaimo Timbermen Belmont Abbey
A4008 Davis McCulley 2020 BC D2 Attack Victoria Claremont Shamrocks Belmont Abbey
A3688 Nick Dibitetto 2020 FL D2 Midfield Parkland Stoneman Douglas Stealth Belmont Abbey
A3687 Zak Kovacs 2020 OH D2 Defense Avon Lake Avon Lake Burning River Belmont Abbey
A3144 Caleb Mulcahy 2020 MI D2 Midfield South Lyon South Lyon Team Total Belmont Abbey
A3143 Beecher Ocus 2020 MD D2 Attack Grasonville Queen Annes County ProStart Belmont Abbey
A3142 Timmy Palmer 2020 VA D2 Attack Vienna Madison Top Caliber Belmont Abbey
A3141 Aiden Shaw 2020 UT D2 Defense Herriman Wasatch Belmont Abbey
A2549 Nick Enoch 2020 NJ D2 Attack Delran Delran NJLC Belmont Abbey
A2065 Max Coopman 2020 GA D1 LSM Atlanta Blessed Trinity Bellarmine
A2064 Jack Cunningham 2020 IL D1 Midfield Saint Charles St. Charles North Bellarmine
A2063 Parker Cyr 2020 GA D1 Defense Braselton Mill Creek Bellarmine
A2062 Dominic Dean 2020 OH D1 Attack Dublin Bishop Watterson Resolute/Edge Bellarmine
A2061 Christian Della Rocco 2020 NJ D1 Attack Westfield Hill Academy (CA) BBL Bellarmine
A2060 Tommy Fialkowski 2020 GA D1 Defense Atlanta North Atlanta Bellarmine
A2059 Ethan Graubart 2020 CA D1 Defense San Diego Torrey Pines RC/Bulls Bellarmine
A2058 Jackson Hammersley 2020 MA D1 LSM Lynnfield Lynnfield Fighting Clams Bellarmine
A2057 Tate Harran 2020 GA D1 Midfield Marietta Walton Thunder LB3 Bellarmine
A2056 Joshua Healy 2020 TX D1 Midfield Keller Keller Bellarmine
A2055 Kyle Playsted 2020 AB D1 Attack Calgary Trinity-Pawling (NY) Mounties Bellarmine
A2054 Vincenzo Lombardo 2020 IL D1 FOGO Elgin St. Viator 1223 Bellarmine
A2053 Reid Moore 2020 TX D1 Defense Aubrey Kiski School Iron Horse Bellarmine
A2052 Wilson Murphree 2020 TX D1 Midfield Plano Episcopal School of Dallas Select Bellarmine
A2051 Tayo Oladunmoye 2020 IL D1 Midfield Grayslake Grayslake North Nation United Bellarmine
A2050 Harrison Spilker 2020 MD D1 Goalie Bel Air Boys Latin Bellarmine
A2049 Lukas Sinon 2020 PA D1 Midfield Wayne Episcopal Academy Roughriders Bellarmine
A1182 Zack Dinwiddie 2020 SC D2 Attack Mount Pleasant Wando Break Thru Belmont Abbey
A1181 Michael Gray 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Toms River Toms River East United/Team 91 Belmont Abbey
A1180 Zach Logan 2020 OK D2 Attack Broken Arrow Union OK United/Stick Star Belmont Abbey
A1179 Jake Shiner 2020 VA D2 Goalie Blue Ridge School Belmont Abbey
A1178 Easton Butterfield 2020 UT D2 Goalie Bingham Wasatch Belmont Abbey 
B3767 Conner Nolt 2021 PA D2 Attack Lancaster Lampeter-Strasburg Belmont Abbey
B3686 Avery Benjamin 2021 NC D2 Midfield Garner Garner Carolina National Belmont Abbey
B3657 Jacob Berggren 2021 OR D1 Defense Tualatin Tualatin/Whitter Bellarmine
B3402 Michael Sweigart 2021 MD D2 Attack Havre de Grace Havre de Grace TRUE MD/Mavericks Belmont Abbey
B3325 Connor Stockton 2021 WA D2 Attack Tacoma Bellarmine Prep South Sound Belmont Abbey
B3133 Shane Kelly 2021 NC D2 Midfield Fayetteville Starr's Mill Thunder LB3 Belmont Abbey
B3132 Zachary Layne 2021 GA D2 Midfield Cumming South Forsyth Thunder LB3 Belmont Abbey
B3131 Tyler Leighton 2021 NC D2 Attack Garner Garner Magnet Red Devils Belmont Abbey
B3130 Mason Mielenger 2021 OH D2 Midfield Centerville Centerville TRUE (OH) Belmont Abbey
B3129 Samuel Montoya 2021 FL D2 LSM Bradenton IMG Academy 36 Belmont Abbey
B2947 Hayden Stafford 2021 IN D3 Midfield Fort Wayne Carroll Origins Beloit
B2555 Tyler Bunes 2021 MN D2 Attack Ham Lake Blaine Team MN Belmont Abbey
B2554 Matthew Wyatt 2021 FL D2 Attack Lutz Steinbrenner Belmont Abbey
B2457 Cole Messick 2021 MD D1 FOGO Sts Peter & Paul 300/Hardshells/Dark Bellarmine
B2446 Phoenix Pullen 2021 ON D2 Midfield Brampton Blue Ridge School Brampton Belmont Abbey
B2251 Ben Johnson 2021 ID D2 Defense Eagle Eagle TRUE (ID) Belmont Abbey
B1998 Dalton McGuire 2021 FL D2 Midfield Ponte Vedra Nease Villages Belmont Abbey
B1996 Joshua Moyer 2021 PA D2 Midfield Allentown Parkland Fusion Belmont Abbey
B1945 Nicholas Sheremetta 2021 CA D1 Defense Yorba Linda Servite Blackjack Bellarmine
B1919 Thomas Ort 2021 NY D2 Defense Seaford Kellenberg LI Igloo Belmont Abbey
B1744 Henry Ohlen 2021 CO D2 Defense Golden Golden Team 91 (CO) Belmont Abbey
B1696 Quinn Smith 2021 OH D2 Attack Hamilton Archbishop Moeller Headlines Belmont Abbey
B1653 Matt Campfield 2021 NH D2 LSM Newfields Exeter NH Tomahawks Belmont Abbey
B1571 Ryan McCauley 2021 PA D2 Defense Doylestown Central Bucks East Fusion Belmont Abbey
B1460 Brennan McDermott 2021 NY D1 Midfield Pleasantville Pleasantville Express Bellarmine
B1434 Gabe Lopez 2021 GA D2 Attack Fayetteville Starr's Mill Thunder LB3 Belmont Abbey
B1430 Jaden Wilkins 2021 GA D1 Midfield Alpharetta Denmark 3D Bellarmine
B1400 Gavin Noland 2021 KY D1 Attack Louisville Trinity L4 Bellarmine
B1391 John Imperato 2021 TX D1 Midfield Kingwood Kingwood Iron Horse Bellarmine
B1294 Matthew Gross 2021 VA D2 Goalie Virginia Beach Cape Henry Dukes Belmont Abbey
B1285 Justin Wescoat 2021 PA D1 Attack Pottstown Pottsgrove Freedom Bellarmine
B1260 Peter Fabrizio 2021 GA D2 Attack Roswell Centennial Thunder LB3 Belmont Abbey
B1259 Colin O'Brien 2021 NC D2 Attack Wake Forest Heritage Belmont Abbey
B1242 Ethan Schena 2021 MA D2 Goalie Methuen Methuen HGR Belmont Abbey
B1241 Aidan Kapral 2021 MD D2 Defense Severn Archbishop Spalding Roughriders Belmont Abbey
B1236 Dante Batista 2021 CT D1 Goalie Wilton Kent School Primetime Bellarmine
B1210 Michael Canavan 2021 GA D2 Attack Buford Buford Thunder LB3 Belmont Abbey
B1057 Ben Hubbs 2021 KY D1 Attack Louisville St. Xavier L4 Bellarmine
B1056 Slater Simo 2021 CA D1 Midfield San Diego Torrey Pines WC Starz/RC/MadDog Bellarmine
B0933 Aidan Fearn 2021 ON D1 FOGO Aurora Hill Academy Edge Bellarmine
B0932 Corey Gross 2021 OH D2 Attack Hamilton Fairfield Velocity Belmont Abbey
B0765 Jayden Smith 2021 ON D1 LSM Brantford Culver Academy Edge Bellarmine
B0586 Taylor Mundy 2021 GA D2 Goalie Ball Ground Creekview ATL Kings/Thunder LB Belmont Abbey
B0556 Brady Long 2021 NJ D1 Defense Medford Lanape Dukes Bellermine
A4091 Jack Nelson 2020 OK NAIA Attack Owasso Owasso/St. Mary (KS) Benedictine (KS)
A3794 Matt Bacon 2020 MA D2 Midfield Westfield Westfield CT Valley Bentley
A3686 Reed Malkin 2020 FL D2 Midfield Boca Raton St. Andrew's Bentley
A3531 Douglas Bentley 2020 FL NAIA Palm Coast Matanzas Benedictine (KS)
A3530 John Woodroof 2020 SC NAIA Goalie Duncan Brynes Benedictine (KS)
A3140 William Cameron 2020 MA D2 Attack Westfield Westfield CT Valley Bentley
A3139 Matt Curran 2020 MA D2 Attack Westford Westford Academy Fighting Clams Bentley
A3138 Conor Segreti 2020 MD D2 Attack Darnestown St. John's College Baltimore Crabs/Blac Bentley
A3137 Rawley Sherman 2020 MN D2 Attack Centennial TRUE (MN) Bentley
A2287 Sam Gillis 2020 NH D2 LSM Burlington Burlington NH Tomahawks Bentley
A2286 John Giroux 2020 NH D2 Midfield Bedford Bedford NH Tomahawks Bentley
A2285 Jacob Scholten 2020 NH D2 Defense Derryfield School NH Tomahawks Bentley
A1177 Garrett Hughey 2020 MA D2 Attack Beverly St. George's School NE Twisters Bentley
A1176 Rawley Scherman 2020 TX D2 Attack Frisco Centennial Team MN Bentley
A0793 Nick Arrigo 2020 IL D3 Attack Chicago St. Rita Benedictine (IL)
A0107 Carson Huerter 2020 KS NAIA LSM St. James Academy Midwest Top Gun Benedictine (KS)
A0106 Nicholas Petree 2020 CO NAIA Midfield Grand Junction Fruita Monument FCA Benedictine (KS)
B3821 Nathan Alviti 2021 CT D2 Midfield New Fairfield New Fairfield Bentley
B3820 Michael Casarano 2021 MA D2 Attack Reading Reading Gorilla Bentley
B3819 Jeff DelTrecco 2021 VA D2 LSM Essex Junction Essex Bentley
B3818 Jack Flynn 2021 CT D2 Defense Madison Daniel Hand Bentley
B3817 John Gagliardi 2021 CT D2 Defense Madison Daniel Hand Bentley
B3816 Dalton MacKinnon 2021 MA D2 FOGO Burlington Burlington HGR Bentley
B3815 Keegan Roberts 2021 ME D2 Midfield Industry Mount Blue Bentley
B3814 Tyler Small 2021 MA D2 Midfield Hopedale Hopedale Coyotes Bentley
B3813 Garrett Witt 2021 MD D2 Midfield Frederick Oakdale Team MD Bentley
B3796 Thomas Burke 2021 KY NAIA Attack Bowling Green Bowling Green Commonwealth Kings Benedictine (KS)
B3528 Joseph Anderson 2021 VT D2 Midfield Rutland Rutland Bentley
B3527 Brian Lemay 2021 MA D2 Midfield Westminster Cushing Academy Gorilla Bentley
B3526 Carter Straub 2021 PA D2 Midfield Quakertown Hill School Sting/Stars & Stripe Bentley
B3509 Antonio Shepard 2021 CA D3 Defense Yorba Linda Matre Dei/Whittier SoCal Express Benedictine (IL)
B2959 Nick McGovern 2021 NH D2 Midfield Bow Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Bentley
B2958 Jackson Tinsley 2021 MI D2 Goalie Birmingham Groves TRUE/Great Lakes Bentley
B2734 David Gagnon 2021 MA D2 Midfield Chelmsford Chelmsford Fighting Clams Bentley
B2733 Quinn Meissner 2021 MA D2 Attack Andover Austin Prep HGR Bentley
B2732 Hunter Smith 2021 NH D2 Attack Londonderry Londonderry 4 Leaf Bentley
B2674 Nick Kane 2021 MA D2 Defense East Longmeadow Wilbraham & Monson Piatelli Bentley
B2646 Joey Veome 2021 IL D3 Defense La Grange Lyons Township TRUE (IL)/East Ave Benedicitine (IL)
B2445 Kevin Sheahan 2021 MA D2 Attack Scituate Boston College HS Hawks Bentley
B2250 Will Nolan 2021 MA D2 Attack Duxbury Duxbury Laxachusetts Bentley
B1610 Nicholas Sline 2021 IL D3 Midfield Homewood Homewood Flossmoor TRUE (IL) Benedictine (IL)
B1556 Will Gainor 2021 MN D3 Midfield Lakeville Lakeville South TRUE (MN) Benedictine (IL)
B1490 Colin Doyle 2021 MI D3 Goalie Commerce Charter Twp Milford Army Ants Benedictine (IL)
B1392 Will Adams 2021 FL D2 Attack Boca Raton St. Andrew's School Sweetlax Bentley
B1224 Brandon Lavey 2021 MA D2 Defense Winchester Winchester Fighting Clams Bentley
B0931 James McDonald 2021 MN D3 Goalie St. Paul St. Thomas Academy TRUE (MN) Benedictine (IL)
B0930 Aidan McGowen 2021 GA D3 FOGO Acworth North Paulding Crossfire Benedictine (IL)
B0764 Nam Le 2021 MN D3 Attack St. Michael St. Michael Albertvi TRUE (MN) Benedictine (IL)
A3793 Jackson Blaylock 2020 CO D3 Attack Colorado Springs Fountain Valley Scho Thunder LB3 Berry
A2284 Brian Arp 2020 GA D3 Defense Acworth North Cobb Christian Thunder LB3 Berry
A2283 Michael Mckenzie 2020 GA D3 Midfield Alpharetta Denmark 3D Berry
A0792 Connor Ryan 2020 VA D3 FOGO Mechanicsville Atlee Madlax/Venom Berry
B3304 Andrew Brown 2021 LA D3 Attack New Orleans Jesuit For The Kids Berry
B3303 Joey Cuthbert 2021 TN D3 Attack Franklin Franklin No Excuses Berry
B3083 Braxton Rich 2021 OH D3 Attack West Chester Lakota East Headlines Berry
B2223 Robert Fenters 2021 GA D3 LSM Suwanne Lambert LI Sting Berry
B1524 Hayden Hundley 2021 VA D3 LSM Glen Allen Glen Allen Fusion Berry
B1215 Ben Rosenbloom 2021 NC D3 LSM Charlotte Providence 24-7 Berry
A3529 Ethan Hryhorenko 2020 NY D1 LSM Hilton Hilton Harvest Binghamton
A2048 Billy Beach 2020 NY D1 Attack Shenendehowa Albany Power Binghamton
A2047 Ross Chazanow 2020 TX D1 FOGO Episcopal School of Iron Horse/Cowboys Binghamton
A2046 Zakary Conley 2020 NY D1 Defense Fayetteville Manlius Salt Kings Binghamton
A2045 Sonny Imburgia 2020 NY D1 Attack Pittsford Pittsford Sutherland Sweetlax Binghamton
A2044 Ethan Insinga 2020 NY D1 Attack Wantagh LI Legacy Binghamton
A2043 Robert Kreush 2020 NY D1 Midfield East Islip Binghamton
A2042 Aaron Tebo 2020 NY D1 Midfield Vestal Vestal Gaffer Binghamton
A2041 Anthony Todaro 2020 NC D1 Attack Matthews Weddington 24-7 Binghamton
A2040 Dylan Yacavone 2020 NY D1 Attack Homer Binghamton
B1944 Matthew Keegan 2021 NY D1 Attack Lake Grove Sachem North LI Team 91 Binghamton
B1390 Christian Hanko 2021 NJ D1 Defense Bridgewater Bridgewater-Raritan 2 Knights Binghamton
B1188 Connor Winters 2021 NY D1 Goalie Webster McQuaid Jesuit Harvest Binghamton
B0929 Billy Sullivan 2021 NY D1 LSM Valley Cottage Nyack Predators Binghamton
B0668 Griffin Chernoff 2021 NY D1 Attack Long Beach Kellenberg FLG Binghamton
B0666 Lorenzo Ramos 2021 NY D1 LSM Farmingdale Farmingdale FLG Binghamton
B0503 Nick Cartmill 2021 NY D1 Attack Ithaca Ithaca Gaffer Elite Binghamton
B0502 Jack Fearnley 2021 CT D1 Defense St. Joseph Oilers Binghamton
B0501 Thomas Kelly 2021 NY D1 Midfield South Side Binghamton
G0175 Nicholas Jaferis 2023 NY D1 Defense Mount Sinai Mount Sinai LI Team 91 Binghamton
A4045 Cade Marino 2020 TN D3 Defense Gallatin Pope John Paul II No Excuses Birmingham Southern
A0791 Cade Robinson 2020 TX D3 Defense Plano Plano StickStar Birmingham Southern
A0790 Ryker Brown 2020 GA D3 Midfield North Paulding Birmingham Southern 
A0789 Jacob Hasbrouck 2020 GA D3 Attack North Paulding Birmingham Southern 
B3082 Harrison Tuck 2021 GA D3 Midfield Macon Stratford Academy Birmingham Southern
B2528 Nathan Pepe 2021 FL D3 Goalie Brandon Bloomingdale Birmingham Southern
B2306 Caleb Duke 2021 AL D3 Goalie Birmingham Oak Mountain Birmingham Southern
A3136 Ryan Metcalf 2020 MA CUFLA Attack Westfield Westfield CT Valley/Tornados Bishop's University
A0042 Adam Burks 2020 CA CLUB Attack Norco Norco Boise State
B3611 Dylan Rice 2021 WA CLUB Defense Bothell Jackson Everitt/Time Bandits Boise State
B1261 Dylan Stratton 2021 CA CLUB Defense Mission Viejo Capistrano Valley Buku/Pride Boise State
A3528 Nick Jasie 2020 NY D1 Defense Fairport Fairport Blaze Boston University
A2374 Dylan Reynolds 2020 CA CLUB Defense Mission Viejo San Juan Hills So Cal Express Bosie State
A2039 Timothy Barrett 2020 NY D1 Defense Manhasset Manhasset FLG Boston University
A2038 Tommy Bourque 2020 NJ D1 Attack Ridgewood Ridgewood NJ Riot Boston University
A2037 Christian Brofft 2020 PA D1 Midfield Owen J Roberts Boston University
A2036 James Corcoran 2020 NY D1 Attack Hotchkiss School LI Express Boston University
A2035 Dane DeGoler 2020 CA D1 LSM Torrey Pines WC Starz Boston University
A2034 Harry Friedman 2020 MA D1 FOGO Newton Middlesex School Piatelli Kings/Sting Boston University
A2033 JP Jackson 2020 FL D1 Attack Cardinal Mooney SweetLax Boston University
A2032 Thomas Jepson 2020 NJ D1 Attack Morristown Delbarton School Patriot Boston University
A2031 John Marshall 2020 MA D1 Defense Andover Laxachusetts Boston University
A2030 Christian Quadrino 2020 NY D1 Attack Sachem North Boston University
A2029 Zander Stapleton 2020 NY D1 Midfield Port Washington Schreiber Boston University
A2028 Reilly Sullivan 2020 CT D1 Midfield Wilton Wilton Express/Lax for Wish Boston University
A2027 Brendan Wilcox 2020 NY D1 Attack Baldwinsville C. W. Baker Orange Crush Boston University
B3609 Conor Calderone 2021 NY D1 FOGO Smithtown Smithtown West/Maryl Laxachusetts Boston University
B3244 Jax Popovich 2021 CT D1 FOGO Glastonbury Salisbury School/Ric Sweetlax/Sting Boston University
B2349 Matthew Caccese 2021 PA D1 Defense West Chester Malvern Prep Mesa Fresh Boston University
B1688 Jimmy Kohr 2021 PA D1 Attack York Central York Team 91 MD Boston University
B1389 Colby Kim 2021 PA D1 Defense Radnor Haverford School Mesa Boston University
B0928 Stephen Gaskill 2021 MA D1 Midfield Chelsea Noble & Greenough 3D NE/Harlem Boston University
B0500 Will Barnes 2021 VA D1 Goalie Paul VI MadLax Boston University
B0499 Trey Brown 2021 MA D1 Defense Belmont Hill School Laxachusetts Boston University
B0498 Benjamin Ferrara 2021 NY D1 FOGO Glen Head Locust Valley FLG Boston University
B0495 Levi Lemke 2021 MN D1 Midfield Stillwater Mahtomedi Project Midwest/Team Boston University
B0494 Jimmy O'Connell 2021 NY D1 Attack Franklin Square Carey Express Boston University
B0493 Zach Travaglini 2021 MA D1 Attack Belmont Hill School Laxachusetts Boston University
B0492 Cole Van Meter 2021 MA D1 Midfield Medfield Noble & Greenough Laxachusetts Boston University
B0274 DJ Batton 2021 NC D1 Attack Apex Apex MadLax Boston University
G0274 Alex Gatto 2023 NY D1 Attack Roslyn Roslyn LI Rebels/Sting Boston University
G0233 Gannon Kessler 2023 NY D1 Attack Jamesville Jamesville Dewitt Orange Crush Boston University
G0193 Ben Caccavo 2023 NY D1 Defense Sands Point Chaminade S2S Boston University
G0174 Michael Kitevski 2023 NY D1 Midfield Lake Grove Ward Melville LI Rebels Boston University
G0173 Colin Kruger 2023 FL D1 Attack Trinity Tampa Jesuit SweetLax Boston University
G0172 James Lapina 2023 NY D1 Midfield Manhasset Manhasset S2S Boston University
G0059 Lloyd Ziparo 2023 NY D1 Defense Fayetteville Christian Brothers A Orange Crush Boston University
G0030 William Pesanelli 2023 MA D1 Midfield Brookline Xaverian Brothers Laxachusetts Boston University
A3064 Chris Dehney 2020 DE D3 LSM Wilmington Haverford School Mesa Bowdoin
A2282 Oliver Bernstein 2020 MA D3 Midfield Brookline Nobles & Greenough 3D Bowdoin
A2281 Noah Robb 2020 MA D3 Defense Wenham St Mark's 3D Bowdoin
A0788 William Byrne 2020 CT D3 Attack Darien Berkshire School Express/CT Chargers Bowdoin
A0787 Patrick Murdock 2020 CT D3 FOGO Darien Berkshire School Eclipse Bowdoin
A0786 Aidan Philie 2020 MA D3 Defense East Sandwich Deerfield Academy 3D Bowdoin
A0785 Jake Phillips 2020 CT D3 Goalie Weston Weston Primetime Bowdoin
A0784 Colin Ruppenstein 2020 CT D3 Midfield Darien Bowdoin
A0783 Liam Tasker 2020 MA D3 Midfield Middlesex School Fighting Clams Bowdoin
B3393 Sam Raye Steiner 2021 MA D3 Attack Waban Middlesex School 3D NE Bowdoin
B3252 Robert Hobbs 2021 PA D3 Goalie Radnor Mesa Bowdoin
B2107 Patrick Fitzgerald 2021 MD D3 Midfield Georgetown Prep Next Level Bowdoin
B1055 Jason Lach 2021 DC D3 Attack Washington St. Albans School Next Level Bowdoin
B0927 Emre Andican 2021 NJ D3 Defense Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes BBL Bowdoin
B0763 James Burns 2021 DC D3 FOGO Sidwell Friends Scho Next Level Bowdoin
B0762 Liam Ford 2021 MA D3 Midfield St. Sebastians/Exete Laxachusetts Bowdoin
B0761 Jed Hoggard 2021 MA D3 Defense Acton-Boxborough Fighting Clams Bowdoin
B0760 Avery Kirby 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Morristown Pingry School Blue Star Bowdoin
B3081 Frankie Howard 2021 FL D3 Attack Jensen Beach Jensen Beach Brevard
B3080 Evan Johnson 2021 FL D3 LSM Sanford Seminole Always Sunny Brevard
B3079 Brice Peterson 2021 GA D3 Midfield Evans Greenbrier Augusta Patriots Brevard
B3078 Jared Perez 2021 FL D3 Midfield Ponte Vedra Nease Phins Sweetlax Brevard from LaGrang
A3792 Cade Kirschner 2020 FL CLUB Attack Sanibel Canterbury School Brigham Young
A3135 Jonathan Girard 2020 VA D3 Midfield Fairfax Robinson Top Caliber Bridgewater (VA)
A3134 Matt Keith 2020 PA D3 Defense North Wales North Penn Dukes Bridgewater (VA)
A3133 Clayton Lawrence 2020 NC D3 Defense Cary Green Hope Red Devil/Carolina N Bridgewater (VA)
A3132 Ashton Pelton 2020 DE D3 Attack Smyrna Smyrna Bridgewater (VA)
A2548 Connor Bross 2020 PA D3 Midfield Wernersville Conrad Weiser Blak Widow Bridgewater (VA)
A2373 Hayden Gourley 2020 MD D3 Attack Annapolis Broadneck PLC Bridgewater (VA)
A0782 Joshua Crumbly 2020 VA D3 Defense Virginia Beach Princess Anne Bridgewater (VA)
A0781 Liam Gill 2020 NJ D3 Attack Mount Olive Mount Olive NJ Riot Bridgewater (VA)
A0780 Bennett Miller 2020 GA D3 Goalie North Paulding Bridgewater (VA)
A0779 Chase Piotti 2020 NC D3 Attack First Flight Carolina National Bridgewater (VA)
A0778 Colby Smith 2020 MD D3 Midfield Old Mill Prostart Bridgewater (VA)
B3392 Brennan McKeown 2021 PA D3 Defense Bethlehem Liberty HEADstrong/Team MD Bridgewater (VA)
B3391 Brandon Miller 2021 VA D3 Defense Richmond Godwin Fusion Bridgewater (VA)
B2026 Bryce Burgit 2021 PA D3 Attack Shavertown Lake Lehman NEPA Bridgewater (VA)
B1960 Ryan Addison 2021 MD D3 Defense Marriottsville Mount Saint Joseph Rock Bridgewater (VA)
B1857 Drew Huber 2021 MD D3 Attack Gerstell Academy Gonzo/Team MD/Kooper Bridgewater (VA)
B1085 Zack Kloman 2021 VA D3 Midfield Sterling Potomac Falls Cavalier/Shred Threa Bridgewater (VA)
B0926 Eddie Ross 2021 PA D3 Defense Coatesville Bishop Shanhan Roughriders Bridgewater (VA)
B0024 Owen Cogan 2021 MD D3 Midfield White Hall Hereford HLC Bridgewater (VA)
A3791 Carson Colucci 2020 NY D3 Attack Oswego Oswego Brockport
A3527 Gavin King 2020 NY D3 Defense General Brown Brockport
A3526 Dillon McCann 2020 NY D3 Attack Waterloo Waterloo Brockport
A3525 Blake Palozzi 2020 NY D3 Midfield Gates-Chili Brockport
A3524 Colby Reese 2020 NY D3 Attack Seneca Falls Mynderse Brockport
A3523 Jordan Testa 2020 NY D3 Attack Pittsford Pittsford Brockport
A3522 Dylan Vergari 2020 NY D3 Attack Brockport Brockport Brockport
A2547 Patrick Erway 2020 NY D3 Defense Saratoga Saratoga Springs ADK Brockport
A2546 Kyle Lee 2020 NY D1 Defense Los Angeles Taft School LI Sting Brown
A2026 Teagan Bultman 2020 CA D1 FOGO Poway Poway WC Starz Brown
A2025 Porter Hollen 2020 CA D1 Midfield Deerfield Academy WC Starz Brown
A2024 Jack Kelly 2020 PA D1 Midfield Culver Academy Mesa Fresh Brown
A2023 Ben Locke 2020 VA D1 Attack Norfolk Academy Brown
A2022 Eric Raguin 2020 MA D1 Attack Acton-Boxborough Fighting Clams Brown
A2021 Curtis Russo 2020 NY D1 Attack Sayville LI Legacy Brown
A2020 Isaac Sacks 2020 CT D1 LSM Brunswick School (CT Eclipse Brown
A2019 Kevin Sweeney 2020 NY D1 FOGO Mount Sinai Brown
A2018 Connor Theriault 2020 MA D1 Goalie Northfield Mount Her Fighting Clams Brown
A2017 Zander Valentini 2020 FL D1 Defense Benjamin School Brown
A2016 Mark Witt 2020 MA D1 Defense Andover Phillips Andover Brown
A1579 Adrian Enchill 2020 MA D1 Defense Pittsfield Westminster School Penguins Brown
A0777 Anthony Faber 2020 NY D3 Midfield Massapequa Park Farmingdale Brockport
A0776 Jay Silverstein 2020 NY D3 Defense Center Moriches Center Moriches Brockport
A0123 Mason Springer 2020 NJ JUCO Midfield Brick Brick Memorial Brookdale CC
B3553 Grant Landon 2021 MA D1 Goalie Hamilton-Wenham Brown
B3302 Jake Bell 2021 NY D3 Defense Hamburg Hamburg Buffalo Lax Brockport
B1314 Teddy Rockefeller 2021 NY D1 Midfield New York Deerfield Academy LI Express Brown
B1200 Nate Askin 2021 NY D3 Midfield Geneva Geneva Brockport
B1092 Jack Beck 2021 NY D3 Defense Port Jefferson Stati Comsewogue 24/Wogue Brockport
B0641 Zander Valentini 2021 FL D1 Defense Jupiter Benjamin Leading Edge Brown
B0569 Spencer Hughes 2021 MD D1 Midfield Rockville Bullis School DC Express Brown
B0491 Bryan Anderson 2021 MA D1 LSM Roxbury Latin Laxachusetts Brown
B0490 Kieran Anzelone 2021 MD D1 Midfield Potomac Bullis School DC Express Brown
B0489 Ryan Behrens 2021 NY D1 Midfield West Islip West Islip LI Legacy Brown
B0488 Brandon Bergner 2021 CO D1 Attack Englewood Kent Denver 3D/Leading Edge Brown
B0487 Tyler Blackburn 2021 CA D1 Defense San Diego Torrey Pines WC Starz/RC Brown
B0486 Wells Bligh 2021 CA D1 Attack St. Ignatius Prep WC Starz Brown
B0485 Tanner Burns 2021 NY D1 Attack Jamesville-Dewitt Orange Crush Brown
B0484 Luke Dellicicchi 2021 NY D1 Attack Locust Valley Locust Valley FLG Brown
B0483 Jake Demert 2021 NY D1 LSM Bay Shore Bay Shore LI Legacy Brown
B0482 Forrest Demetri 2021 NY D1 Attack Glen Head North Shore Rebels Brown
B0481 Scotty Hilgartner 2021 MD D1 Defense McDonogh Baltimore Crabs Brown
B0480 Henry Niehaus 2021 CA D1 Midfield San Francisco St. Ignatius Prep ADVNC/WC Starz Brown
B0479 Christian Rasmussen 2021 CA D1 Attack San Diego Torrey Pines/Deerfie RC/WC Starz Brown
B0478 Dash Sachs 2021 CT D1 FOGO Westport Taft School (CT) Express Brown
B0340 Andy Demopoulos 2021 CT D1 Goalie Darien Darien Eclipse Brown
G0192 Felix Rockefeller 2023 NY D1 Attack New York Deerfield Academy LI Express Brown
G0171 Matthew Bockelmann 2023 NJ D1 Defense Rumson Fair Haven Leading Edge Brown
G0170 Brady O'Sullivan 2023 NJ D1 Defense Madison Seton Hall Prep/Sali BBL Brown
G0169 Jackson Wolfram 2023 CT D1 Attack Riverside Brunswick School PrimeTime Brown
G0091 Quinton Cepiel 2023 NH D1 Midfield Concord Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Brown
G0058 Benjamin Bavar 2023 MD D1 LSM Owings Mills McDonogh School Baltimore Crabs Brown
G0057 Henry Brayer 2023 CA D1 FOGO Piedmont Torrey Pines WC Starz/Alcatraz Ou Brown
G0039 Connor Foley 2023 MA D1 Goalie North Grafton Thayer Academy Laxachusetts Brown
A4007 Collin Almeida 2020 MA D1 Midfield Falmouth Falmouth/Penn State LI Express Bryant
A2015 Bennett Abladian 2020 NH D1 Attack Londonderry Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Bryant
A2014 Tanner Alexander 2020 MA D1 Defense Foxboro Xaverian Brothers Piatelli Kings Bryant
A2013 Teagan Alexander 2020 MA D1 Goalie Foxboro Xaverian Brothers Piatelli Kings Bryant
A2012 Isaiah Davis 2020 VA D1 Attack Pittsburgh North Allegheny Apex Bryant
A2011 Mason Drouin 2020 NH D1 Midfield Derry Pinkerton Academy NH Tomahawks Bryant
A2010 Cole Garvey 2020 CA D1 LSM Manhattan Beach Mira Costa LA Heat/SoCal Bulls Bryant
A2009 Aidan Goltz 2020 CA D1 Midfield Newport Beach Newport Harbor WC Starz Bryant
A2008 Lucas Hogan 2020 NY D1 Midfield Auburn Auburn Sweetlax Bryant
A2007 Mitch Lachman 2020 PA D1 Attack Glen Mills Garnet Valley Freedom Bryant
A2006 Tim LaCroix 2020 MA D1 Midfield North Grafton St. John's Laxachusetts Bryant
A2005 Nathan Laliberte 2020 NH D1 FOGO Auburn Pinkerton Academy NH Tomahawks Bryant
A2004 Jonathan Miller 2020 NJ D1 Midfield Moorestown Moorestown Tri-State Bryant
A2003 Ian Peck 2020 MA D1 Defense Marshfield Marshfield Laxachusetts Bryant
A2002 Riley Van Duzer 2020 MA D1 Midfield Dover Rivers School Fighting Clams Bryant
A1861 Will Milewski 2020 MA D1 Defense Pembroke Tabor Academy Laxachusetts Bryant
B3675 Jason Consiglio 2021 CT CLUB Midfield Colchester Bacon Academy CT Valley Bryant
B3552 Henry Watson 2021 TX D1 Defense Dallas Episcopal School/Ohi 3D/Mustangs Bryant
B3551 Connor Whalen 2021 PA D1 LSM Downingtown Bishop Shanahan/Mary Freedom Bryant
B3346 Zak Lanoue 2021 NH D1 Midfield Durham New Hampton School/H 3D NE Bryant
B3205 Anthony Basile 2021 NY D3 Defense Union-Endicott Bryn Athyn
B2043 Jeffrey Garrity 2021 CT D1 Midfield Newtown Newtown PrimeTime Bryant
B1373 Pierce Gregory 2021 MA D1 Attack Sherborn Dover-Sherborn 3D NE Bryant
B0585 Jack Lonsinger 2021 NJ D1 Attack Verona Verona BBL Bryant
B0477 Cole Braun 2021 CA D1 Midfield Danville Monte Vista ADVNC Bryant
B0476 Spencer Clark 2021 NH D1 Midfield Brentwood Exeter NH Tomahawks Bryant
B0475 Andrew Lucas 2021 MA D1 Defense Peabody Peabody Veterans Gorilla Bryant
B0474 Eoghan Mullett 2021 MI D1 Defense Grand Rapids Forest Hills Norther Juiced Cherries Bryant
B0473 Rand Paddack 2021 IL D1 Goalie Palatine Palatine Team One Bryant
B0472 Aiden Tang 2021 WA D1 LSM Graham Kapowsin WC Starz Bryant
B0471 Graham Tyson 2021 NH D1 FOGO Hampton St. John's Prep Fighting Clams Bryant
A4006 Tanner Germain 2020 NY D1 Midfield Huntington St Anthony's/Nassau LI Dodgers Bucknell
A4005 Danny Striano 2020 NY D1 Midfield Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Harbor/P Bucknell
A2372 Duncan Hill 2020 NY D1 Defense Clifton Park Shenendehowa Albany Power Bucknell
A2280 Brendan Coyle 2020 NY D1 FOGO Syracuse Jamesville Dewitt Orange Crush Bucknell
A2001 Brett Callahan 2020 MD D1 Midfield Glenwood Mount St. Joseph Roughriders Bucknell
A2000 Patrick Ciquera 2020 CT D1 Attack Westport Staples Eclipse/Prime Time Bucknell
A1999 Dutch Furlong 2020 MD D1 Attack Baltimore Gilman School FCA Bucknell
A1998 Ethan Gyllenhaal 2020 PA D1 Midfield Abington Chestnut Hill Academ Big 4 HHH Bucknell
A1997 Mac MacLean 2020 CA D1 Midfield Pacific Palisades Sierra Canyon/Taft S Legends/Sting Bucknell
A1996 Samuel Milardo 2020 CT D1 Defense Middletown Taft School Express Bucknell
A1995 Max Naysmith 2020 ON D1 LSM Toronto Everest Academy Edge Bucknell
A1994 Max Nolan 2020 NJ D1 Goalie Bergen Catholic NJ Riot Bucknell
A1993 Henry Quaintance 2020 NY D1 Attack Lake Placid Berkshire School 3D/Eclipse Bucknell
A1992 Richie Striano 2020 NY D1 Attack Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Harbor Igloo Bucknell
B3254 Chris Begier 2021 PA D1 Midfield Radnor Mesa Bucknell
B2742 Carter Raleigh 2021 PA D1 Attack Narberth Haverford School NXT Bucknell
B0639 Jack Dudas 2021 MD D1 Midfield Hunt Valley McDonogh Baltimore Crabs Bucknell
B0602 Cameron Doolan 2021 MD D1 Midfield Westminster Westminster Kooper's Bucknell
B0470 Thomas Armstrong 2021 MA D1 Attack St. Sebastians Laxachusetts Bucknell
B0469 Benjamin Bonafede 2021 NY D1 Midfield Mineola Chaminade Express Bucknell
B0468 Blake Burchill 2021 CT D1 FOGO Greenwich Brunswick School Eclipse Bucknell
B0467 Ryan Caione 2021 CT D1 Midfield New Canaan Eclipse Bucknell
B0466 Connor Davis 2021 MD D1 Attack Bullis School DC Express Bucknell
B0465 Grant Malas 2021 NY D1 Midfield Mamaroneck Mamaroneck Prime Time Bucknell
B0464 Richard O'Halloran 2021 CO D1 Goalie Denver Taft School (CT) 3D NE/L4 Bucknell
B0463 Mario Rinaldi 2021 CT D1 Defense Westport Brunswick School Prime Time Bucknell
B0462 George Talarico 2021 NJ D1 Defense Oradell Bergen Catholic Blue Star Bucknell
G0273 Benjamin Concepcion 2023 MA D1 FOGO Boston Dexter Southfield 3D NE Bucknell
G0272 Patrick Mullen 2023 CT D1 Attack Riverside Brunswick School PrimeTime Bucknell
G0232 Peter Grandolfo 2023 CT D1 Midfield Wilton Fairfield Prep Eclipse/Express Bucknell
G0168 Hans Huber 2023 VT D1 Midfield Stowe Holderness School 4 Leaf Bucknell
G0167 Matthew Shepard 2023 CT D1 Goalie Ridgefield Ridgefield Eclipse Bucknell
A3521 Cole Dickson 2020 NY CLUB Defense Mynderse Buffalo
A3131 Jake Cavanaugh 2020 PA D3 Defense Cardinal O'Hara Dukes Cabrini
A3130 Logan Cleary 2020 VA D3 Attack Battlefield VLC Cabrini
A3129 Brendan King 2020 PA D3 Goalie Ridley Roughriders Cabrini
A3128 Thomas Vaughn 2020 MA D2 Attack Canton Canton Laxachusetts Cabrini
A2545 John McCormick 2020 PA D3 FOGO Springfield Episcopal Academy Cabrini
A2544 Henry Moag 2020 MD D3 Attack Towson Loyola Blakefield Kooper's Cabrini
A0775 Ryan Cassidy 2020 DE D3 Attack Salesianum School Cabrini
A0774 Colin Dobrosky 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Flemington Hunterdon Central Leading Edge Cabrini
A0773 Cory Dobrosky 2020 NJ D3 Attack Flemington Hunterdon Central Leading Edge Cabrini
A0772 Max Drift 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Montgomery Leading Edge Cabrini
A0771 Nick Ericson 2020 PA D3 FOGO Downingtown Downingtown East Cabrini
A0770 Sam Kirk 2020 PA D3 Defense Bishop Shanahan Cabrini
A0769 GianLuca Lockhart 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Turnersville Washington Township SouthShore Cabrini
A0768 Jameson Smyth 2020 PA D3 Midfield Downingtown West Dukes Cabrini
A0767 Julian Varona 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Branchburg Somerville Blue Star Cabrini
B2645 Brady Rauner 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Ocean City Ocean City SouthShore Cabrini
B2527 Jake Schneider 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Ocean City Ocean City SouthShore Cabrini
B2106 Jonathan Hillelsohn 2021 VA D3 Defense Chantilly Chantilly Cavalier Cabrini
B1856 Mason Lenart 2021 PA D3 Midfield West Lawn Wilson Big 4 HHH Cabrini
B1483 Wyatt Haney 2021 MD D3 Midfield Woodbine Loyola Blakefield FCA/TRUE/Roughriders Cabrini
B1388 Riley Custodio 2021 DE D3 LSM Selbyville Sussex Academy API/Kooper's Cabrini
B1301 Jason Fridge 2021 WA D3 Attack Lynnwood O'Dea CitySide Cabrini
B1121 Clayton Hollinger 2021 PA D3 Attack Millersville Penn Manor Dukes Cabrini
B1119 Brendan Roth 2021 NJ D3 Attack Marlton St. Augustine Prep Blue Star Cabrini
B1054 Tyler Carroll 2021 NC D3 FOGO Waxhaw Cuthbertson NJ Riot/24-7 Cabrini
B1053 Jack Gerzabek 2021 PA D3 Defense Springfield Springfield-Delco NXT Cabrini
B1052 Zack Riegler 2021 NJ D3 Attack Vernon St. Joseph NJ Riot/Thunder Cabrini
B0925 Nick Mormando 2021 PA D3 Midfield Prospect Park Interboro Dukes Cabrini
B0023 Hunter Waldron 2021 NJ D3 Goalie Martinsville Rutgers Prep NJ Riot Cabrini
B3743 Josh Dahn 2021 MD D3 Defense Smithsburg Heritage Academy Cairn
B3742 Ramon Juarez 2021 MD D3 Attack Gaithersburg Bridgton Academy MDX Cairn
B3741 Qion Roycroft 2021 MD D3 Defense Catonsville Woodlawn Koopers Cairn
B3740 Caleb Vargas 2021 MD D3 Midfield Montgomery Village Watkins Mill Cairn
B3739 Connor Walker 2021 PA D3 Midfield Bellefonte Bellefonte Holo Cairn
B3738 Ethan Wambold 2021 PA D3 Defense Green Lane Upper Perkiomen Cairn
B2526 Danny Amarante 2021 NY D3 Attack Bronx Mount St. Michael Cairn
B2525 Jason Briant 2021 NJ D3 Attack Lake Hiawatha Morris Catholic Warrior Diamond Cairn
B2524 Nico Cione 2021 PA D3 Goalie Yardley Pennsbury Team Turnpike Cairn
B2523 Kareem Gillespie 2021 WV D3 Midfield Martinsburg Spring Mills/Potomac Cairn
B2522 Tajanthony London 2021 PA D3 LSM Ephrata Ephrata Cairn
B2521 Ethan Meiers 2021 NJ D3 Defense Plainsboro West Windsor-Plainsb Cairn
B2520 Devin Murphy 2021 NY D3 Defense Walden Valley Central Reign Cairn
B2519 Cameron Redhead-Antoine 2021 MD D3 Defense Baltimore St. Paul's Koopers Cairn
B1855 Allen Gregg 2021 PA D3 Midfield Coatesville Coatesville Freedom Cairn
A4237 Zane Schwab 2020 CA CLUB Goalie San Diego Canyon Crest Academy Mad Dog California
A4098 Josh Nardone 2020 OR CLUB Midfield Hood River Hood River Valley MadLax/Rhino/WC Stra Cal Poly
A4051 Jack Krammer 2020 WA CLUB Attack Redmond Lake Washington Seattle Starz/ADVNC Cal Poly
A3685 Joseph Iacobone 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Jackson Jackson Memorial Team 91 (NJ) Caldwell
A3520 Ethan Boelens 2020 IL D3 Defense Round Lake Grayslake Calvin
A3519 Keigan Oberski 2020 MI D3 LSM Grand Blanc Grand Blanc Calvin
A3518 Justin Riddle 2020 IL D3 Defense West Chicago Wheaton Academy IL West/TRUE (IL) Calvin
A2543 Singh Mundeep 2020 NY D2 Defense St. Dominic Caldwell
A2371 Chris DuMosch 2020 CO D3 Midfield Colorado Springs Pine Creek Fellowship Calvin
A2370 Evan Rhode 2020 IN D3 Midfield Noblesville Noblesville Origins/Indy Elite Calvin
A2369 Corgan Schaumburg 2020 IL D3 Goalie Rockton Hononegah Yeti Calvin
A2279 Ethan Pavlet 2020 CA CLUB Defense Salinas Palma ADVNC/WC Starz California
A1174 Joseph Iacobone 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Jackson Memorial Team 91 Caldwell
A1173 Shane Murphy 2020 NJ D2 Goalie Middletown Middletown South Caldwell
A0766 Chris Deehan 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Whippany Whippany Park NJ Riot Caldwell
A0765 Mundeep Singh 2020 NY D3 Defense Hicksville St. Dominic's True Blue Caldwell
A0764 Jefferson Yon 2020 VA D3 Attack Fairfax Trinity Christian Top Caliber Calvin 
B3803 Aiden Ehmann 2021 NC D3 Defense Durham Riverside Calvin
B3800 August Bryan 2021 IL D3 Midfield Elburn Marmion Academy TRUE IL Calvin
B3525 Daniel Mara 2021 CT D2 Midfield Waterbury Nonnewaug CT Rip It Caldwell
B3324 Noah Misenheimer 2021 NC D2 Attack Wilmington Laney Blackhawks/Shamrocks Caldwell
B3204 Jacob Bledsoe 2021 CA D3 Attack Mission Viejo JSerra Rebels Calvin
B3203 Charles McKenney 2021 CA D3 Midfield Mission Viejo Trabuco Hills Calvin
B3202 Cole McKenney 2021 CA D3 Attack Mission Viejo Trabuco Hills Calvin
B3201 Thomas Smith 2021 MI D3 Attack Grosse Pointe Farms Grosse Pointe South 313/GP Calvin
B3077 Reid Bentz 2021 MI D3 Defense Milford Milford Calvin
B2904 Joel Yamada 2021 CA CLUB LSM Rolling Hills Estate Palos Verdes Peninsu California
B2860 Brandon Eenigenburg 2021 MI D3 Midfield Muskegon Muskegon Mona Shores Calvin
B2673 Drew Schlegel 2021 MA D2 Goalie West Yarmouth Dennis-Yarmouth Caldwell
B2444 Benjamin Taylor 2021 NY D2 Attack Bohemia Connetquot Caldwell
B2443 Xavier Wadlington 2021 NJ D2 Midfield Somerset St. Joseph's Team Turnpike Caldwell
B2249 Christian Masso 2021 NY D2 Midfield Endicott Union Endicott Caldwell
B2248 Tyler Shalhoub 2021 NJ D2 Attack Lincoln Park Boonton East Coast Caldwell
B2222 Nick Griffith 2021 FL D3 Attack Geneva Oviedo Always Sunny Calvin
B2221 Dylan Mount 2021 IL D3 Defense Lindenhurst Lakes Community Team One Calvin
B2140 Monte Piervencenti 2021 NY D2 LSM Sayville Sayville East Coast/Legacy Caldwell
B1961 Carson Cowing 2021 CA CLUB Attack Alamo Monte Vista ADVNC Cal Poly
B1918 Spencer Deane 2021 NH D2 Midfield Salem Salem NJLC/Gorilla Caldwell
B1917 Ben Olmsted 2021 NJ D2 Defense Basking Ridge Ridge Caldwell
B1563 David Hill 2021 NY D2 Defense Bayville Locust Hill True Blue Caldwell
G0239 Nicholas Kingsley 2023 NJ D2 FOGO Oak Ridge Penn Foster TRUE NJ Caldwell
A3517 Ryan Furlong 2020 FL D1 Midfield Lutz Sunlake United Canisius
A3516 Mikey Howe 2020 NY D1 Attack Fayetteville-Manlius Canisius
A3515 Sam Servati 2020 NY D3 Goalie Gates-Chili Canton
A2278 Connor Beals 2020 MI D1 FOGO Wixom Detroit Catholic/Har Juiced Cherries Canisius
A1991 Erik Allen 2020 IN D1 Midfield Carmel TRUE/Juiced Cherries Canisius
A1990 Noah Goad 2020 OH D1 Midfield Western Reserve Acad Burning River/Classi Canisius
A1989 Keegan Kozack 2020 VA D1 Attack Blue Ridge School Canisius
A1988 Max Lakosky 2020 MN D1 Defense Chanhassen Canisius
A1987 Garet Long 2020 MN D1 Goalie Woodbury Woodbury Team MN Canisius
A1986 Robert Marten 2020 NY D1 Defense Lancaster St. Joseph's Collegi PXL Canisius
A1985 Hunter Parucki 2020 NY D1 Midfield St. Joseph's Collegi Canisius
A1984 Hunter Pendergraff 2020 MI D1 Defense Detroit Catholic Juiced Cherries/Blue Canisius
A1983 Michael Wilson 2020 ON D1 Defense Niagara On The Lake Holy Cross-St. Cathe Edge Canisius
A1982 Jackson Webster 2020 ON D1 Midfield Halton Hills Everest Academy FCA/Edge Canisius 
B3345 Michael Billings 2021 ON D1 LSM Hill Academy Hardcor/Guelph Canisius
B3344 Garret Walker 2021 NY D1 Attack West Seneca West Seneca East Performax Canisius
B2741 Kayden Easter 2021 NH D1 Midfield Weare Brewster Academy 4 Leaf Canisius
B2348 Owen Scannell 2021 NY D1 Defense Wynantskill La Salle Institute 3D/Albany Power Canisius
B2150 Reed Conrey 2021 PA D1 Defense Germansville Northwestern Lehigh Dukes Canisius
B2146 Adam Ormstead 2021 OH D1 Midfield Valley View St Ignatius TRUE (MI) Canisius
B2144 Troy Sauberan 2021 WA D1 Midfield Spokane Wilbraham & Monson A Salt Kings Canisius
B2105 Jake Erskine 2021 NY D3 Midfield Pittsford Pittsford 3D Canton
B1993 Ethan Thomson 2021 MD D1 LSM Bel Air John Carroll School Looney's Canisius
B1943 Chance Cook 2021 MI D1 Defense Haslett Haslett-Williamston Juiced Cherries/Mome Canisius
B1586 Tommy Kunz 2021 MI D1 Goalie Birmingham Brother Rice Juiced Cherries/Blac Canisius
B1288 TJ Buono 2021 NJ D1 Attack Oradell Northern Highlands Patriot Canisius
B1235 Lance Williams 2021 MI D1 Midfield Southfield Brother Rice Juiced Cherries Canisius
B0665 John Richiusa 2021 NY D1 Midfield Penfield Penfield Harvest/Blaze Canisius
B0461 Patrick Mitchell 2021 NY D1 Midfield Rochester Churchville-Chili FCA Canisus
A4133 Drew Bolen 2020 OH D3 Midfield Lebanon Lebanon Capital
A4132 Carson Kott 2020 OH D3 Attack Columbis Worthington Kilbourn Capital
A4131 Browder Martin 2020 IL D3 Attack Glenview Glenbrook South Capital
A4130 Spencer Rubel 2020 OH D3 Midfield Dublin Dublin Jerome TRUE (OH) Capital
A4129 Mason Spaulding 2020 OH D3 Attack Powell Olentangy Liberty Capital
A4128 Austin Yanichko 2020 OH D3 Defense Westerville Westerville North Resolute Capital
A3127 Zach Bedwell 2020 OH D3 Midfield Cincinnati Moeller Roots Capital
A3126 Michael Collins 2020 OH D3 FOGO Dayton Centerville Cincy Royals/TRUE (O Capital
A3125 Hunter Wagner 2020 OH D3 Midfield Hilliard Hilliard-Darby Resolute Capital
A0763 Ian Michaud 2020 OH D3 Midfield Wooster Wooster Capital
A0762 Ryan Pierce 2020 OH D3 Goalie Toledo St. John's Jesuit 313/GP Capital
B3390 Carter Hockin 2021 OH D3 Defense Kent Roosevelt Capital
B2007 Kyle Hothem 2021 VA D3 Midfield Falls Church Justice NOVA/Top Caliber Capital
A4127 Grant Balsbough 2020 OR D3 Defense West Linn West Linn Carthage
A3684 Sam Wallace 2020 MN D3 Defense Bloomington Bloomington Jefferso Team MN Carthage
A3124 Max Krueger 2020 WI D3 LSM Hudson Hudson MN Select Carthage
A3123 Jackson Nelson 2020 MN D3 Attack Chisago Lakes MN Select Carthage
A2368 Alec Gern 2020 IL D3 Midfield St. Viator TRUE (IL)/Yeti Carthage
A0761 Johnny Lane 2020 MN D3 Midfield Bloomington Kennedy Team MN Carthage
A0760 William McClure 2020 CO D3 Attack Aurora Grandview 3D CO Carthage
A0759 Blake Raphael 2020 CO D3 Goalie Colorado Springs Pine Creek Blue Label Carthage
A0758 Sam Wallace 2020 MN D3 Defense Bloomington Bloomington Jefferso Team MN Carthage
B2914 Joseph Karl 2021 MD JUCO Defense Emmitsburg Catoctin MD Extreme Carroll CC
B2718 Benjamin Krok 2021 IL D3 Attack Vernon Hills Vernon Hills Yeti Carthage
B2305 Andrew Frye 2021 CO D3 Broomfield Carthage
A2542 Kyle Miller 2020 NY D3 Goalie Queensbury Queensbury ADK Castleton
B3508 Ben Tukey 2021 ME D3 Attack Gorham Gorham Castleton
B3507 Colter McComas 2021 MA D3 Attack Hampden Wilbraham Catamount/Oaks Castleton State
B2946 Logan Leja 2021 MA D3 Defense Hoosac Valley Catamount Castleton
B2644 Andrew Koval 2021 VT D3 Midfield St. Albans Bellows Free Academy Catamount Castleton
A3683 Austin Stanley 2020 PA D3 Defense Radnor Catholic
A3514 Nick Alberse 2020 NC D2 Defense Mooresville Lake Norman Catawba
A3513 Kain Biggers 2020 NC D2 Attack Advance Forsyth Country Day Fleet/Twin Cities Catawba
A3512 Blake Lett 2020 NC D2 Attack Northwest Guilford Catawba
A3122 Carter Toran 2020 NC D2 Midfield Raleigh Athens Drive 919 Catawba
A3121 Zack Antonucci 2020 PA D3 LSM West Chester Henderson Roughriders Catholic
A2367 Cortez Wilson 2020 NC D2 Midfield Greensboro Page NCF Triad Catawba
A1172 Safo Arthur 2020 AB D2 Attack Calgary ELEV8 Catawba
A1171 Tucker Fanzo 2020 MD D2 Attack Harwood Southern Sidewinders Catawba
A1170 Eli Horton 2020 NC D2 Defense Graham Southern Alamance Triad Elite Catawba
A0757 Joey Coviello 2020 NJ D3 Attack Hillsborough Rutgers Prep Tri-State Catholic
A0756 Michael Mulligan 2020 CT D3 Midfield Strafford St. Joseph Oilers Catholic
B3766 Will Cupitt 2021 NC D2 Defense Durham Charles E. Jordan True NC Catawba
B3128 Jack Butler 2021 NC D2 Midfield Waxhaw Cuthbertson Catawba
B3127 Jacob Scannell 2021 NC D2 Defense Holly Springs Holly Springs Team 91 Carolina Catawba
B3076 Matthew Chrupcala 2021 FL D3 Defense Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas FLX Crabs/Ninja Catholic
B2859 Victor Rosado 2021 FL D3 Attack South Miami Belen Jesuit Prep Stone Crabs/FLA/Team Catholic
B2788 Dylan Cienfuegos 2021 MD D2 FOGO James Hubert Blake HOCO Catawba
B2777 Matthew Jeffreys 2021 NC D2 Goalie Greensboro Greensboro Day Schoo Fusion/Triad Elite Catawba
B2553 Jordan Dash 2021 NC D2 Attack Durham Jordan Hilltoppers Catawba
B2442 Hunter Bradley 2021 NC D2 Midfield Hampstead Topsail Shamrocks Catwaba
B2220 Liam O'Neill 2021 PA D3 LSM St. Joseph's Prep Dukes Catholic
B1916 Cameron Lenox 2021 NC D2 Attack Charlotte Kell Team Carolina Catawba
B1854 Fitz McLaughlin 2021 PA D3 Attack Philadelphia Springside Chestnut Big 4 HHH Catholic
B1671 Tyler Nichols 2021 NC D2 Attack Mooresville Lake Norman Running Rebels Catawba
B1187 Matthew Ford 2021 PA D3 Defense Thornton Malvern Prep Freedom Catholic
B1051 Mason Russo 2021 NJ D3 Defense Madison Seton Hall Prep Patriot Catholic
B0779 Liam Hill 2021 MA D3 Attack Marblehead Bishop Fenwick 3D NE Catholic
B0601 Brian Garcia 2021 NC D2 Defense Mooresville Lake Norman Team Carolina Catawba
A4004 Rhys Trepanier-Dawson 2020 BC D2 Midfield Saanich Claremont CDU-Pueblo
A3790 Evan Green 2020 FL CLUB Attack Tampa Freedom Central Florida
A3511 Ridr Knowlton 2020 NC D3 Attack Waxhaw Marvin Ridge Thunder LB3 Centre
A3120 Wikenson Julien 2020 FL D3 Midfield Immokalee Immokalee Centenary (LA)
A3119 Nathaniel Malubay 2020 KY D3 Attack Louisville St. Xavier L4 Centre
A2276 Ethan Hanna 2020 TX D3 Midfield St. Andrew's Episcop Iron Horse Centre
A0755 Ben Zickel 2020 OH D3 Attack Medina Medina Burning River Centre
A0612 Jordan Cook 2020 AR D3 Defense Alexander Bryant Centenary (LA)
A0040 Andrew Gross 2020 MI CLUB Goalie Rochester Adams 1763/Chiefs Central Michigan
A0039 Spencer Parks 2020 MI CLUB Attack Grandville Power Play/Pure Adva Central Michigan
A0038 Austin Hintz 2020 MI CLUB LSM Rockford Rockford Central Michigan 
B3737 Kaleb Coates 2021 LA D3 Defense Shreveport Captain Shreve FTK For The Kids Centenary (LA)
B3736 James Michaud 2021 TX D3 FOGO San Antonio Ronald Reagan San Antonio Tacos Centenary (LA)
B3735 Dylan Miller 2021 LA D3 Goalie Shreveport Captain Shreve Centenary (LA)
B3734 Braxton Parchman 2021 LA D3 Attack Shreveport Captain Shreve FTK For The Kids Centenary (LA)
B3733 G'Colby Spivey 2021 TX D3 Attack Dallas Bishop Dunne Bridge Centenary (LA)
B3732 Barrett Stewart 2021 TX D3 Defense Boerne Boerne-Champion Mission Centenary (LA)
B3731 Jayce Turner 2021 LA D3 Goalie Bossier City Parkway 318 Renegades Centenary (LA)
B3506 Jackson Henderson 2021 KY D3 Midfield Lexington Clay Commonwealth Kings Centre
B3200 Davis Wilmes 2021 KY D3 Attack Louisville Trinity L4 Centre
B2858 Alex Nicks-Davis 2021 TN D3 Goalie Franklin Ravenwood Centenary (LA)
B2219 Jack Furlong 2021 KY D3 Defense Louisville Trinity L4 Centre
B1769 Caleb Roux 2021 MI CLUB Attack Clarkston Waterford United Central Michigan
B1539 Griffin Weiss 2021 MA D3 Midfield Belchertown Belchertown CT Valley Centre
B1410 Marc Mackey 2021 TX D3 Midfield Houston Stratford TX Legacy Centenary (LA)
B0924 Ramsey Cole 2021 TN D3 Goalie Nashville Montgomery Bell Acad No Excuse Centre
A4126 Ben Nieuwstraten 2020 OR D3 Attack Wilsonville Wilsonville 3d/Nation United/Rhi Chapman
A3118 Peter Jones 2020 OH D3 Defense Shaker Heights Burning River Chatham
A3117 Isaac Joshi 2020 NC D3 Midfield Cary Loomis Chaffee Schoo Red Devil/Carolina N Chatham
A0754 Preston Graubart 2020 CA D3 Midfield Santa Fe Christian S SoCal Chapman
A0753 Max Heffner 2020 PA D3 Defense Greencastle St. Maria Goretti Chatham
A0752 Ryan Thatcher 2020 VA D3 Attack Bristow Patriot BattleLax Chatham
B3558 Jackson Waters 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Napa Vintage 3D CA/Force Chapman
B3505 Jackson Wirth 2021 CO D3 Midfield Boulder Fairview Team 91 CO Chapman
B3504 Liam Behnke 2021 DE D3 LSM Newark Delaware Military Ac 302 Chatham
B2945 Kai Birtz 2021 NY D3 Midfield Plattsburgh Plattsburgh Catamount Chatham
B2806 Charlie Milne-Home 2021 NJ CLUB Goalie Summit Summit Patriot Chapman
B2791 Ethan Rinker 2021 MD D3 Midfield Laurel St. Vincent Pallotti MD Lax Chatham
B2717 Derek Lystad 2021 PA D3 FOGO Quakertown Allentown Central Ca NXT Chatham
B2643 John Audet 2021 MD D3 Midfield Silver Spring Montgomery Blair MDX Chatham
B2407 Justin Cook 2021 OH D3 Midfield Pickerington Pickerington Resolute Chatham
B2406 Ben Keller 2021 OH D3 LSM Olentangy Orange Chatham
B2304 Zen Smith 2021 VA D3 Goalie Reston South Lakes Madlax Chatham
B2303 Luke Witherell 2021 MA D3 Midfield Littleton Littleton Seven Hills Chatham
B2218 Ryan Colletta 2021 VA D3 Defense Virginia Beach Kellam Roughriders Chatham
B1853 Thomas Curtin 2021 PA D3 LSM Lebanon Cedar Crest Team Lax Chatham
B1852 Adam DeStefano 2021 PA D3 Midfield York Dallastown HLC Chatham
B1851 Dylan Wanichko 2021 MD D3 Defense Easton Sts Peter & Paul TRUE/Crabcakes Chatham
A4003 Richard Rybicki 2020 DE D2 Defense Dagsboro Indian River Chestnut Hill
A3116 Dominick Razo 2020 UT D2 LSM West Valley City Copper Hills Wasatch Chestnut Hill
A2426 Kyle Gartenmayer 2020 PA D2 Defense Southampton Council Rock South Bucks Select Chestnut Hill
A1169 William Anderson 2020 NJ D2 Attack Yardley Pennsbury Bucks Select Chestnut Hill
A1168 Tommy Austin 2020 PA D2 Attack Bethlehem Saucon Valley HEADstrong Chestnut Hill
A1167 Brandon Berghaier 2020 PA D2 Defense Richboro Council Rock South Bucks Select Chestnut Hill
A1166 Shaun Gerety 2020 MD D2 Goalie Crownsville Indian Creek Team MD Chestnut Hill
A1165 Jake Homan 2020 PA D2 Attack North Penn Dukes Chestnut Hill
A1164 Zach Jastrzebski 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Hackettstown Thundercanes Chestnut Hill
A1163 Cade Johnson 2020 NJ D2 Attack Manahawkin Southern Team 91 NJ Chestnut Hill
A1162 Zachary Litty 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Marlton Cherokee Tri-State Chestnut Hill
A1161 Brandon Madalion 2020 NJ D2 Defense Cherry Hill Gloucester Catholic Shamrocks Chestnut Hill
A1160 Jackson Melnick 2020 PA D2 Midfield Milford Delaware Valley HEADstrong Chestnut Hill
A1159 Wesley Sherman 2020 PA D2 Goalie West Chester Henderson Chestnut Hill
A1158 Chase Snyder 2020 DE D2 LSM Sussex Technical Team MD Chestnut Hill
A1157 Julius Sorino 2020 NJ D2 Goalie Shamong Seneca SouthShore Chestnut Hill
B3126 Kellen Hurst 2021 NJ D2 Attack Hammonton Gloucester Catholic Shamrocks Chestnut Hill
B2340 Evan Farlow 2021 NJ D2 LSM Bernardsville Bernard Resolute Force Chestnut Hill
B2139 Riley Harker 2021 NJ D2 LSM Swedesboro Kingsway 302 Chestnut Hill
B2138 Conchade Osceola 2021 FL D2 Midfield Davie University School Barracudas/Swashbuck Chestnut Hill
B2045 William Duddy 2021 NJ D2 Attack Toms River Donovan Catholic United Chestnut Hill
B1915 Mark Elsetinow 2021 PA D2 Defense Horsham Hatboro-Horsham Bandits Chestnut Hill
B1703 Zachary Whalen 2021 PA D2 Midfield Emmaus Emmaus HEADstrong Chestnut Hill
B1509 Jacob Gamber 2021 NJ D2 Defense Mantua Clearview SJ Shamrocks Chestnut Hill
B1486 James Fay 2021 NJ D2 Attack Howell South Howell Team 91 NJ Chestnut Hill
A4225 Charles Pitt 2020 MD D2 Midfield Baltimore Mervo/CCBC Essex Chowan
A4224 Hassan Davis 2020 MD D2 FOGO Baltimore Dundalk/CCBC Essex Chowan
A4223 Ryan Nash 2020 PA D2 Midfield Woodlyn Sun Valley/CCBC Esse Chowan
A4222 Jarrett Luoma 2020 ON D2 Defense Ottawa West Windsor/Bryn At Chowan
A4221 Carlos Pasula 2020 BC D2 LSM Coquitlam Dr. Charles Best Coquitlam Chowan
A4220 Erik Dozzi 2020 BC D2 Attack Coquitlam Dr. Charles Best Port Moody Chowan
A4219 Humberto Briceno 2020 MD D2 Attack Edgewood Edgewood Chowan
A4218 Lucas Gorman 2020 CA D2 Attack Rancho Cordova Folsom Falcons Chowan
A4217 Alex Wildeboer 2020 AB D2 Midfield Stony Plain Memorial Composite Apex Chowan
A4216 Preston Dolan 2020 NY D2 Defense North Tonawanda Niagara-Wheatfield Chowan
A4215 Brayden Longnecker 2020 NV D2 Midfield Las Vegas Palo Verde Vegas Starz Chowan
A4214 Desmond Stukes 2020 MD D2 Attack Parkville Parkville Chowan
A4213 Eric George 2020 AB D2 Attack Stony Plain St. Peter the Apostl Apex Chowan
A3509 Rylan Downey 2020 MD D2 Midfield Upper Marlboro Frederick Douglass Prince Georges Pride Chowan
A3508 Sullivan Prince 2020 MI D2 Attack Holland West Ottawa West Side Chowan
A2425 Brevin Blalock 2020 MD D2 Midfield Clinton Frederick Douglass Chowan
B3524 Jari Martin 2021 TX D2 Midfield Carrollton Hebron/Potomac State Chowan
B3125 Fernando Hernandez 2021 NC D2 Midfield Charlotte Independence NC Crush Chowan
B2786 Landon James Raboteau 2021 IN D2 Midfield Fort Wayne Homestead Fort Wayne Select Chowan
B0664 Deondre Brown 2021 FL D2 Defense Sunrise South Broward FCA/Knights Chowan
B0045 Ian Thomas 2021 NY D2 Finger Lakes CC Chowan
A4002 Matthew Taylor 2020 MD D3 Goalie Crofton DeMatha Prostart Christopher Newport
A3789 Enzo Paradiso 2020 VA D3 Defense Falls Church George Mason Hammers Christopher Newport
A3788 Bryan Reilly 2020 VA D3 Midfield Ashburn Stone Bridge Hammers Christopher Newport
A3682 Carson Hoffman 2020 VA D3 Attack Annandale Woodson VLC Christopher Newport
A3115 Blake Marcey 2020 VA D3 Midfield Oakton VLC/Top Caliber Christopher Newport
A3114 Wyatt Murphy 2020 VA D3 LSM St. Andrew's Episcop VLC Christopher Newport
A3113 Zack Sands 2020 VA D3 FOGO Robinson Top Caliber Christopher Newport
A3112 Brandon Young 2020 VA D3 Defense Aldie John Champe VLC Christopher Newport
A2541 Easton Lanclos 2020 PA D3 Attack Mechanicsburg Cumberland Valley Rock Christopher Newport
A2275 Ryan Cammarratta 2020 NC D3 LSM Cary Green Hope Team 91 (NC)/Carolin Christopher Newport
A0751 Mason Beckmeyer 2020 WA D3 LSM Sammamish Skyline Seattle Starz Christopher Newport
A0750 Matthew Birken 2020 VA D3 Defense Glen Allen Deep Run C2C/Hawks Christopher Newport
A0749 Maxwell Gladieux 2020 VA D3 Defense Lynchburg E.C. Glass Christopher Newport
A0748 Luke Nardone 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Livingston Christopher Newport
A0747 Sam Riley 2020 MD D3 Midfield DeMatha Christopher Newport
A0746 Andrew Swartz 2020 OH D3 Attack Galena Columbus Academy Resolute Christopher Newport
B1850 John Santoro 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Upper Saddle River Northern Highlands Blue Star Christopher Newport
B1684 Logan Shassian 2021 FL D3 Attack Lake Highland Prep Christopher Newport
B1050 Jack Lyman 2021 NY D3 Attack Chester Kent School NJ Riot Christopher Newport
B0568 Trey Landolfi 2021 VA D3 Goalie Chesapeake Catholic VB Roughriders Christopher Newport
A4263 Nathan Cammack 2020 NH D3 Midfield Tilton Tilton School Clarkson
A4203 John Rumley 2020 CT D3 Attack Weathersfield Weathersfield Clark (MA)
A3787 Alex Koproski 2020 NY D3 Midfield Oswego Oswego Clarkson
A3681 Casey McCullough 2020 PA D3 Goalie Radnor Mesa Fresh Clark
A3507 Caleb Gardner 2020 NY D3 Defense Livonia-Avon Clarkson
A3506 Ethan Spinner 2020 NY D3 Midfield Seneca Falls Mynderse Rhino Clarkson
A3111 Brennan Hare 2020 CT D3 Goalie Windham EO Smith CT Valley Clark
A3110 Attilio LaVecchia 2020 CT D3 Midfield Hamden Hamden CT Valley Clark
A3109 Byron Palmieri 2020 CT D3 LSM Guilford Notre Dame Team CT Clark
A3108 Eddie Schwartz 2020 MA D3 FOGO Lawrenceville NH Tomahawks Clark
A2366 Ryan Taylor 2020 MA D3 Goalie Braintree Xaverian Brothers Coyotes/Cape Cod Kin Clark
A2274 Patrick Liddy 2020 MA D3 Midfield Sutton Hopedale Coyotes Clark
A2273 Stephen Kay 2020 NY D3 Defense Webster Webster Schroeder 3D Clarkson
A2272 Joe Rees 2020 MA D3 Defense Amherst Williston Northampto Catamount Clarkson
A0745 Sean Keane 2020 CT D3 Defense St. Joseph Oilers Clark
A0744 Rory McHugh 2020 NY D3 Defense Garden City Kellenberg Memorial True Blue Clark
A0743 Coby Rozencwaig 2020 NY D3 Midfield Scarsdale Scarsdale Team 91 Clark
A0741 Damien Stein 2020 NY D3 Goalie Spencerport Brockport FCA Clarkson
A0740 Sam Stoddard 2020 NY D3 LSM Amherst Amherst PXL Clarkson
A0739 Matthew Szwagulinski 2020 NJ D3 Defense Towaco Montville Jersey Thunder Clarkson
A0105 Ian Shields 2020 IL NAIA Defense Chicago Notre Dame Prep East Avenue Clarke
B3503 Mason Kaufmann 2021 VT D3 Midfield Middlebury Middlebury Clark
B3502 Jack O'Reilly 2021 NY D3 Defense South Salem John Jay Team 91 Tri-State Clark
B2857 Ethan Desko 2021 NY D3 LSM Camillus West Genesee Clarkson
B2743 Noah Marino 2021 NY D3 Defense Jamesville Dewitt Clarkson
B2716 Alex Seiler 2021 NY D3 Midfield Victor Victor Harvest Clarkson
B2689 Jack DeFreece 2021 NE NAIA Defense Omaha Millard West Clarke
B2642 Tyler Keyes 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Succasunna Roxbury Jersey Thunder Clarkson
B2641 Logan Wilkinson 2021 NY D3 FOGO Fayetteville Manlius Clarkson
B2405 Tyler Griffin 2021 NY D3 Defense Penn Yan Penn Yan Clarkson
B2001 Sam Mancabelli 2021 NY D3 Attack Camillus West Genesee Clarkson
B1999 Joe Kelly 2021 NJ D3 Attack Ridgewood Ridgewood Maroons Clarkson
B1994 PJ Rheude 2021 NY D3 Defense Canandaigua Canandaigua 3D Clarkson
B1849 Alex D'Entrone 2021 CT D3 Attack Ridgefield Ridgefield 3D NE Clark
B1848 Manas Joshi 2021 MA D3 Midfield Andover Andover HGR Clark
B1847 Harry Leduc 2021 MA D3 Midfield Norwood Norwood Penguins Clark
B1846 Vince Lavarnway 2021 NY D3 Attack Watertown Watertown Unity Clarkson
B1845 David Young 2021 CA D3 Attack Alamo IMG Academy Trilogy/Legends Clarkson
B1718 Mason Volley 2021 MD D3 Defense Good Counsel HOCO Clarkson
B1662 Eric Gellasch 2021 NJ D3 Goalie Hamilton Princeton Day School STEPS/Tri-State Clarkson
B1661 Connor Holly 2021 NH D3 Attack Exeter Exeter NH Tomahawks Clarkson
A4001 Thomas McDonald 2020 MI NAIA Defense Macomb L'Anse Creuse North Cleary
A4000 Tyler Tafelski 2020 MI NAIA Attack Traverse City St. Francis Cleary
A3999 Tyler Weber 2020 MI NAIA Defense Lapeer Lapeer/Olivet Cleary
A3505 Jack Perry 2020 NJ CLUB Midfield Bernards Ridge STEPS-NJ Clemson
A3107 Landon Fasanaro 2020 SC CLUB Defense Wando Dukes Clemson
A3106 Myles Pittman 2020 PA CLUB Defense Wayne Conestoga Roughriders Clemson
A3105 Robbie Brazanskas 2020 CO D1 LSM Westminster Broomfield CO Fire Cleveland State
A3104 Andrew Robinson 2020 OH D1 Midfield Hoover Burning River Cleveland State
A2540 Tyler Hall 2020 MI NAIA Attack Lapeer Lapeer Cleary
A2271 Cristian Reno 2020 TX D1 Attack Dripping Springs Iron Horse Cleveland State
A1981 Amiri Austin 2020 GA D1 Midfield Acworth Allatoona 3D Cleveland State
A1980 Theo Becker 2020 OH D1 Attack Cincinnati Archbishop Moeller Resolute Cleveland State
A1979 Carson Croy 2020 OH D1 Attack Cincinnati Mason Resolute Cleveland State
A1978 Grayson Dague 2020 PA D1 Midfield Salunga Hempfield NXT Cleveland State
A1977 Drew Harder 2020 OH D1 Defense Uniontown North Canton Hoover Burning River Cleveland State
A1976 Gavin Held 2020 PA D1 Attack New Freedom Susquehannock Team 91 (MD) Cleveland State
A1975 Matthew Humphreys 2020 OH D1 Midfield Hilliard Hilliard Bradley Cleveland State
A1974 Connor Kernan 2020 PA D1 Goalie New Freedom Susquehannock Duke's LC/TEAM LC Cleveland State
A1973 Gannon Matthews 2020 ID D1 Midfield Eagle Eagle TRUE (ID) Cleveland State
A1972 Evan Moskwa 2020 MI D1 Midfield Muskegon Reeths Puffer Cleveland State
A1971 Jon Sokolowski 2020 NY D1 Defense Orchard Park Orchard Park Buffalo Lax Academy Cleveland State
A1970 Shane Tesler 2020 GA D1 Midfield Acworth Allatoona Thunder LB3 Cleveland State
A1969 Alex Van Voorhis 2020 OH D1 Attack Columbus Hilliard Davidson Haymakers Cleveland State
A1968 Charlie Williams 2020 FL D1 Attack St. Edward's School Cleveland State
A1967 Zackary Tower 2020 ON D1 Defense Mississauga Hill Academy Evolve Cleveland State
A1966 Michael Mihalic 2020 MI D1 Midfield Canton Salem Team Total Cleveland State 
A1965 Andrew Regala 2020 TX D1 LSM Frisco Centennial Stick Star/Frisco La Cleveland State 
A0104 Coby Flegler 2020 MI NAIA Goalie Haslett Haslett-Williamston Cleary
B3608 Cam Logan 2021 OH D1 Goalie North Canton Hoover/Hartford Burning River Cleveland State
B3564 Louden Santo 2021 MI NAIA Attack Canton Canton PLG Cleary
B3563 Joey VanGoethem 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Sterling Heights Utica Stevenson Cleary
B3257 Mason Williams 2021 CA D1 FOGO Newport Beach Newport Harbor WC Starz Cleveland State
B3005 Paxton Cowan 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Fenton Fenton Cleary
B3004 Zach Eakes 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Fenton Fenton Cleary
B3003 William Matthews 2021 MI NAIA LSM East Lansing East Lansing Cleary
B2983 Jack Mulvey 2021 FL CLUB Midfield Jacksonville Bolles School Chomp Clemson
B2819 Jose Reducindo 2021 FL NAIA Midfield Immokalee Immokalee Venom Cleary
B2818 Jonathan Santiago 2021 FL NAIA Defense Immokalee Immokalee Venom Cleary
B2364 Louis Lewis 2021 FL NAIA Defense Immokalee Immokalee Venom Cleary
B1992 Joseph DeDonatis 2021 CA D1 Midfield San Marcos San Marcos SoCal Bulls Cleveland State
B1700 Jacob Lubrant 2021 IL D1 Attack Naperville Naperville North TRUE (IL) Cleveland State
B1049 Michael Care 2021 MI D1 Attack Jenison Jenison TRUE (MI) Cleveland State
B0638 Luke Applegate 2021 OH D1 Defense Lewis Center Olentangy Orange Haymakers Cleveland State
B0637 Cooper Wygant 2021 CA D1 Midfield El Cajon Granite Hills-Midfie Laxdawgs/SoCal Bulls Cleveland State
B0460 Ryan Dunn 2021 OH D1 Goalie St. Edward Resolute Cleveland State
B0459 Lane Miller 2021 OH D1 Midfield Mason Archbishop Moeller Resolute Cleveland State
B0458 Brendan Patterson 2021 OH D1 LSM St. Edward Resolute Cleveland State
B0457 Drew Robinson 2021 OH D1 Midfield North Canton Hoover Burning River Cleveland State
B3692 Angus Laing 2021 ST Grange Acade "Kilmarnock Scotland" East Texas Baptist, CLUB
B3689 Liam Warsaw 2021 UK Midland "Lakenheath England" East Texas Baptist, CLUB
B2892 Alek Goodpaster 2021 MA Goalie Browne & Ni Somerville "Buckingham Miami (FL),Laxachuse CLUB
A3489 Damani Nixon 2020 MD NAIA Attack Upper Marlboro Frederick Douglass Mount Vernon Nazare
B2944 Luke Nemsick 2021 MA D3 Defense Shrewsbury Salisbury School 3D NE/Coyotes Coast Guard
B3301 Jarrett Helgerson 2021 NY D3 Defense Water Mill Southampton Cobleskill
B1320 John Williams 2021 DE D3 Goalie Clayton Smyrna Cobleskill
A3504 Kristian Johnson 2020 SC D2 Midfield Hillcrest Coker
A3103 Tre Childers 2020 CT D2 Attack Wallingford Sheehan Team CT Coker
A3102 Ethan Hofert 2020 NC D2 Goalie Lake Norman Team Carolina Coker
A1156 Julian Heyward 2020 SC D2 Midfield Waccamaw Myrtle Beach Wave Coker 
B3591 Connor Gross 2021 GA D2 Midfield Woodstock River Ridge Coker
B3523 Jonas May 2021 FL D2 Goalie Newberry Coker
B3124 James Leland 2021 SC D2 Midfield Mt. Pleasant Camden Military Acad Coker
B3123 Bobby Melia 2021 FL D2 Defense Winter Park Winter Park TRUE (FL)/Always Sun Coker
B2731 Donovin Jones 2021 FL D2 Defense Gainesville Buchholz FL Generals Coker
B2339 Theo Smith 2021 CO D2 Defense Discovery Canyon/Air Coker
B2023 Justin Beighey 2021 CA D2 Attack Culver City Culver City Team West Coast Coker
A4272 Kalum LaChance 2020 BC D2 Attack Cobble Hill Royal Bay Academy Colorado Mesa
A4257 James Sulhoff 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Huntingtown Huntingtown Coll. of S. Maryland
A4256 DeTron Dancy 2020 MD JUCO Defense Indian Head Lackey Coll. of S. Maryland
A4255 Angel Aponte-Martinez 2020 MD JUCO FOGO Prince Frederick Huntingtown Coll. of S. Maryland
A4253 Zachary DeToto 2020 MD JUCO Attack Dunkirk Northern Koopers Coll. of S. Maryland
A3998 Adonaijah Curtis 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Waldorf St. Charles Mohawks Coll. of S. Maryland
A3997 Kyle Stewart 2020 MA JUCO Defense Fitchburg Montachusett Coll. of S. Maryland
A3996 Stephen Ruffennach 2020 MD D3 Midfield Stevensville Kent Island Prostart Colorado College
A3680 Tyree Jackson 2020 MD JUCO Attack Indian Head Lackey Coll. Of S. Maryland
A3679 Greyson McCurry 2020 MD JUCO Attack St. Leonard Calvert Coll. of S. Maryland
A3678 Luke McGahey 2020 CO D2 Attack Aurora Grandview Denver Elite Colorado Mesa
A3503 Seth Hale 2020 ID CLUB Defense Vallivue Coll. Of Idaho
A3502 Dane Hamilton 2020 WA CLUB Midfield Tacoma Curtis Coll. of Idaho
A3500 Tristan Fleckenstein 2020 MD JUCO Defense Prince Frederick Calvert Coll. of S. Maryland
A3499 Yoel Fortaleza 2020 MD JUCO Attack White Plains North Point Coll. of S. Maryland
A3498 Jordan Frenzen 2020 MD JUCO Attack Lexington Park Great Mills Coll. of S. Maryland
A3497 Max Jackson 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Calvert Coll. of S. Maryland
A3496 Jamal Kamara 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Upper Marlboro Frederick Douglass Coll. of S. Maryland
A3495 Samuel Manning 2020 MD JUCO Defense Upper Marlboro Frederick Douglass Coll. of S. Maryland
A3494 David McCurry 2020 MD JUCO Attack St. Leonard Calvert Coll. of S. Maryland
A3493 Mark Melchor 2020 MD JUCO Attack Accokeek Oxon Hill Coll. of S. Maryland
A3491 Kharim Mitchell 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Clemets Chopticon Coll. of S. Maryland
A3490 Rashard Morgan 2020 MD JUCO Defense Upper Marlboro Frederick Douglass Coll. of S. Maryland
A3488 Dion Rector 2020 MD JUCO Defense Mechanicsville Potomac State Coll. of S. Maryland
A3487 Jacob Thompson 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Lexington Park Great Mills Coll. of S. Maryland
A3486 Jacob Yalung 2020 MD JUCO Attack Accokeek Oxon Hill Coll. of S. Maryland
A3485 Derek Metzbower 2020 NC CLUB Defense East Chapel Hill Colorado
A3101 Jack Bowen 2020 MA D3 Attack Concord Concord Carlisle Laxachusetts Colby
A3100 Michael Minicus 2020 CT D1 Attack Darien Eclipse Colgate
A3099 Ian Campbell 2020 MD JUCO Goalie Prince Frederick Huntingtown Coll. of S. Maryland
A3098 Charlie Harrington 2020 MA D3 Midfield Westwood Westwood Laxachusetts Colorado College
A3097 Tommy Miller 2020 CO D3 Midfield Boulder Fairview CO Fire Colorado College
A3096 Hayden Zeller 2020 MA D3 Defense Weston Weston Fighting Clams Colorado College
A3095 Berend Drenth 2020 CA D2 Attack Del Norte SoCal Bulls Colorado Mesa
A3094 Jackson Palmer 2020 VA D2 Attack Paul VI Catholic VLC Colorado Mesa
A3093 Riley Sutton 2020 WA D2 Defense Puyallup Puyallup Maniax Colorado Mesa
A2539 Miles Dingeman 2020 MI CLUB Midfield Grosse Pointe Farms Grosse Pointe South 313/GP Select/Juiced Colorado
A2424 Max Solmssen 2020 CA D3 Attack San Francisco University ADVNC Colby
A2365 Drake Mosher 2020 NV D2 Attack Las Vegas Faith Lutheran Force Colorado Mesa
A2364 Brendan Herrod 2020 CO CLUB LSM Parker Legend Colorado School of M
A2270 Nolan Zusi 2020 MA D3 Attack Leeds Deerfield 3D Colby
A2269 Ben Bradshaw 2020 TX D3 Midfield Houston Memorial 3D Colorado College
A2268 Wes Gierkink 2020 MA D3 Midfield Lexington Dexter-Southfield 3D Colorado College
A2267 Phil Gisler 2020 ID D3 Attack Boise Boise 3D/TRUE Colorado College
A2266 David Lifson 2020 MA D3 Midfield Dexter Southfield 3D Colorado College
A1964 Andrew Bonnett 2020 TX D1 LSM Highland Park Colgate
A1963 Jack Budniewski 2020 MN D1 FOGO Benilde-St. Margaret Project Midwest Colgate
A1962 Chip Cameron 2020 NY D1 Midfield Iona Prep School Predators Colgate
A1961 Ryan Essensa 2020 ON D1 Midfield Toronto Culver Academy Edge Colgate
A1960 Nathan Fasanaro 2020 SC D1 Attack Wando Dukes Colgate
A1959 William Rosenblatt 2020 CO D1 LSM Avon Old Farms Schoo Denver Elite Colgate
A1958 Jacob Sposita 2020 MI D1 Midfield Detroit Catholic TRUE (MI)/Blues Brot Colgate
A1957 Joe Walsh 2020 CA D1 Goalie Coronado Westminster School ( WC Starz Colgate
A1155 Ian Acheson 2020 CO D2 Attack Valor Christian Team 91 (CO)/Evolve Colorado Mesa
A1154 Andrew Alvarado 2020 CO D2 Defense Monarch CO Fire Colorado Mesa
A1153 Declan Atwell 2020 CO D2 Midfield Cherry Creek Team 91 (CO) Colorado Mesa
A1152 Dylan Checketts 2020 UT D2 FOGO Herriman Wasatch Colorado Mesa
A1151 Dalton Goodale 2020 CO D2 Attack Monument Lewis Palmer CO Fire Colorado Mesa
A1150 Hunter Holcomb 2020 MN D2 Attack Chanhassen Colorado Mesa
A1149 Cade Kennedy 2020 TX D2 Midfield The Woodlands The Woodlands Iron Horse/Denver El Colorado Mesa
A1148 Duncan McCourt 2020 IN D2 Midfield Zionsville TRUE (IN) Colorado Mesa
A1147 JT Morton 2020 MD D2 Goalie Boys Latin Baltimore Crabs Colorado Mesa
A1146 Sergio Pelayo 2020 WA D2 Midfield Lake Stevens Lake Stevens Seattle Starz/Classi Colorado Mesa
A1145 Joey Quinn 2020 CA D2 Goalie Palos Verdes LA Heat Colorado Mesa
A1144 Alexander Stingley 2020 CO D2 Defense Highlands Ranch Valor Christian Evolve/CO Fire Colorado Mesa
A1143 Nathan Theodorovic 2020 CA D2 Defense Santa Clara School Aces Colorado Mesa
A1142 Bill Zoldi 2020 CO D2 Attack Monument Lewis Palmer CO Fire Colorado Mesa
A0738 Noah Brooks 2020 MA D3 Midfield Longmeadow Williston Northampto 3D Colby
A0737 Rafa Bru 2020 FL D3 FOGO Belen Jesuit Prep Colby
A0736 Douglas McCarthy 2020 CA D3 Attack Agoura WC Starz Colby
A0735 Erik Niit 2020 MA D3 Attack Dover Dover-Sherborn Colby
A0734 Kristof Proulx 2020 CT D3 Midfield Avon Old Farms Schoo Colby
A0733 Connor Sotirchos 2020 IL D3 FOGO Glenbrook South Colby
A0732 Grey Warble 2020 NY D3 Midfield Bronxville Bronxville Predators Colby
A0731 Max Becker 2020 MD D3 Defense IMG Academy Next Level Colorado College
A0730 Dylan Brown 2020 MA D3 Attack Belmont Hill School Fighting Clams Colorado College
A0729 Maxwell Carneal 2020 MD D3 Midfield Gilman School Looney's Colorado College
A0728 Benjamin Craine 2020 CT D3 Defense Taft School Colorado College
A0727 Stefan Feiler 2020 CO D3 Defense Boulder Colorado College
A0726 CC Jeffers 2020 TX D3 Attack Houston Kinkaid School 3D Colorado College
A0725 Declan Maguire 2020 MA D3 Midfield Hingham St. Sebastians Schoo 3D Colorado College
A0724 Matthew Spencer 2020 MI D3 Midfield Gilman School Juiced Cherries Colorado College
A0723 Benjamin Tishgart 2020 PA D3 FOGO Chestnut Hill Academ Colorado College
B3671 Logan Smith 2021 CO D2 Midfield Highlands Ranch Highlands Ranch Denver Elite Colorado Mesa
B3557 Alec Umutyan 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Napa Vintage Force Colorado
B3277 James Gordon 2021 AR NAIA Attack Bentonville Bentonville Bear State Columbia (MO)
B3199 Griffin Elliott 2021 CT D3 Midfield Monroe Taft School Express Colorado College
B3182 Evan Gonzalez 2021 MO NAIA Boonville Columbia (MO)
B3174 Nolan Folsom 2021 CA CLUB Attack Orange Crean Lutheran OC Shamrocks Coll. of Idaho
B3159 William Upchurch 2021 FL D1 Attack Jacksonville Lawrenceville School Sweetlax Colgate
B2982 Evan Sodja 2021 CO CLUB Attack Littleton Columbine Team 91 CO Colorado State
B2981 Davis Wheeler 2021 GA CLUB Goalie Suwanee Peachtree Ridge Thunder LB3 Colorado State
B2910 Caden Blevins 2021 AR NAIA Defense Bella Vista Bentonville Bear State Columbia (MO)
B2909 Nick Lee 2021 MO NAIA Goalie Westminster Columbia (MO)
B2908 Teddy Peirick 2021 MO NAIA Defense Kirkwood Westminster Gold Rush Columbia (MO)
B2884 Cade Hathaway 2021 TX D2 LSM Dallas Plano West StickStar/Dallas Sel Colorado Mesa
B2822 Dane Olsen 2021 CO MCLA Midfield Parker Legend Colorado State
B2750 Colin Kirkendall 2021 MO NAIA Goalie Fenton Summit STL Samuri Columbia (MO)
B2463 Chris Reed 2021 CA CLUB Midfield San Diego West View Colorado State
B2352 Elijah Almanza 2021 ID CLUB Defense Meridan Rocky Mountain TRUE (ID)/Wasatch Coll. of Idaho
B2347 Brett Reynolds 2021 NC D1 FOGO Chapel Hill Chapel Hill/Hill Sch Team 91 (NC)/Sting/F Colgate
B2338 Michael Edwards 2021 CO D2 Midfield Colorado Springs Pine Creek Denver Elite Colorado Mesa
B2337 Reece Sullivan 2021 OR D2 Goalie Portland Jesuit Madlax Colorado Mesa
B2137 Levi McCoy 2021 TX D2 Midfield Humble Atascocita Team 91/Iron Horse Colorado Mesa
B1942 Quinn Fitzsimmons 2021 GA D1 Defense Atlanta McCallie School Thunder LB3 Colgate
B1941 Jack Turner 2021 NJ D1 Attack Ridge Leading Edge Colgate
B1914 Cade Vitto 2021 CA D2 Attack Simi Valley Newbury Park Colorado Mesa
B1844 Will Hanson 2021 VA D3 Attack Collegiate School Richmond Hawks Colorado College
B1843 Kalan O'Hara 2021 MD D3 Midfield Lutherville-Timonium Loyola Blakefield Looney's Colorado College
B1751 Seth Barnes 2021 NC D1 Defense Kannapolis Northwest Cabarrus Thunder LB3/Team Car Colgate
B1617 Michael Murphy 2021 MD D3 Midfield Rockville Georgetown Prep Next Level/MadLax Colorado College
B1527 Spencer Harvey 2021 CO D1 Midfield Greenwood Village Colorado Academy Denver Elite/Team CO Colgate
B1481 Charlie Pride 2021 PA JUCO LSM Swarthmore Swarthmore Yardbirds Coll. of S. Maryland
B1455 Ben Trumble 2021 ON D1 Midfield Orillia Culver Academy Evolve Colgate
B1442 Trey Tuscai 2021 TX D3 Defense Houston Memorial 3D Colby
B1436 Will Rickards 2021 MA D3 Goalie Andover Phillips Andover NE Twisters Colby
B1387 Evan DeVita 2021 CT D3 Attack Darien Darien Express Colby
B1386 Hayden Critchell 2021 CT D3 Defense New Canaan St. Lukes School Express Colby
B1385 Joseph Grzetic 2021 WA D2 Midfield Sammamish Eastlake Seattle Starz Colorado Mesa
B1321 Ethan Cronk 2021 NJ D1 FOGO Ridgewood Ridgewood Leading Edge/Jersey Colgate
B1311 Karsten Nyarady 2021 MA D3 Midfield Westfield Wilbraham & Monson 3D NE/TRUE Colorado College
B1289 Ryan Trapasso 2021 NY D3 Midfield New Rochelle Iona Prep Express Colorado College
B1283 Avery Dysart 2021 PA D3 Midfield Yardley Pennsbury Team 11 Colorado College
B1280 Matthew LaCombe 2021 NY D1 Goalie Manlius Fayetteville-Manlius Orange Crush Colgate
B1276 Bennett Love 2021 VA D3 Defense Sterling Paul VI Blackwolf Colorado College
B1249 Hunter Drouin 2021 NH D1 Attack Derry Pinkerton Academy NH Tomahawks Colgate
B1247 Isaac Kante 2021 CT D3 Midfield Windsor Loomis Chaffee Harlem Colby
B1218 Camden Devlin 2021 VT D3 Midfield Cornwall New Hampton School 4 Leaf/NH Tomahawks Colorado College
B1201 Kaden Hovey 2021 MI D3 Goalie Lake Angelus Notre Dame Prep Omnia/TRUE/Denver El Colorado College
B1161 Charlie Rainer 2021 NH D3 Attack Durham Governor's Academy NH Tomahawks Colorado College
B1090 Ethan Storey 2021 GA D3 Defense Alpharetta Johns Creek 3D/ Thunder LB3 Colby
B1088 Kevin Somerville 2021 MD D3 Midfield Loyola Blakefield FCA/HLC Colorado College
B1048 Matthew Stein 2021 CT D3 Attack Darien Darien Express Colby
B0923 Kevin Ewanich 2021 MA D3 Defense Hanover Boston College HS Laxachusetts Colby
B0922 Trevor Pettibone 2021 PA D3 Defense Devon Haverford School Rising Sun Colby
B0921 Jackson Kane 2021 CA D1 Attack Bel Tiburon St. Ignatius College ADVNC/WC Starz Colgate
B0919 Connor Vitto 2021 CA D2 Midfield Simi Valley Newbury Park LA Heat Colorado Mesa
B0809 Patrick Dunlea 2021 IL D3 Attack Wayne Hotchkiss School TRUE (IL) Colby
B0783 Max Yates 2021 CT D1 LSM Fairfield Greens Farms Academy Wolves Colgate
B0759 Carson Byrd 2021 TX D3 Midfield Cypress Bridgeland 3D Colby
B0758 Bennett Goller 2021 CA D3 Midfield Napa Marin ADVNC/WC Starz Colby
B0757 Justin Turley 2021 PA D3 FOGO Malvern Malvern Prep Big 4 HHH Colby
B0756 Patrick D'Spain 2021 TX D2 Defense Allen Allen Iron Horse Colorado Mesa
B0555 Griffin Walker 2021 FL D1 Attack Orlando Phillips Exeter Sweetlax Colgate
B0455 Rory Connor 2021 NY D1 Attack Manhasset Manhasset Igloo Colgate
B0454 Will Hoyt 2021 MA D1 Midfield Tabor Academy Laxachusetts Colgate
B0453 Michael Kiely 2021 NH D1 Midfield Bedford Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Colgate
B0452 Vin Maxwell 2021 WA D1 Attack Kirkland Juanita Seattle Starz Colgate
B0450 Aidan Murnane 2021 NY D1 Midfield Briarcliff Manor Briarcliff Prime Time Colgate
B0449 Donnie Tedesco 2021 NJ D1 Midfield Essex Fells Delbarton BBL Colgate
B0044 Weston Keller 2021 CO D2 Midfield Littleton Rock Canyon Team 91/Denver Elite Colorado Mesa
B0043 Luke McGahey 2021 CO D2 Attack Aurora Grandview 3D CO Colorado Mesa
B0042 Trevor Meldrom 2021 WA D2 Midfield Snohomish Glacier Peak Seattle Starz Colorado Mesa
B0041 Logan Schanars 2021 NY D2 Defense Melville Half Hollow Hills LI Team 91 Colorado Mesa
B0040 Gavin Wallace 2021 WA D2 Attack Sammamish Eastlake Cityside Colorado Mesa
B0039 Caden Wynne 2021 WA D2 Defense Lake Stevens Snohomish Seattle Starz Colorado Mesa
G0271 Brody Burrell 2023 BC D1 Goalie Surrey Blue Ridge School Seattle Starz Colgate
G0208 Zachary Hepworth 2023 NY D1 FOGO Goldens Bridge Avon Old Farms Next Level/2Way Colgate
G0166 Liam Connor 2023 NY D1 Midfield Manhasset Manhasset LI Igloo Colgate
G0022 Nick Golubov 2023 FL D1 FOGO Boca Raton Saint Andrew's Schoo Sweetlax Colgate
A3995 Erik Allstatt 2020 IN D3 Attack Indianapolis Roncalli Catholic Concordia-Chicago
A3994 Gabriel Balcaen 2020 MB D3 Attack Winnipeg Leo-Remillard Concordia-Chicago
A3993 Vance Bussard 2020 FL D3 Defense Palm Beach Gardens Jupiter Christian Concordia-Chicago
A3992 Amir Cavic 2020 IL D3 Defense Des Plaines Maine West Concordia-Chicago
A3991 Carson Ganger 2020 IN D3 Midfield Goshen Northridge Concordia-Chicago
A3990 Gerald Jones 2020 FL D3 Defense Ocala St. John Lutheran Concordia-Chicago
A3989 Jaxon Jones 2020 UT D3 Midfield Riverton Summit Academy Concordia-Chicago
A3988 Dylan Mordhorst 2020 VA D3 Midfield Centreville Chantilly Concordia-Chicago
A3987 Chadd Rowe 2020 GA D3 Midfield Atlanta North Central Concordia-Chicago
A3986 Erik Rumph 2020 GA D3 Goalie Snellville Brookwood Concordia-Chicago
A3985 Fraser Bain 2020 IL D3 Midfield Huntley Huntley Yeti Concordia-Wisconsin
A3984 Brett Dowler 2020 GA D3 Midfield Sharpsburg Trinity Christian Sc Concordia-Wisconsin
A3983 Johnny Pettenon 2020 IL D3 Defense Brother Rice Concordia-Wisconsin
A3677 Colin Ryan 2020 FL D3 Midfield Wellington Benjamin School Ninjas Connecticut College
A3092 Luke Holden 2020 MI NAIA LSM South Lyon South Lyon/Adrian Coalition Concordia-Ann Arbor
A3091 Roman Auth 2020 MD D3 Midfield Nottingham Perry Hall Concordia-Chicago
A3090 Justin Headley 2020 MD D3 Defense Nottingham Perry Hall Concordia-Chicago
A3089 Nicholas Mayry 2020 MI D3 Defense Huntington Woods Royal Oak Shrine Cat Concordia-Chicago
A3088 Liam McClure 2020 IN D3 Defense Fishers Cathedral Concordia-Chicago
A3087 Jake Schnepf 2020 MD D3 Midfield White Marsh Perry Hall Concordia-Chicago
A3086 Joe Treinen 2020 WI D3 Attack Prairie du Sac Sauk Prairie Concordia-Chicago
A3085 Garrett Burns 2020 WA CLUB Attack Liberty Lake Central Valley Lilac City/Inland Concordia-Irvine
A3084 Benjamin Mungai 2020 OR CLUB Attack Beaverton Beaverton NW Rippers Concordia-Irvine
A3083 Flynn Spano 2020 MN D3 Attack St. Louis Park St. Louis Park MN Select Concordia-Wisconsin
A3082 Adam Verner 2020 MI D3 Attack Vicksburg Bandits Concordia-Wisconsin
A3081 Carson Blackshaw 2020 MA D3 Midfield Lawrence Academy Fighting Clams Connecticut College
A3080 Bobby Chang 2020 NY D3 Attack John Jay Prime Time Connecticut College
A3079 Reese Hornstein 2020 MA D3 Midfield St. Mark's Fighting Clams Connecticut College
A2538 Nate Gilkey 2020 MD D3 Attack North Potomac Bullis School Next Level Connecticut College
A2423 Shane Derwa 2020 MI NAIA Midfield Brighton Howell Concordia-Ann Arbor
A2265 Henry Cabot 2020 MA D3 Defense Ipswitch Pingree School 3D Connecticut College
A2264 Nick Ingemni 2020 MA D3 Midfield Melrose Governors Academy 3D Connecticut College
A2263 Tim Landis 2020 CT D3 Attack New Canaan King School 3D Connecticut College
A0722 Noah Gfell 2020 OH D3 Midfield Sylvania Northview Concordia-Chicago
A0721 Jack Frangella 2020 IL D3 Midfield Mount Carmel East Ave Concordia-Wisconsin
A0720 Peter Grant 2020 MN D3 Defense Farmington Farmington Frogs Concordia-Wisconsin
A0719 Ronnie Hallman 2020 IL D3 Attack Tinley Park Andrew New Wave Concordia-Wisconsin
A0718 Teagan Klepsa 2020 MN D3 Midfield St. Michael-Albertvi Concordia-Wisconsin
A0717 Dylan Loftus 2020 IL D3 Attack Chicago Taft East Ave Concordia-Wisconsin
A0716 Luke Mehelich 2020 MN D3 Defense Becker Becker MN Select Concordia-Wisconsin
A0715 Jackson Nosrati 2020 CA D3 Defense Clayton Valley Booth Concordia-Wisconsin
A0714 Isaac Ober 2020 IL D3 Defense Lake In The Hills Huntley TRUE (IL) Concordia-Wisconsin
A0713 Ian Prince 2020 TX D3 Goalie Austin St. Michael Catholic Austin Elite Concordia-Wisconsin
A0712 Caleb Ruger 2020 WI D3 Attack Grafton Grafton TRUE (WI) Concordia-Wisconsin
A0711 Garrison Willoughby 2020 UT D3 Defense Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Concordia-Wisconsin
A0710 Cody Zellmer-Johnson 2020 MN D3 Goalie Hastings Park Frogs Concordia-Wisconsin
A0709 Ethan Bankowski 2020 OR D3 Defense Portland Oregon Episcopal Sch 3D Connecticut College
A0708 Georgie Brayer 2020 CA D3 Defense Piedmont WC Starz Connecticut College
A0707 Liam Copp 2020 NH D3 Defense Duxbury New Hampton School 3D NE Connecticut College
A0706 Michael Curran 2020 MA D3 Defense Boston College High Laxachusetts Connecticut College
A0705 Ren DeBartolomeis 2020 NJ D3 Attack Glen Ridge Glen Ridge Blue Star Connecticut College
A0704 Zach Giugno 2020 CT D3 Attack Hamden Hall Lax for Wishes Connecticut College
A0703 Jack Gurney 2020 MA D3 Attack Grafton Laxachusetts Connecticut College
A0702 Pearson Harrington 2020 MD D3 Midfield Gilman School Baltimore Crabs Connecticut College
A0701 Nick Ingemi 2020 MA D3 Attack Governors Academy 3D Connecticut College
A0700 Jack Matuszewski 2020 NH D3 Defense Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Connecticut College
A0699 Connor McGovern 2020 MA D3 Defense Cohasset Cohasset Connecticut College
A0698 Sam Rockett 2020 MA D3 Defense Marblehead Deerfield Academy Fighting Clams Connecticut College
A0697 Jake Sullivan 2020 MA D3 Attack Cohasset Cohasset Laxachusetts Connecticut College
A0696 Jack Tenzer 2020 NC D3 Midfield Charlotte Lawrenceville School 24-7 Connecticut College
A0103 Sam Bowling 2020 MI NAIA Goalie Canton Canton PLG Concordia-Ann Arbor
A0102 Jeff Harrison 2020 MI NAIA Defense Dearborn Divine Chil PLG Concordia-Ann Arbor
A0101 Ben Jones 2020 MI NAIA Midfield South Lyon South Lyon Army Ants Concordia-Ann Arbor
A0100 Matt Mahoney 2020 MI NAIA Utica Utica Concordia-Ann Arbor
A0099 Hunter McCarty 2020 MI NAIA Attack Lake Orion Lake Orion Invictus Concordia-Ann Arbor
A0098 Deandre Reed 2020 MI NAIA Defense Utica Eisenhower 313 Concordia-Ann Arbor
A0097 Sam Saje 2020 MI NAIA FOGO Bishop Foley 586 Concordia-Ann Arbor 
A0096 Evan Stuart 2020 MI NAIA Midfield Waterford Kettering Army Ants Concorida-Ann Arbor
A0037 Cade Poe 2020 CA CLUB FOGO Los Alamitos Los Alamitos Beach Cities Concordia (CA)
A0036 Mason Raymer 2020 VA CLUB Goalie Purcellville Loudoun Valley Rock Connecticut
B3674 Kellen Paparella 2021 CT CLUB Midfield Colchester Bacon Academy CT Valley Connecticut
B3501 Cade McAdams 2021 MA D3 Defense Ipswich Ipswich Gorilla Connecticut College
B3198 Connor Lang 2021 IL D3 Midfield Palatine Palatine Penguins Concordia-Wisconsin
B3075 Zach Wilder 2021 MI D3 Defense Freeland Midland Juiced Cherries Concordia-Wisconsin
B2903 Connor Bast 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Lakeside El Capitan Concordia-Irvine
B2902 David Beckman 2021 CA CLUB Goalie Orange Crean Lutheran Concordia-Irvine
B2901 Braden Clark 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Gilroy Christopher Concordia-Irvine
B2900 Brady Galbraith 2021 NV CLUB Midfield Henderson Coronado WC Starz Concordia-Irvine
B2899 Tanner Giesy 2021 WA CLUB Defense Gig Harbor Peninsula Yeti Concordia-Irvine
B2898 Nathan Glick 2021 CA CLUB Attack Fontana Damien Ronin Concordia-Irvine
B2897 Trevor Heldt 2021 WA CLUB Midfield Lake Tapps Sumner South Sound Concordia-Irvine
B2896 Bryan Parr 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Corona Santiago Concordia-Irvine
B2895 James Patti 2021 NY CLUB Defense Levittown Clarke LI Tide Concordia-Irvine
B2894 Jack Shermak 2021 CA CLUB LSM Norco Norco Concordia-Irvine
B2893 Daniel Yang 2021 CA CLUB Goalie San Diego Scripps Ranch WC Starz/RC Concordia-Irvine
B2817 Richard Johnson 2021 MI NAIA Defense Troy Troy Athens Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2816 Jaiden Kornele 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Lake Orion Waterford United Flint Tropics Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2780 Owen Johnson 2021 AZ CLUB Midfield Scottsdale Desert Mountain Chaparral Concordia-Irvine
B2765 Brenden Murray 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Monroe Monroe St. Mary Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2715 Chase Drexler 2021 IL D3 Attack Vernon Hills Vernon Hills TRUE (IL) Concordia-Wisconsin
B2640 Gus Williams 2021 VT D3 Midfield Brattleboro Northfield Mount Her Catamount Connecticut College
B2517 Zachary Bandejas 2021 CA D3 LSM Westlake Club Pacific/Sting Connecticut College
B2516 Myles Newport 2021 ON D3 Midfield Oakville Hill Academy Evolve Connecticut College
B2404 Nick Musi 2021 VA D3 Midfield St. Anne's Belfield Richmond Hawks Connecticut College
B2363 Bailer Milam 2021 MI NAIA Defense New Baltimore L'Anse Creuse 313/586 Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2362 Andrew Simmions 2021 MI NAIA Attack Waterford Kettering Army Ants Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2361 Marcus Villagomez 2021 OH NAIA Attack Whitehouse Anthony Wayne Black Swamp Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2360 George West 2021 OH NAIA Midfield Dayton Chaminade Julienne Wow Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2359 Jake Zimmer 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Holland Holland West Ottawa Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2351 Tanner Hall 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Westminster San Clemente SoCal Express Concordia (Irvine)
B2264 Travis Wright 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Troy Athens TRUE/M53 Concordia-Ann Arbor
B2217 Noah Kreinz 2021 WI D3 Defense Delafield Portsmouth Abbey Sch Pirates Connecticut College
B2104 Danny D'Angelo 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Mountainside Montclair-Kimberly Upper Level Connecticut College
B1842 Scott Lileks 2021 ID D3 Defense Boise Capital True (ID) Concordia-Wisconsin
B1841 Aidan Gaudet 2021 CT D3 FOGO Cheshire Cheshire Team CT Connecticut College
B1584 Andrew Feldmeier 2021 MO D3 Defense Fenton St. John Vianney STL Samurai Concordia-Wisconsin
B1510 Andrew Simmons 2021 MI NAIA Attack Waterford Waterford Kettering Army Ants Concordia-Ann Arbor
B1497 Ben Murphy 2021 MD D3 Attack St. Marys FCA Connecticut College
B1472 Aldo Hans 2021 MI NAIA Midfield Dearborn Dearborn Divine Chil Premier Concordia-Ann Arbor
B1470 Loukas Ganas 2021 NJ D3 Attack Hillsborough Hillsborough Tri-State Connecticut College
B1463 Zachary Bedford 2021 NJ D3 Defense Verona Verona Patriot Connecticut College
B1268 Jackson Saleh 2021 MI NAIA Goalie Harrison Twp L'Anse Creuse 586 Concordia-Ann Arbor
B1262 Calvin Wilson 2021 WI NAIA Attack Kimberly Kimberly Sconnie Concordia-Ann Arbor
B1251 Patrick Atkins 2021 MA D3 Midfield St. John's Prep Fighting Clams Connecticut College
B1237 Colter Lingelbach-Pierce 2021 NH D3 Midfield Etna Kimball Union 4 Leaf Connecticut College
B1157 Nico Mazzocca 2021 CT D3 Attack West Hartford Pomfret School Fighting Clams/3D Connecticut College
B1114 Max Esposito 2021 MD D3 Attack Gaithersburg Northwest Next Level Concordia-Wisconsin
B1047 Gregory Gatley 2021 CA D3 Midfield Piedmont Piedmont 3D Connecticut College
B0918 Patrick Broderick 2021 MI NAIA Defense Royal Oak Bishop Foley PLG Concordia-Ann Arbor
B0917 Cameron Dixon 2021 MI NAIA Defense Fenton Hartland Coalition Concordia-Ann Arbor
B0916 Michael Vachon 2021 MA D3 Midfield Medfield Medfield Laxachusetts Connecticut College
B0915 Gunnar Von Hollander 2021 MA D3 Attack Tabor Academy 3D NE Connecticut College
B0755 Brodie Fazio 2021 MA D3 Goalie Longmeadow Williston Northampto CT Valley Connecticut College
B0754 Aidan McAvoy 2021 NC D3 Midfield Charlotte Portsmouth Abbey Sch 24-7 Connecticut College
A3676 Christo Siderakis 2020 NY CLUB Attack Clarence Cortland
A3484 Terence Gallivan 2020 NY D3 Midfield Massapequa Massapequa Cortland
A3483 Matt Makar 2020 NY D3 Midfield Lakeland/Panas Cortland
A3482 Colton Smith 2020 NY D3 Attack Penn Yan Cortland
A3481 Kyle Wassil 2020 NY D3 Attack Putnam Valley Putnam Valley Cortland
A1956 Monty Cook 2020 ON D1 Midfield Toronto Royal St. George's C Edge Cornell
A1955 Andrew Dalton 2020 ON D1 Midfield Toronto St Michael's Edge Cornell
A1953 Jack Follows 2020 ON D1 Defense Oakville Hill Academy Hardcor Cornell
A1952 Rory Graham 2020 ON D1 Attack Toronto Everest Academy Edge Cornell
A1951 Hugh Kelleher 2020 NY D1 Midfield Wantagh Macarthur True Blue Cornell
A1950 William Kephart 2020 NY D1 Defense Garden City Garden City LI Express Cornell
A1949 CJ Kirst 2020 NJ D1 Attack Bernardsville Delbarton Leading Edge Cornell
A1948 Caleb Newman 2020 OH D1 LSM Lebanon Deerfield Academy Resolute Cornell
A1947 Marc Psyllos 2020 NY D1 FOGO Manhasset Manhasset Tenacious Turtles Cornell
A1946 Ryan Sheehan 2020 NY D1 Midfield Camillus West Genesee Sweetlax Cornell
A1945 Kyle Smith 2020 CT D1 Midfield Sudbury Avon Old Farms Schoo Cornell
A1944 Klay Stuver 2020 NY D1 Midfield Fairport Fairport Blaze Cornell
A1943 Walker Wallace 2020 VA D1 Goalie St. Christopher's Sc Amped Cornell
A0695 Evan Begner 2020 CO D3 Goalie Evergreen Evergreen Team 91 (CO)/Outlaws Cornell (IA)
A0694 Evan Alfano 2020 NY D3 Goalie Webster Schroeder Harvest Cortland
A0692 Jayson Gensch 2020 NY D3 Attack Sayville Cortland
A0691 Ryan Haugh 2020 NY D3 Midfield Livonia Livonia-Avon Sweetlax Cortland
A0690 Jason Hoffman 2020 NY D3 Defense Smithtown West LI Legacy Cortland
A0689 Bryan Lubitz 2020 NY D3 Midfield Floyd Cortland
A0688 Owen Neubauer 2020 NY D3 FOGO Central Valley Monroe Woodbury Swarm Cortland
A0687 Colin Peers 2020 NY D3 Attack Fairport Fairport Blaze Cortland
A0686 Jonathan Singer 2020 NJ D3 Goalie Ramsey Don Bosco Prep Swarm 2020 Elite Cortland
A0685 Zane Walsh 2020 PA D3 Midfield Media Archbishop Carroll Mesa Fresh Cortland
B3673 Liam Obrien 2021 CO D1 Midfield Boulder Fairview Denver Elite Cornell
B3500 Craig Ackerman 2021 NY D3 Defense Seaford Seaford True Blue Cortland
B3300 Caden Yancey 2021 NY D3 Attack Fayetteville-Manlius Cortland
B3074 Malachi Lindsey 2021 GA D3 Defense Suwanee Lambert ATL Empire Cortland
B2515 Ash Hoelscher 2021 IA D3 Midfield Ankeny Ankeny Thunder Cornell (IA)
B1840 Ryan Scanlon 2021 NC D3 Midfield Hough Team Carolina Cortland
B1647 Brandon Cosentino 2021 NY D3 Attack Melville Half Hollow Hills Ea LI Team 91 Cortland
B1639 Andrew Llamas 2021 NY D3 Midfield Valhalla Westlake Team 91 Cortland
B1596 Joseph Delany 2021 NY D3 Midfield Camillus West Genesee Cortland
B1464 Conner Gallagher 2021 NY D3 Defense Northport Northport LI Team 91 Cortland
B1313 Owen Folkwein 2021 CT D3 Goalie Avon Avon LI Sting/Blak Widow Cortland
B1223 Alex Holmes 2021 VA D1 Attack McLean Potomac School Madlax Cornell
B1136 Zachary Perlett 2021 NY D3 Midfield Poughquag Iona Prep 845 Cortland
B1115 Richie Finn 2021 NY D3 Midfield Stormville Arlington 845 Cortland
B1046 Kyle Toms 2021 NY D3 Defense Cicero Cicero-North Syracus Finger Lakes Cortland
B0753 Wyatt Knust 2021 FL D1 Goalie Tampa Plant Sweetlax Cornell
B0636 Daniel Haag 2021 NJ D3 FOGO River Vale Pascack Valley Swarm Cortland
B0604 Michael Cassano 2021 NY D3 Midfield Plainview Plainview Old Bethpa Recon Cortland
B0456 Danny Caddigan 2021 NY D1 Attack Smithtown Smithtown West LI Team 91 Cornell
B0446 Michael Bozzi 2021 PA D1 Midfield Newtown Square Haverford School Mesa Fresh Cornell
B0444 Christopher Davis 2021 VT D1 Midfield Essex Junction Essex 802 Cornell
B0443 Sean Fox 2021 CT D1 LSM Fairfield Taft School (CT) Eclipse Cornell
B0440 Jayson Singer 2021 NY D1 Defense Syosset Syosset Igloo Cornell
B0439 Antonio Topouzis 2021 RI D1 Midfield Warwick Deerfield Academy Laxachusetts/Fightin Cornell
B0253 Christopher Cappelmann 2021 NY D1 FOGO Huntington Smithtown East LI Team 91 Cornell
G0270 Alexander Nikolic 2023 PA D1 Midfield Paoli Malvern Prep Mesa Cornell
G0207 Luke Gilmartin 2023 NY D1 Midfield Syracuse Westhill Orange Crush Cornell
G0165 TJ Lamb 2023 PA D1 Attack West Chester Episcopal Roughriders Cornell
G0077 Anthony Annunziata 2023 NY D1 FOGO Huntington Huntington LI Igloo Cornell
G0076 Matthew Tully 2023 MA D1 Goalie Foxboro Noble & Greenough Piatelli Cornell
G0038 George Lacombe 2023 NY D1 Defense Manlius Fayetteville-Manlius Orange Crush Cornell
A4177 Ethan Estes 2020 OR D2 Defense Sherwood Sherwood CSU-Pueblo
A3786 Tyler Wagner 2020 FL D2 Attack Tampa Alonso Sand Sharks CSU-Pueblo
A1141 Darius Miller 2020 CO D2 Goalie Grandview CSU-Pueblo
A1140 Matthew Perella 2020 CO D2 Defense Highlands Ranch Mountain Vista 3D CO CSU-Pueblo
B2136 Brett Woolcock 2021 TX D2 Attack Humble Atascocita CSU-Pueblo
A4262 Connor Owens 2020 TN NAIA Goalie Chattanooga McCallie School/Lynn Cumberlands
A4261 Dylan Welch 2020 KY NAIA Midfield Versailles Woodward County/Asbu Cumberlands
A4260 Stephen Popovich 2020 TN NAIA Midfield Murfreesboro Oakland/Lincoln Memo Cumberlands
A4259 Tanner Popovich 2020 TN NAIA Midfield Murfreesboro Oakland/Lincoln Memo Cumberlands
A3982 William Haggard 2020 OH NAIA Defense Medina Medina Cumberlands
A3078 Schylar Chapman 2020 GA NAIA Defense Ackworth North Paulding Crossfire Cumberlands
A3077 Wyatt Dickey 2020 MD NAIA Midfield Skyseville Century MDX Cumberlands
A3076 Elijah Hill 2020 TN NAIA Midfield Cookeville Cookeville Cumberlands
A3075 Jayvon Jamison 2020 IL NAIA Midfield Bloomington Bloomington Titans Cumberlands
A3074 Micah McClave 2020 KY NAIA Defense Georgetown Scott County Commonwealth Kings Cumberlands
A3073 Aaron Williams 2020 OH NAIA Defense Trenton Edgewood Velocity Cumberlands
A2262 Mike Toohey 2020 GA NAIA Goalie Johns Creek Chattahoochee 3D Cumberlands
A0095 Bryce May 2020 GA NAIA Defense Ackworth North Paulding Cumberlands
A0094 Noah Brandt 2020 KY NAIA Midfield Bowling Green South Warren Vette City Vandals Cumberlands 
A0093 Michael Hehman 2020 OH NAIA Attack Cincinnati Lakota West TRUE (OH) Cumberlands 
B3437 Cooper Harris 2021 TN NAIA Midfield Nolensville Nolensville Cumberlands
B3436 Taylor Long 2021 TN NAIA Defense Nolensville Nolensville No Excuse Cumberlands
B3002 Jackson Burns 2021 AL NAIA Midfield Birmingham Oak Mountain Christi Bama Lax Cumberlands
B3001 Jonathan Vanover 2021 OH NAIA Midfield Cincinnati Oak Hills Velocity Cumberlands
B3000 Jonathan Whittamore 2021 OH NAIA Cincinnati Oak Hills Cumberlands
B2907 Ashton Clayburn 2021 KY NAIA Defense Georgetown Scott Colunty Bluegrass Bandits Cumberlands
B2815 Tate Crowell 2021 KY NAIA Midfield La Grange Oldham County Howling Hounds Cumberlands
B2358 Dom Lulow 2021 OH NAIA Midfield Painesville Riverside Cumberlands
B2357 Gabriel Schwaiger 2021 MI NAIA Defense West Bloomfield Walled Lake Northern Blues Brothers/Army Cumberlands
B1774 Nick Kava 2021 GA NAIA Midfield Hoschton Mill Creek Cumberlands
A2363 Anthony Lewis 2020 RI D3 Midfield Middletown Middletown Curry
A2362 Alex Ripa 2020 RI D3 Midfield Middletown Middletown Curry
A2361 Christopher Silva 2020 RI D3 Midfield Middletown Middletown RI Bulldogs Curry
A0684 Evan Falandys 2020 MA D3 Goalie Leominster Leominster Mohawks/Middlesex Be Curry
A0683 Matthew Malone 2020 MA D3 LSM Arlington Curry
A0682 Stephen Stackhouse 2020 NY D3 Attack Archbishop Stepinac Curry
A0681 Thomas Daigle 2020 TX D3 Attack The Woodlands The Woodlands Curry
B2714 Jake Emery 2021 MA D3 Defense Reading Reading Twisters Curry
B2514 Aidan LaFlamme 2021 MA D3 Defense Methuen Methuen HGR Curry
B2216 Colton Van Dalen 2021 MD D3 Attack Charlotte Hall Calverton/MBX MBX/Crabs/Admirals Curry
B1839 Connor Arbusto 2021 NH D3 Attack Bedford Bedford 4 Leaf/NH Tomahawks Curry
B1756 Cormac Kline 2021 CT D3 Attack Ivoryton Valley 3D NE Curry
B1538 Cameron Gregory 2021 CT D3 FOGO Hebron RHAM CT Valley Curry
B1407 Timothy Sullivan 2021 MA D3 Midfield Walpole Walpole Laxachusetts Curry
A3072 Felix Delmolino 2020 CO D3 Defense Colorado Springs Pine Creek Fellowship Dallas
B3703 Daymon Burrell 2021 LA CLUB Midfield Benton BPS-Renegades Dallas Baptist
B3499 Dylan Steward 2021 NH D3 Goalie Bedford Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Dallas
A1942 Hunter Binney 2020 CA D1 Goalie Carlsbad La Costa Canyon SoCal Bulls/WC Starz Dartmouth
A1941 Henry Bonnie 2020 CA D1 Attack San Francisco Deerfield Academy 3D Dartmouth
A1940 Blake Brookes 2020 MA D1 Defense Belmont Hill School Laxachusetts Dartmouth
A1939 Jack Cooleen 2020 NJ D1 Defense Lawrenceville Leading Edge Dartmouth
A1938 Nate Davis 2020 NY D1 Attack Bronxville Bronxville Predators Dartmouth
A1937 Ben DiGiovanni 2020 NY D1 Midfield Pittsford Pittsford Sutherland Sweetlax Dartmouth
A1936 Vincent Gandolfo 2020 NY D1 FOGO Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Harbor LI Express Dartmouth
A1935 Peter Lapina 2020 NY D1 Attack Manhasset Manhasset Tenacious Turtles Dartmouth
A1934 Michael Mauricio 2020 CT D1 Attack Brunswick School (CT Eclipse Dartmouth
A1933 Logan Tucker 2020 NY D1 FOGO Lawrenceville Sweetlax Dartmouth
B3220 Ronaldo Williams 2021 JM Midfield Oberlin/Cala "Kingston Jamacia" Chowan,Jamacia Lax D2
B1384 Tyler Ford 2021 ON D1 Attack Oakville Blakelock Edge Dartmouth
B1174 Mason Morel 2021 GA D1 Goalie Alpharetta Centennial Thunder LB3 Dartmouth
B0914 Holden Deck 2021 ON D1 Attack Toronto Crescent/Hill Academ Edge/Toronto Beaches Dartmouth
B0584 Colin McGill 2021 PA D1 Attack Devon Malvern Prep Rising Sons Dartmouth
B0567 Joe Azelby 2021 WA D1 Defense Sammamish Eastlake Seattle Starz/ADVNC Dartmouth
B0448 Brandon Ventarola 2021 NY D1 Midfield Mount Sinai Mount Sinai LI Team 91 Dartmouth
B0436 Vincent Gandolfo 2021 NY D1 FOGO Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Harbor LI Express Dartmouth
B0435 Cameron Hitchcock 2021 IN D1 Defense Carmel Culver Academy Juiced Cherries Dartmouth
B0434 Quinn Moore 2021 NJ D1 Midfield Montclair Seton Hall Prep Tri-State Dartmouth
B0433 Griffin O'Neil 2021 RI D1 Defense Providence Holderness School (N 3D NE Dartmouth
G0164 Eli Goldstein 2023 MA D1 Midfield Weston Belmont Hill Laxachusetts Dartmouth
G0090 Andrew Klis 2023 FL D1 Defense Davie American Heritage SweetLax Dartmouth
G0056 Luke Lowery 2023 FL D1 Defense Ponte Vedra Beach Ponte Vedra Sweetlax Dartmouth
G0037 Luke Meyer 2023 NY D1 Attack Port Washington Schreiber Shore2Shore Dartmouth
G0029 Mac O'Neil 2023 MA D1 Defense Marblehead Holderness School 3D NE Dartmouth
G0028 David Sullivan 2023 MA D1 Defense Medfield Roxbury Latin School Laxachusetts Dartmouth
A4230 Caleb Masselink 2020 MI D2 Attack Grandville West Side Davenport
A3981 Sean Adams 2020 MD D2 Midfield Davidsonville South River Davis & Elkins
A3980 Andrew Hempel 2020 PA D2 Goalie Greesnburg Hempfield Davis & Elkins
A3979 Brandon Johnson 2020 WV D2 Defense Huntington Huntington Davis & Elkins
A3978 Austin Moore 2020 WV D2 Goalie Glen Dale John Marshall Davis & Elkins
A3977 Travis Scala 2020 MD D2 Defense Rockville St. Johns Davis & Elkins
A3976 Bradley Sisler 2020 DE D2 Midfield Newcastle William Penn/Potomac Davis & Elkins
A3785 Brendan Pacheco 2020 VA D2 Midfield Manassas Colgan Fierce Nation Davis & Elkins
A2537 Jacob Stairs 2020 PA D2 Defense Greensburg Hempfield Apex Davis & Elkins
A2422 Kaden Seelye 2020 MI D2 Midfield Rockford Rockford Davenport
A1139 Chris Junkunc 2020 MI D2 Defense Forest Hills TRUE (MI) Davenport
A1138 Matthew Pullman 2020 MI D2 Attack Oxford Oxford Davenport
A1137 Cody Seaman 2020 MI D2 Defense Grand Ledge CAPS/Momentum Davenport
A1136 Trey Zelinski 2020 MI D2 Midfield Traverse City Traverse City West Davenport
A1135 Chase Post 2020 MI D2 Defense Jenison TRUE (MI) Davenport 
B3590 Harmon Robbins 2021 MI D2 FOGO Freeland Bay City Western Bay Area Davenport
B3401 Sam Lightfoot 2021 MI D2 Midfield Clarkston Clarkston Juiced Cherries Davenport
B3122 Kobie Garcia 2021 MI D2 Defense Holland West Ottawa Westside Davenport
B2883 Jayden Braxton 2021 MD D2 Midfield Aberdeen Aberdeen Davis & Elkins
B2336 Collin Dykgraaf 2021 MI D2 Attack Zeeland Holland Christian Davenport
B2335 Austin Derx 2021 NY D2 Attack Lancaster Lancaster Buffalo Lax Academy Davis & Elkins
B2334 Cooper Jackson 2021 ON D2 Defense Stoney Creek Orchard Park Davis & Elkins
B2333 Charles Kretchman 2021 ND D2 Goalie Fargo Davies Polars Davis & Elkins
B2332 Walter Ridgley 2021 OH D2 Attack South Lebanon Lebanon Davis & Elkins
B2331 Bryce Utterback 2021 VA D2 Defense Remington Liberty Patriot Davis & Elkins
B2015 Jackson Boyd 2021 MI D2 Defense Battle Creek Battle Creek Pennfie TRUE (MI) Davenport
B1709 Ryan Hazy 2021 MI D2 Goalie Rockford Rockford Davenport
B1399 Joe Scopo 2021 NY D2 Defense Centereach Centereach MC MadDogs Davis & Elkins
A3480 Andrew Conklin 2020 OH CLUB Goalie CincinnatiCincinnati Turpin Dayton
B3121 Elijah Loux 2021 OH D2 Defense Middletown Franklin D'Youville
B2672 Brandon McNeil 2021 NY D2 Midfield Newark Newark 3D D'Youville
B2552 Tristan Engelhardt 2021 NY D2 Attack Clarence St. Francis/Genesee D'Youville
A3479 Nicona Williams 2020 NH D3 Midfield Wolfeboro Kingswood 4 Leaf Dean
A3071 Michael Dixon 2020 CT D3 Midfield Ellington Ellington CT Valley Dean
A2261 Matthew Talbot 2020 MA D3 Midfield Northampton Belchertown Catamount Dean
B2794 Aiden McCarthy 2021 MA D3 Attack Whitman Whitman Hanson EMass Hawks Dean
B2403 Jason Richard 2021 MA D3 Midfield Holden Wachusett Seven Hills Dean
B1712 Chris Carbone 2021 RI D3 Defense Cranston Cranston West Flamingos/Summit Dean
A4250 Justin Scott 2020 ON D1 Attack Mississauga Trinity-Pawling/Hoba Mimico Delaware
A4248 Nick Jessen 2020 TN D1 Attack Signal Mountain McCallie School/Lafa Rock Delaware
A4247 Drew Lenkaitis 2020 PA D1 Attack West Chester Unionville/Vermont Dukes Delaware
A3478 Nick Klug 2020 NY D1 Defense Fairport Fairport Delaware
A3477 Ashton Sloan 2020 DE D3 Midfield Wilmington Conrad Silverbacks Delaware Valley
A3070 Demetrius Stevenson 2020 DE D1 Midfield Dover Caesar Rodney/Rutger 302 Delaware
A3069 Freddie Offenburger 2020 NJ D3 Midfield South Brunswick Team Turnpike Delaware Valley
A3068 Ryley Savering 2020 PA D3 Goalie Berwyn Conestoga Roughriders Delaware Valley
A2360 Sean Hinchey 2020 PA JUCO Attack Folsom Ridley Delaware Tech
A1932 Cameron Acchione 2020 ON D1 Midfield Barrie Hill Academy Barrie Delaware
A1931 Matt Acchione 2020 ON D1 Midfield Barrie Hill Academy Barrie Delaware
A1930 Timothy Beach 2020 CO D1 Goalie Erie Erie Denver Elite Delaware
A1929 Kevin Ellington 2020 MD D1 Goalie Bel Air Loyola Blakefield FCA (MD) Delaware
A1928 Aidan Fritz 2020 MD D1 Midfield Lutherville Calvert Hall FCA (MD) Delaware
A1927 Nick Krug 2020 NY D1 Defense Fairport Fairport Delaware
A1926 Matt Montgomery 2020 PA D1 Defense West Chester Rustin Fusion Delaware
A1925 Jonathan Osmun 2020 NY D1 Midfield Centerport Harborfields Delaware
A1924 Logan Premtaj 2020 NJ D1 FOGO Franklin Lakes Ramapo Tri-State Delaware
A1923 John Scheivert 2020 PA D1 Midfield Havertown Haverford Rising Sons Delaware
A1922 Garrett Snyder 2020 MD D1 Midfield Ellicott City Mount Hebron Team 91 Delaware
A1921 Joe Speers 2020 IL D1 Defense Glenview Glenbrook South Delaware
A1852 JP Ward 2020 MD D1 Attack McDonogh School Baltimore Crabs Delaware
A0679 Luke Kelchner 2020 NJ D3 Defense Medford St. Joseph Prep (PA) Blue Star Delaware Valley
B3498 Ryan Gordon 2021 DE D3 Defense Wilmington Mount Pleasant Delaware Valley
B3497 Cade Hammer 2021 PA D3 Goalie Allentown Parkland HEADstrong Delaware Valley
B3496 Kashieve Francis 2021 NY D3 Attack Oneonta Oneonta Octane Delhi
B3495 Ben Moscatiello 2021 NY D3 Attack Miller Place Rocky Point LI Empire Delhi
B3073 Joshua Temple 2021 MD D3 Defense Baltimore Mother of Divine Gra FCA Delaware Valley
B3020 Michael Brummel 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Woodbridge Delaware Tech
B3019 Tyler Cipolla 2021 DE JUCO Goalie Wilmington Concord Delaware Tech
B3018 Joe Donnelly 2021 DE JUCO Defense Newark Newark Charter Delaware Tech
B3017 Luke Faedtke 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Middletown Middletown Delaware Tech
B3016 Jacob Fleming 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Newark Newark Charter Delaware Tech
B3015 Brian Johnson 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Polytech Delaware Tech
B3014 Brody McMillan 2021 DE JUCO Goalie Milford Milford Delaware Tech
B3013 Kevin Nyandemo 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Smyrna First State Military Silverbacks Delaware Tech
B3012 Caleb Perdue 2021 DE JUCO Defense Greenwood Woodbridge Delaware Tech
B3011 Michael Plummer 2021 DE JUCO Attack Harrington Woodbridge Delaware Tech
B3010 Maxwell Robinson 2021 DE JUCO Defense Wilmington Brandywine Delaware Tech
B3009 Jackson Spino 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Magnolia Caesar Rodney Delaware Tech
B3008 Brandon Williams 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Greenwood Woodbridge Delaware Tech
B3007 Brenton Williams 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Greenwood Woodbridge Delaware Tech
B2942 Cole Graeff 2021 PA D3 Midfield Furlong Central Bucks West Delaware Valley
B2785 Matthew Hague 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Milford Milford Raw Delaware Tech
B2784 Bryce Wells 2021 DE JUCO FOGO Milford Milford Delaware Tech
B2713 LaMonte Williams 2021 MD D3 Attack Sykesville Liberty Delaware Valley
B2639 Jim Murphy 2021 VT D3 Goalie Rutland Winchendon School/Po Central Delaware Valley
B2475 Evan Hawlk 2021 DE JUCO Attack Bear Red Lion RAW Delaware Tech
B2474 Caleb Secrist 2021 DE JUCO Goalie Felton Lake Forest RAW Delaware Tech
B2473 Jake Taylor 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Georgetown Sussex Tech RAW Delaware Tech
B2472 Brandon Tice 2021 DE JUCO Midfield Fenton Lake Forest RAW Delaware Tech
B2471 Matthew Triola 2021 DE JUCO Attack Felton Lake Forest RAW Delaware Tech
B2470 Brock Vincent 2021 DE JUCO Defense Lincoln Sussex Tech Delaware Tech
B1940 Nicholas Fish 2021 IL D1 Attack Grayslake Grayslake North TRUE Delaware
B1664 Brooks Bond 2021 TX D1 Midfield Dallas Highland Park Mustangs Delaware
B1275 Gino Pisano 2021 MD D1 Defense Manchester Hereford HLC Delaware
B1163 JD Robinson 2021 PA D3 Defense Millersville Penn Manor Rock Delaware Valley
B0912 Nick Cowen 2021 NY D1 Defense Franklin Square Carey ICON Delaware
B0432 Jason Jozwiak 2021 MD D1 Attack Ijamesville Urbana 3D Delaware
B0431 Jack Jozwiak 2021 MD D1 Attack Ijamsville Urbana 3D Delaware
B0430 Aidan Koff 2021 NY D1 Goalie John Jay Prime Time Delaware
B0429 Jason Kolar 2021 MD D1 Midfield Mount Airy Urbana Fundamentals Delaware
B0427 Aiden McCaffrey 2021 NY D1 Defense Port Jefferson Stati Comsewogue LI Team 91 Delaware
B0426 Corbin Minard 2021 NJ D1 FOGO Delbarton Patriot Elite Delaware
B0425 Riar Schell 2021 MD D1 Attack Lutherville Boys' Latin Baltimore Crabs Delaware
B0158 Paul Reidy 2021 NC D1 Goalie Waxhaw Charlotte Catholic 24-7 Delaware
G0269 Wells Bergstrom 2023 PA D1 Defense Leola Manheim Township Big 4 HHH Delaware
G0231 Ryder Villani 2023 NJ D1 Midfield Shrewsbury Red Bank Tri-State/Mad Dog Delaware
G0206 Grant Kenley 2023 OH D1 Defense Powell Olentangy Liberty Resolute Delaware
G0163 Bryson Kolinsky 2023 PA D1 Attack Downingtown Downingtown East Brotherly Love Delaware
G0162 Tyler Owings 2023 MD D1 Midfield Parkton Boy’s Latin Baltimore Crabs Delaware
A4267 TD Ierlan 2020 NY D1 FOGO Victor Victor/Albany/Yale Orange Crush Denver
A4199 Nick Clendenen 2020 OR D1 Attack Eugene Churchill Awestruck Denver
A3067 Owen O'Neill 2020 NJ D3 LSM Peddie Tri-State Denison
A3066 Lucas Cotler 2020 NY D1 Midfield Syosset Syosset/Yale LI Team 91 Denver
A3065 Jackson Morrill 2020 MD D1 Attack Baltimore McDonogh/Yale Baltimore Crabs Denver
A2260 Nate Kay 2020 CO D3 Attack Denver Colorado Academy 3D Denison
A1920 Stephen Avery 2020 TN D1 Attack Montgomery Bell Acad Denver
A1919 Josh Carlson 2020 CO D1 Attack Arapahoe Denver Elite Denver
A1918 Seth Devon 2020 CA D1 Defense San Marcos Culver Academy SweetLax/Juiced Cher Denver
A1917 Christian Evans 2020 CA D1 LSM San Diego Cathedral Catholic Mad Dog/WC Starz/RC Denver
A1916 Ryan Giles 2020 MD D1 LSM Landon School Next Level Denver
A1915 Charlie Higgins 2020 GA D1 Goalie Atlanta Lovett Denver
A1914 Jason Hill 2020 MN D1 Midfield Eastview TRUE (MN) Denver
A1913 Tyler Hussey 2020 CO D1 Midfield Grandview Denver Elite Denver
A1912 Elliott Ische 2020 MN D1 Defense Minnetonka TRUE (MN) Denver
A1911 Malcolm Kleban 2020 CT D1 Goalie Westminster School ( Predators Denver
A1910 James LaCerte 2020 CO D1 Midfield Cheyenne Mountain Denver Elite Denver
A1909 Michael Lampert 2020 MA D1 Attack Wayland Brewster Academy Fighting Clams Denver
A1908 Patrick Noonan 2020 NY D1 LSM Chaminade Igloo/Sting Denver
A1907 Patrick O'Hara 2020 MI D1 Midfield Detroit Catholic Juiced Cherries Denver
A1906 Jack Tortolani 2020 MD D1 Attack Gilman School Cannons Denver
A1905 Jack Tuttle 2020 CO D1 Midfield Castle View Denver Elite Denver
A1866 Luke Fisher 2020 VA D3 Midfield Alexandria St. Stephens & St. A Madlax Denison
A0678 Clyde Bresnahan 2020 GA D3 Midfield Lovett School Thunder LB3 Denison
A0677 Jack Chace 2020 MA D3 Midfield North Andover North Andover 3D NE Denison
A0676 Brooks Crowley 2020 OH D3 Defense Cleveland University School Burning River Denison
A0675 Colin Donegan 2020 MD D3 Midfield Severna Park Severn School PLC Denison
A0674 Jack Hanau 2020 NY D3 Midfield Bronxville Salisbury School Predators Denison
A0673 George Hodgson 2020 VA D3 Defense St. Christopher's Sc Amped Denison
A0672 Mac MacLean 2020 TN D3 Midfield McCallie School 24-7 Denison
A0671 Steven Mason 2020 TN D3 Attack Nashville Montgomery Bell Acad Amped Denison
A0670 Owen O'Neill 2020 NJ D3 Defense Peddie Tri-State Denison
A0669 Nate Podolsky 2020 WA D3 Attack Bellevue Bellevue Classics Denison
A0668 Drew Randall 2020 MI D3 Midfield Brother Rice Juiced Cherries/Blac Denison
A0667 Jack Sload 2020 IL D3 Midfield Evanston Evanston Denison
A0666 Mac Taupier 2020 CT D3 Midfield Avon Old Farms Schoo Laxachusetts Denison
A0665 Sam Wadsworth 2020 TX D3 FOGO Westlake SouthStar/Iron Horse Denison
A0664 Ari Weiss 2020 TN D3 Attack Christian Brothers Denison
A0663 Cole McCoy 2020 VA D3 LSM St. Christopher's Sc Amped Dension
A0662 Joshua Stair 2020 IL D3 LSM Libertyville TRUE (IL) Dension
A0661 Branden Tait 2020 IL D3 Attack Loyola Academy Project Midwest Dension
B3550 Caleb Kueber 2021 BC D1 Attack Victoria Claremont/Mercyhurst Victoria Denver
B3197 Tommy Quinson 2021 NY D3 Attack Rye Brook Brunswick School 2Way Denison
B2215 Mike Pastore 2021 IL D3 Midfield Palatine St. Viator Team IL/Penguins Denison
B1640 Seamus Kelly 2021 IL D3 Midfield Chicago Marist TRUE (IL) Denison
B1383 Will McFadden 2021 CO D3 Attack Regis Jesuit Denver Elite Denison
B0911 Mitchell Chermak 2021 MI D3 Midfield Okemos Okemos Juiced Cherries/Powe Denison
B0910 Colin Maclean 2021 MA D3 FOGO Andover Andover Laxachusetts Denison
B0909 Tristan Moss 2021 FL D3 Midfield Boca Raton Saint Andrew's Schoo Edge/Laxachusetts Denison
B0908 Collin Murphy 2021 MA D3 Attack Lincoln-Sudbury Laxachusetts Denison
B0752 Will Bennett 2021 OH D3 Midfield Rocky River Rocky River Burning River Denison
B0751 Jack Rizzo 2021 VT D3 Goalie Middlebury Union Denison
B0750 Liam Savage 2021 MD D3 Attack St. Andrew's School MadLax Denison
B0632 Jack Hines 2021 NC D3 Attack Charlotte Episcopal (VA) 24-7 Denison
B0600 Andrew Busch 2021 IL D3 Defense Winnetka Portsmouth Abbey Fighting Clams Denison
B0424 Andrew Atchison 2021 GA D1 Attack Marietta Lassiter Thunder LB3 Denver
B0423 Gabe Bowen-Slott 2021 OR D1 Defense Portland Culver Military Acad 3D/WC Starz Denver
B0422 Trey Digby 2021 CO D1 LSM Cherry Hills Valor Christian Denver Elite Denver
B0421 Ned Forbush 2021 MD D1 Midfield Baltimore Friends School of Ba Kooper's Denver
B0420 Jimmy Freehill 2021 MA D1 Defense St. Sebastians Schoo Fighting Clams Denver
B0419 Dakota Johnson 2021 CO D1 Attack Cherry Hills Village Cherry Creek Denver Elite Denver
B0418 Micaiah Kelly 2021 MD D1 Midfield Towson Calvert Hall FCA Denver
B0417 Ethan Kriss 2021 NY D1 FOGO Riverdale Country Sc Igloo Denver
B0416 Noah Manning 2021 BC D1 Attack Victoria Royal Bay Secondary Denver
B0415 TJ Sheehan 2021 NY D1 Attack Rockville Centre South Side LI Icon Denver
B0414 Joseph Taraboletti 2021 FL D1 Midfield Ponte Vedra Ponte Vedra Sweetlax Denver
G0286 Wyatt Wiggins 2023 ON D1 Defense Peterborough Kiski School Evolve Denver
G0268 Brody Davis 2023 NJ D1 Defense Bedminster Seton Hall Prep TriState Denver
G0267 Blake Kiesau 2023 ID D1 Defense Boise Timberline TRUE Denver
G0230 Chase Tzagournis 2023 OH D1 Midfield Dublin Dublin Jerome TRUE OH Denver
G0161 Maddox Johnson 2023 FL D1 Midfield Ponte Vedra Beach Ponte Vedra Sweetlax Denver
G0160 Greyson Vorgang 2023 NY D1 Attack Niskayuna Niskayuna Albany Power/MadLax Denver
G0055 DJ Clark 2023 ON D1 Midfield Peterborough Lawrenceville School Evolve Denver
A3476 Matthew Garrigan 2020 IL D3 LSM Lake Forest Lake Forest TRUE (IL) DePauw
A0660 Jack Flynn 2020 IL D3 Midfield Naperville Benet Academy New Wave/Prospect DePauw
A0659 Connor Gibson 2020 MO D3 Midfield Kirkwood Kirkwood DePauw
A0658 Ian McCullough 2020 OK D3 FOGO Tulsa Bishop Kelley Impulse DePauw
A0616 Cade Carroll 2020 CO D3 Defense Evergreen Evergreen DePauw
B3799 Henry White 2021 IL D3 Attack Kenilworth New Trier TRUE IL DePauw
B2941 Beckett Tasker 2021 MO D3 Midfield St. Louis John Burroughs Project MO/MO 22/Cat DePauw
B2513 Collin Kilpatrick 2021 MI D3 Attack Rochester Hills Rochester 313/586 DePauw
B2214 JP Schuller 2021 PA D3 Defense Devon Prep DePauw
B1615 Noah Curland 2021 DE D3 Attack Hockessin Sanford School Phantoms DePauw
B1045 Jackson Lawrence 2021 IL D3 Defense Lake Forest Lake Forest TRUE (IL)/Prostart DePauw
A3475 TJ Lowe 2020 NY D3 Goalie Port Washington Xavier LI Outlaws DeSales
A0657 Spencer Bell 2020 NJ D3 Attack Hopewell Hopewell Valley Team Turnpike DeSales
A0656 Chase Bowman 2020 MD D3 Midfield Calvert Hall FCA (MD) DeSales
A0655 Stefan Bowser 2020 MD D3 Midfield Glen Burnie Old Mill Peninsula DeSales
A0654 Sean Cabatic 2020 NJ D3 Goalie Denville Morris Knolls Thundercanes DeSales
A0653 Patrick Kerrigan 2020 NY D3 LSM Bethpage Bethpage DeSales
A0652 JJ Valentine 2020 NJ D3 Defense Sparta Sparta Jersey Thunder DeSales
A0651 Luke Wilson 2020 NJ D3 Attack Sparta Sparta DeSales
A0650 Patrick Wixted 2020 PA D3 Midfield Spring-Ford DeSales
A0649 Ty Wolverton 2020 PA D3 Midfield Downingtown Downingtown West Roughriders DeSales
B3494 Eric Goliaszewski 2021 DE D3 Defense Hockessin Wilmington Charter 302 DeSales
B2751 Drew Carpenter 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Egg Harbor Egg Harbor SouthShore DeSales
B2213 Justin Gold 2021 NJ D3 Goalie Ringwood Don Bosco Prep Jersey Thunder DeSales
B1082 Ryan Rochelle 2021 NJ D3 Attack North Hunterdon DeSales
B1044 Anthony Gash 2021 NJ D3 FOGO Stewartsville Phillipsburg STEPS DeSales
A3975 Scott Shepard 2020 MI D1 Attack Bloomfield Hills Bloomfield Hills/Alb Nanaimo Timbermen Detroit Mercy
A3784 Will Edell 2020 CO D1 Attack Castle Pines Rock Canyon Denver Elite Detroit Mercy
A3783 Cole Gellatly 2020 MI D1 Attack Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice/Colorad Black Grizzlies/Juic Detroit Mercy
A3782 Ally Don Jean-Francois 2020 NV D1 Midfield Las Vegas Centennial Vegas Starz/WC Starz Detroit Mercy
A3781 Luke Majick 2020 MI D1 Midfield Grand Rapids Forest Hills/Furman TRUE Detroit Mercy
A3780 Jack Watsic 2020 MD D1 Attack Mount Airy Linganore/Howard CC Lax Factory Detroit Mercy
A2421 Jakob Hemme 2020 MI D1 Goalie Livonia Detroit Catholic Cen TRUE (MI) Detroit Mercy
A1904 Harrison Albano 2020 MI D1 Attack Plymouth Plymouth PLG Detroit Mercy
A1903 Nick Lamb 2020 MI D1 Defense Birmingham Seaholm Detroit Mercy
A1902 Noah Martin 2020 VT D1 LSM Williston Trinity-Pawling (NY) 802 Detroit Mercy
B3774 Connor Baratta 2021 MI D1 Midfield Novi Detroit Catholic Cen TRUE Detroit Mercy
B3773 Ethan Hodges 2021 VA D1 Midfield Warrenton St. Paul VI Black Wolf Detroit Mercy
B2678 Dominick DeJulio 2021 IL D1 Midfield Arlington Heights Saint Viator TRUE (IL) Detroit Mercy
B2572 Kaden Dietrich 2021 MI D1 Midfield Ada Forest Hills Eastern Bandits Detroit Mercy
B2571 Nolan Graalman 2021 MI D1 Attack Rockford Rockford TRUE (MI)/Omnia Detroit Mercy
B2570 Sean Henige 2021 MI D1 Defense Lake Orion Lake Orion Omnia Detroit Mercy
B2569 Caden Loken 2021 MI D1 Attack Lake Orion Lake Orion Vipers Detroit Mercy
B2568 Harold Skinner 2021 MI D1 Midfield Clarkston Clarkston Omnia/Juiced Cherrie Detroit Mercy
B1988 Joseph Schmaltz 2021 MI D1 Defense Birmingham Brother Rice Black Grizzlies/Omni Detroit Mercy
B1939 Lukas Nilsen 2021 MD D1 Goalie Easton Easton ProStart Detroit Mercy
B1529 Jacob Wooldridge 2021 PA D1 LSM Mars Mars Low & Away Detroit Mercy
B0907 Evan DeVito 2021 MI D1 LSM Clarkston Brother Rice Project Midwest/Juic Detroit Mercy
B0845 Chase Mahabir 2021 MI D1 Attack Midland Midland Juiced Cherries/989/ Detroit Mercy
B0749 Aidan Bishop 2021 MI D1 Attack Dexter Detroit Catholic Cen OMNIA/Juiced Cherrie Detroit Mercy
B0748 Billy Hart 2021 MI D1 FOGO Rochester Rochester Adams Omnia Detroit Mercy
A2536 Kyle Kong 2020 CA CLUB Attack San Ramon Dougherty Valley Diablo Valley CC
A3063 Ben Tomick 2020 MD D3 Midfield Loyola Blakefield FCA (MD) Dickinson
A3062 Jack Wohlgemuth 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Caldwell West Essex Patriot Dickinson
A2259 Sam Fekete 2020 CT D3 Attack Cheshire Avon Old Farms 3D Dickinson
A0648 Caulley Bellistri 2020 MD D3 Goalie Bullis School Dickinson
A0647 Cooper Chamberlain 2020 PA D3 Midfield Owen J Roberts Dickinson
A0646 Sascha Gannon 2020 MA D3 Midfield Belmont Hill School Laxachusetts Dickinson
A0645 Patrick Greene 2020 MD D3 Defense Marriotts Ridge Roughriders Dickinson
A0644 Colin Kovacs 2020 VA D3 Midfield Woodberry Forest Sch Dickinson
A0643 Jack Lenz 2020 NY D3 Defense Archbishop Stepinac Prime Time Dickinson
A0642 John McKee 2020 VA D3 FOGO Episcopal (VA) Amped Dickinson
A0641 Cole Schwartz 2020 PA D3 LSM Bryn Mawr Radnor NXT Dickinson
A0640 Edward Sinnott 2020 NY D3 Midfield Collegiate School Geronimo Dickinson
A0639 Patrick White 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Summit Summit STEPS Dickinson
A0126 Alexander Usich 2020 CT DE Defense Avon Avon Old Farms Poseidon Dickinson
B3493 Chris Brandau 2021 MD D3 Goalie Timonium Boys Latin/Maryland Baltimore Crabs Dickinson
B1838 Matthew Thurston 2021 NJ D3 Attack Ridgewood Ridgewood Maroons Dickinson
B1467 Jake Kearney 2021 PA D3 Defense Media Penncrest NXT Dickinson
B1306 Max Emery Baum 2021 PA D3 Midfield Ambler Haverford School Team 11 Dickinson
B1243 Jacob Strouch 2021 CT D3 Midfield Weston Weston Primetime Dickinson
B1231 Carter Wilmot 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Wyckoff Don Bosco Prep NJ Riot Dickinson
B1202 Evan Karestos 2021 GA D3 Defense Atlanta Pace Academy 3D GA Dickinson
B1158 Jake Moore 2021 MD D3 Defense Monkton St. Paul's Baltimore Crabs Dickinson
B1087 Colin Williams 2021 NJ D3 Attack Maplewood St. Peter's Prep Leading Edge Dickinson
B1043 Chase White 2021 MD D3 Defense Bethesda Georgetown Prep MD Extreme Dickinson
B0906 Brooks Klyver 2021 CT D3 FOGO Fairfield Fairfield Ludlowe CT Wolves Dickinson
B0663 Owen Porter 2021 MA D3 Attack Boston College High Laxachusetts Dickinson
B0022 Michael Crawford 2021 MD D3 FOGO Gathersburg St. Andrew's Episcop Madlax Dickinson
B0021 Ethan Gess 2021 NJ D3 Attack Glen Rock Glen Rock NJ Riot Dickinson
B0020 Ben Tompkins 2021 PA D3 Goalie Coatesville Penn Charter Freedom Dickinson
A3474 Connor Barnes 2020 CA CLUB Attack Clayton Valley Chart Dominican (CA)
A3473 Ryan Dixon 2020 CA CLUB Attack Clayton Valley Chart Dominican (CA)
A3472 Noah Gibson 2020 TX CLUB Defense Timber Creek Dominican (CA)
A3471 Tristen Lambert 2020 CA CLUB Attack Grace Brethren Dominican (CA)
A3470 Brandon Stuckey 2020 FL CLUB Goalie Jacksonville Providence School Dominican (CA)
A3469 Andrew Sulyma 2020 CA CLUB Midfield Newark Newark NorCal Dominican (CA)
A3468 Jeremiah Verhaege 2020 ID CLUB Defense Boise Mountain View Dominican (CA)
A3467 Kyle Zanski 2020 AZ CLUB Defense Boulder Creek Dominican (CA)
A3061 Eric Marcos 2020 CA CLUB Defense Los Angeles Birmingham Ronin Dominican (CA)
A1134 Kyle Benedetto 2020 NY D2 Midfield Wantagh Wantagh Dominican (NY)
A1133 Chris Chimenti 2020 NY D2 Midfield New Hyde Park Herricks LI Pride Dominican (NY)
A1132 Mario Liggeri 2020 NY D2 FOGO Clarkstown South Dominican (NY)
A1131 Andrew McKeown 2020 NY D2 Defense Plainedge Dominican (NY)
A1130 Jarred Richey 2020 NY D2 Midfield James I O'Neill NJ Riot Dominican (NY)
A1129 Matthew Solano 2020 NJ D2 Attack Old Bridge Old Bridge Team Turnpike Dominican (NY)
A1128 John Tracy 2020 CT D2 Defense Southington Southington Poseidon Dominican (NY)
A0035 Konur Markrud 2020 CA CLUB Goalie Thousand Oaks Newbury Park Ronin Dominican (CA)
A0034 Chris Von Koss 2020 MI CLUB Defense Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri Dominican (CA)
B3825 Blake Hendricks 2021 NY D2 Defense Middletown Goshen O2/NJ Riot Dominican
B2685 Ethan May 2021 CA CLUB Midfield Norco Norco Dominican (CA)
B2584 Adrian Gilbert 2021 WA CLUB Midfield Tacoma Curtis South Sound/Legends Dominican (CA)
B2583 Lane Kooch 2021 ID CLUB Attack Kuna Kuna Mountain Men Dominican (CA)
B2582 Kenny Seiler 2021 CA CLUB Attack Tustin Foothill Dominican (CA)
B2581 Aidan Wolford 2021 PA CLUB Midfield Southern Lehigh Dominican (CA)
B2441 Jason Allen 2021 NJ D2 Midfield Atlantic Highlands Middletown Team 91 NJ Dominican
B2247 Daren Rodney 2021 NY D2 Defense Baldwin Baldwin True Blue Dominican
B2246 Jordan Scott 2021 SK D2 LSM Saskatoon St. Joseph Sentinels Dominican
B2135 Alex Martinez 2021 NY D2 Midfield Highland Dominican
B2009 Kalidu Bah 2021 IL D2 Midfield Chicago Bridgton Academy Dominican
B1955 Eric Greenwood 2021 AB D2 Attack Edmonton Vimy Ridge Academy ELEV8 Dominican
B1913 Patrick Roderka 2021 NY D2 FOGO Warwick Warwick Valley Reign Dominican
B1912 Sean Sullivan 2021 NY D2 Defense Tappan Tappan Zee Brotherhood Dominican
B1768 Ray Sugiyama 2021 CA CLUB Defense Culver City Culver City 3D Dominican (CA)
B1737 Harley Williams 2021 AB D2 Midfield Edmonton Vimy Ridge Academy Warriors Dominican
B1676 John Pena 2021 NY D2 Attack Bronx Cardinal Hayes Express Dominican
B1170 Kevin Godinez 2021 NY D2 LSM Montgomery Pine Bush NY Reign Dominican
A3974 Sean Curcio 2020 PA D1 Attack Lancaster Manheim Township Drexel
A3973 Sean Donnelly 2020 FL D1 Attack Bradenton IMG Academy/Syracuse Drexel
A3972 Liam Rosato 2020 PA D1 FOGO Plymouth Meeting Germantown Academy Drexel
A3971 Ethan Spaulding 2020 PA D1 Midfield Lewisburg Lewisburg Drexel
A3970 Danny Varga 2020 NJ D1 Midfield New Brunswick Rutgers Prep Drexel
A3060 Alex Higgins 2020 NJ D3 Attack South Brunswick Notre Dame Team Turnpike Drew
A3059 GJ Nazziola 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Parsippany Hills Thundercanes Drew
A3058 Joe Thomas 2020 NJ D3 Defense Lenape Valley Thundercanes Drew
A3057 Braedon Kukan 2020 NJ CLUB Midfield Jackson Jackson Memorial Team 91 NJ Drexel
A2296 Thomas Marcoon 2020 SC D1 Attack Mount Pleasant Wando 3D Drexel
A2101 Luke Tomak 2020 CT D1 Attack North Haven Choate Rosemary Hall Eclipse Drexel
A1901 Carter Begley 2020 ON D1 Attack Etobicoke St. Michael's Colleg Edge Drexel
A1900 Pierce Dalton 2020 AL D1 Defense Homewood Homewood Nation United Drexel
A1899 Cole Doller 2020 NY D1 Attack Sayville Sayville East Coast Elite Drexel
A1898 Ronnie Gunter 2020 MN D1 Midfield Shakopee Shakopee Team MN Drexel
A1897 Michael Lenskold 2020 NJ D1 FOGO Martinsville Bridgewater-Raritan Leading Edge Drexel
A1896 Matt Martin 2020 VA D1 Midfield Centreville Westfield VLC Drexel
A1895 Drew McGill 2020 AL D1 Goalie Mountain Brook Hill School Edge Drexel
A1894 Brent McVicker 2020 MD D1 Midfield Annapolis IMG Academy Baltimore Crabs Drexel
A1893 Ronan Pierie 2020 NY D1 Defense Manlius Fayetteville Manlius Orange Crush Drexel
A1892 Aidan Shortley 2020 MD D1 FOGO Laytonsville Georgetown Prep Scho Baltimore Crabs Drexel
A1891 Cole Sprinkle 2020 CT D1 Defense Fairfield Choate Rosemary Hall Eclipse Drexel
A0638 Connor Fair 2020 NJ D3 Attack West Deptford West Deptford Shamrocks Drew
B3788 Dominic Bravo 2021 CA D1 Defense San Jose Bellarmine Prep Alcatraz Outlaws Drexel
B3787 Luke Carden 2021 PA D1 Defense Newtown Square Malvern Prep Rising Sons Drexel
B3786 Joshua Gabriele 2021 BC D1 Midfield Burnaby Notre Dame Devils Drexel
B3785 Maxwell Semple 2021 BC D1 Attack Coquitlam Centennial/Jacksonvi Adanacs Drexel
B3687 Kyle Morrison 2021 NY D1 Midfield Croton on Hudson Gunn School Express North Drexel
B3492 Mike DeMayo 2021 NJ D3 Attack Manalapan Manalapan Team 91 Drew
B3158 Charlie Schline 2021 NC D1 Goalie Raleigh Cardinal Gibbons TRUE NC/Bucktown Drexel
B1967 Jack Nolan 2021 NY D1 LSM Floral Park Floral Park FLG Drexel
B1437 Tristan Plotts 2021 NJ D1 Attack Morris Plains Mountain Lakes Patriot Drexel
B1189 Jayden Santangelo 2021 PA D1 Attack Hatboro Upper Dublin Dukes Drexel
B0662 Jack Clark 2021 PA D1 Attack Springfield Springfield-Delco Big 4 HHH Drexel
B0661 Roumell Greig 2021 GA D1 Attack Norcross Norcross GA Tigers Drexel
B0583 Alex Higgins 2021 NJ D3 Midfield South Brunswick Notre Dame Team Turnpike Drew
B0582 Trevor Spinelli 2021 NJ D3 Attack Verona Verona NJ Diesel/Centercour Drew
B0413 Collin Gucwa 2021 PA D1 Defense Sanatoga Bishop Shanahan Rising Sons Drexel
B0412 Grant Isika 2021 TX D1 FOGO The Woodlands The Woodlands Prime Time Drexel
B0411 Jack Wallace 2021 NY D1 Defense Pittsford Pittsford Mendon Sweetlax Drexel
G0054 Kevin O'Brien 2023 PA D1 Defense St. Joseph's Prep Mesa Drexel
A4125 Beau Koening 2020 WI D3 Midfield De Pere De Pere Dubuque
A3466 Brody Barlow 2020 WI D3 FOGO Oregon Oregon Dubuque
A3465 Cale Baumgartner 2020 IL D3 Midfield Naperville St. Francis Dubuque
A3464 Brady Feltz 2020 WI D3 Defense Germantown Germantown TRUE (WI) Dubuque
A3463 Brandon Fletcher 2020 IL D3 Midfield Chicago Urban Prep East Ave Dubuque
A3462 Xavier Howard 2020 WI D3 Midfield Verona Verona Team Alpha/Amplify Dubuque
A3461 Zach Mefford 2020 CA D3 LSM Carmichael Jesuit ADVNC Dubuque
A3460 Tyler Phipps 2020 MD D3 Midfield Baltimore Sparrows Point Dubuque
A3459 Diego Roman 2020 CO D3 Attack Aurora Eagle Crest TRUE (CO) Dubuque
A3458 George Smirl 2020 CO D3 Goalie Eagle Eagle Valley Dubuque
A3457 Anton Strasser 2020 CA D3 Goalie Monterey Palma Bixby Ballers Dubuque
A3456 Damon Thompson 2020 CO D3 Midfield Castle Rock Ponderosa Raptors Dubuque
A3455 Zach Turpen 2020 AZ D3 Midfield Tempe Corona Del Sol Hot Sauce Dubuque
A3056 AJ Frantom 2020 OH D3 Defense Centerville Centerville TRUE (OH) Dubuque
A2358 Cristian Garcia 2020 IL D3 Midfield Mc Henry McHenry Yeti Dubuque
A2357 Kyle Hephner 2020 IL D3 Attack Mc Henry McHenry Yeti Dubuque
A0637 Quentin Evans 2020 MN D3 Defense Forest Lake Forest Lake Homegrown Dubuque
A0636 Ben Warren 2020 NE D3 Attack Omaha Millard West Dubuque 
B3072 Quintten Rangle 2021 MI D3 Attack Battle Creek Lakeview TRUE (MI) Dubuque
B2940 Ethan Sinaberg 2021 MN D3 Defense Woodbury Woodbury MN Lax Dubuque
B2638 AJ Fattori 2021 IL D3 Attack Crystal Lake Crystal Lake South Yeti Dubuque
B2637 Kevin Johnson 2021 IL D3 Attack Roselle Conant TRUE (IL) Dubuque
B2512 Jacob Collar 2021 IL D3 Attack St Charles St Charles North TRUE (IL) Dubuque
B2402 Parker Hahne 2021 CO D3 Defense Colorado Springs Pine Creek Blue Label Dubuque
B2401 Brandon Herron 2021 MI D3 Midfield Battle Creek Battle Creek Lakevie TRUE (MI) Dubuque
B2400 Quintten Rangel 2021 MI D3 Attack Battle Creek Battle Creek Lakevie TRUE (MI) Dubuque
B2302 Aiden Ennett 2021 NC D3 Attack Fayetteville Britt Dubuque
B2212 Aiden Culligan 2021 ID D3 Attack Eagle Ambrose/Eagle TRUE (ID) Dubuque
B2211 Dayton Fucik 2021 NE D3 Defense Omaha Millard West Voodoo Dubuque
B2210 Chayanne Gonzalez 2021 IL D3 FOGO Cary Cary-Grove Yeti Dubuque
B2209 Kyle Knezevich 2021 IL D3 Defense Lockport Lockport Dubuque
B2208 Colby Mattas 2021 IL D3 Attack Joliet Joliet Academy New Wave Dubuque
B2207 Christian Melton 2021 KY D3 Attack Lexington Frederick Douglass Commonwealth Kings Dubuque
B2206 Erik Ramirez 2021 IL D3 FOGO Mundelein Vernon Hills Dubuque
B2205 Peter Schiess 2021 ID D3 Attack Boise Boise TRUE (ID) Dubuque
B2204 Sam Todd 2021 MO D3 Attack St. Louis St. Mary's Dubuque
B2203 Brendan Yamanaka 2021 CO D3 Midfield Centennial Eaglecrest TRUE (CO) Dubuque
B2134 Zachary Clark 2021 IL D2 Attack Oakwood Hills Prairie Hills Yeti Dubuque
A4050 Phillip Robertson 2020 VA D1 Attack Salem St. Anne's Belfield/ Dukes Duke
A3454 Mike Adler 2020 FL D1 Goalie Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas/S Duke
A3453 Daniel O'Connell 2020 MA D1 FOGO Winchester Winchester/S. Caroli Duke
A2535 Michael Sowers 2020 PA D1 Attack Dresher Upper Dublin/Princet Dukes/Mesa Fresh Duke
A1890 Evan Barr 2020 NJ D1 Goalie Somerville Leading Edge Duke
A1889 Aidan Danenza 2020 NY D1 Midfield St. Anthony's LI Team 91 Duke
A1888 Cole Krauss 2020 NJ D1 Defense Delbarton Leading Edge Duke
A1887 Ryan MacKenzie 2020 NY D1 Midfield Christian Brothers A Duke
A1886 Jake Naso 2020 NY D1 FOGO St. Anthony's LI Legacy Duke
A1885 Charlie O'Connor 2020 VA D1 Midfield Paul VI VLC Duke
A1884 Brennan O'Neill 2020 NY D1 Attack St. Anthony's LI Team 91 Duke
B3656 Jack Frisoli 2021 MA D1 Midfield Westwood St. Sebastian's/Harv Laxachusetts Duke
B3655 Gavin Lindsay 2021 MD D1 Midfield Chevy Chase Georgetown Prep/Geor Blackwolf Duke
B3549 Grant Mitchell 2021 MD D1 Midfield Baltimore Calvert Hall/Ohio St FCA Duke
B3548 Jack Zukowski 2021 NY D1 Midfield Shoreham Shoreham-Wading Rive LI Sting Duke
B3263 Sean Lulley 2021 NY D1 Attack Melville Half Hollow Hills Ea LI Team 91 Duke
B2257 Beck Anderson 2021 CA D1 Midfield Palo Alto Sacred Heart Prep ADVNC Duke
B1226 Vincent Fowler 2021 NY D1 Defense Wantagh Chaminade LI Express Duke
B0410 Keith Boyer 2021 NY D1 Defense Yorktown Heights Yorktown Prime Time Duke
B0409 Jackson Gray 2021 CA D1 Midfield San Rafael Culver Academy WC Starz Duke
B0408 Reed Landin 2021 TX D1 Midfield Dallas Episcopal School of Mad Dog/Texas Mustan Duke
B0407 Andrew Mcadorey 2021 NY D1 Midfield Huntington St. Anthony's LI Team 91 Duke
B0406 Liam McLane 2021 NY D1 Attack Rye Taft School Predators Duke
B0405 Nick Potemski 2021 PA D1 Attack Perkiomenville Malvern Prep Rising Sons Duke
B0404 Luke Waters 2021 CT D1 Midfield Brunswick School Eclipse Duke
B0403 Jake Wilson 2021 NY D1 Defense Shoreham Shoreham Wading Rive LI Team 91 Duke
G0229 McCabe Millon 2023 MD D1 Attack Reisterstown McDonogh School Team 91 MD Duke
G0159 Mac Christmas 2023 MD D1 LSM Georgetown Prep Madlax Duke
G0158 Tomas Delgado 2023 CT D1 Midfield Riverside Brunswick School PrimeTime Duke
G0157 Cal Gerard 2023 NY D1 FOGO Manhasset Manhasset S2S Duke
G0156 Patrick Jameison 2023 PA D1 Goalie Devon Conestoga Brotherly Love Duke
G0155 Benn Johnston 2023 IL D1 Midfield Lake Forest Avon Old Farms TRUE Duke
A1868 Sam Chase 2020 FL Attack Maclay Schoo "Tallahassee " Jacksonville,Sweetla D1
A2258 Donovan Shea 2020 CO D3 Defense Colorado Springs Doherty Blue Label Earlham
B2712 Christian Navarez 2021 CO D3 Midfield Colorado Springs Discovery Canyon/Air Blue Label Earlham
B1754 Jacob Bandfield 2021 CA D3 Midfield Norco Norco Earlham
A4210 Eric Byrd 2020 CT D3 Defense Middletown Middletown Eastern Connecticut
A4124 William Blum 2020 NJ D3 Goalie Mount Laurel Lenape Blue Star Eastern
A4123 Kade Collins 2020 DE D3 Attack Frederica Lake Forest 1787 Eastern
A4122 Nathan Gilbert 2020 PA D3 Defense West Grove Avon Grove Rising Sons Eastern
A4121 Logan Minch 2020 PA D3 Defense Oxford Oxford Eastern
A4120 Ethan Myers 2020 NY D3 Goalie Cortland Cortland Eastern
A4119 Avery Porter 2020 WA D3 Attack Poulsbo O'Dea Eastern
A4118 Braden Wagner 2020 PA D3 Midfield West Chester Henderson Eastern
A4117 Noah Weiman 2020 PA D3 Midfield Langhorne Neshaminy Team 11 Eastern
A4037 Gavin Watters 2020 NC CLUB LSM New Bern New Bern East Carolina
A3779 Garrett Griffin 2020 LA CLUB Shreveport Captain Shreve East Texas Baptist
A3778 Maezion Henix 2020 LA CLUB Defense Shreveport Captain Shreve East Texas Baptist
A3777 Matthew Jones 2020 TX CLUB Trinity Christian East Texas Baptist
A3452 Justin Kwaitek 2020 NC CLUB Midfield Heritage East Carolina
A3055 David Harrold 2020 CT D3 Midfield Bristol St. Paul Catholic Team CT Eastern Connecticut
A2257 Lucien Trudel 2020 PA D3 Attack Phoenixville Bishop Shanahan NXT Eastern
A0635 Jackson Gowie 2020 PA D3 Attack Haverford Dukes Eastern
A0634 Michael Knapp 2020 PA D3 Midfield Royersford Pope John Paul II Blak Widow Eastern
A0633 Vincent Myers 2020 PA D3 Attack West Chester Rustin Eastern
A0632 Camden Brown 2020 CT D3 Attack Southington Southington CT Valley Eastern Connecticut
A0631 Garrett Brown 2020 CT D3 Goalie Southington Southington CT Valley Eastern Connecticut
B3702 Andrew Bovo 2021 PA CLUB New Castle Shenango East Texas Baptist
B3701 Ethan Buffington 2021 TX CLUB The Colony The Colony East Texas Baptist
B3700 James Burton 2021 OK CLUB Oklahoma City Homeschool East Texas Baptist
B3699 Avery Cook 2021 ON CLUB Cobourg Hill Academy East Texas Baptist
B3698 Philip Davis 2021 TX CLUB Houston Reynolds Academy East Texas Baptist
B3697 Dominic Desjardins 2021 PA CLUB Midfield Gibsonia Pine Richland East Texas Baptist
B3696 Cooper Goodwin 2021 TX CLUB Frisco Centennial East Texas Baptist
B3695 Corder Helmick 2021 WV CLUB Morgantown Morgantown East Texas Baptist
B3694 Ethan Huante 2021 TX CLUB Dallas North Forney East Texas Baptist
B3693 Caleb Kerns 2021 AZ CLUB Peoria Sunrise Mountain East Texas Baptist
B3691 Jason Moore 2021 TX CLUB Odessa Permian East Texas Baptist
B3690 Cameron Schmitz 2021 TX CLUB Mesquite Horn East Texas Baptist
B2856 Jason Zeitler 2021 DE D3 Attack Clayton Smyrna Eastern
B2711 Ryan Poole 2021 PA D3 LSM Media Penncrest NXT Eastern
B2103 Josh Hagan 2021 PA D3 Defense Folsom Ridley Dukes Eastern
B1837 Dan Divita 2021 PA D3 Midfield Warminster Archbishop Wood Bucks Select/Team 11 Eastern
B1836 Brady Palmer 2021 MD D3 Defense Owings Mills Beth Tfiloh Kooper's/Team MD Eastern
B1835 Connor Phillips 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Ridgewood St. Joseph NJ Riot/Patriot Eastern
B1834 Suraj Sharma 2021 PA D3 Defense West Chester Westtown School Eastern
B1734 Nathaniel Hayes 2021 WV CLUB Defense Hedgesville St. John's Prep (MD) MDX/Lionheart East Texas Baptist
B1606 Christopher Fanelli 2021 PA D3 Attack Perkasie Pennridge Team 11 Eastern
B1530 Daniel Barron 2021 CT D3 Midfield Newington Newington CT Valley Eastern Connecticut
B1484 Jerin Williams 2021 PA D3 Attack York Central York iM3 Eastern
A4090 Gavin Kudick 2020 WI D3 Midfield Wales Kettle Moraine Edgewood
A4089 Sean Jordan 2020 WI D3 Midfield Green Bay Ashwaubenon Edgewood
A4088 Karsen Kleppe 2020 WI D3 Midfield Genesee Kettle Moraine Edgewood
A4087 Ryder Patano 2020 UT D3 LSM Salt Lake City Skyline TRUE (UT) Edgewood
A4086 Gabe Atkins 2020 MN D3 Midfield Hastings Park Gophers Edgewood
A4085 Dylan Bondeson 2020 MN D3 Midfield Cottage Grove Park MN Lax Edgewood
A4084 Blake Stockwell 2020 KS D3 Attack Olathe Olathe Northwest Blue Valley Edgewood
A4083 Riley Hensley 2020 IL D3 Defense Lemont Lemont TRUE (IL) Edgewood
A4082 Alonzo Granger 2020 FL D3 Midfield Boca Raton Atlantic Edgewood
A4081 Nick Bugge 2020 CA D3 Midfield Bakersfield Garces Edgewood
A3776 Avery Bugaj 2020 IL D3 Midfield Round Lake Park Carmel Catholic Team One Edgewood
A3775 Steven Cottrell 2020 CA D3 Defense Bakersfield Bakersfield Edgewood
B3798 Andrew Stich 2021 WI D3 Defense Kenosha Tremper TRUE IL Edgewood
B3389 Aidan Gatenbee 2021 OH D3 Defense Delaware Hayes Blackjack Edgewood
B2301 Camden Sisler 2021 WI D3 Defense Madison Monona Grove/Madison Dane County Coyotes Edgewood
A3969 Joseph Killpatrick 2020 MD D3 Midfield Severna Park Severna Park Prostart Elizabethtown
A3451 Chad Schaffer 2020 MD D3 LSM Hampstead Manchester Valley Rock Elizabethtown
A3054 Chad Schaffer 2020 MD D3 LSM Hampstead Manchester Valley Rock Elizabethtown
A3053 Lucca Scomillio 2020 PA D3 Attack Easton Easton HEADstrong Elizabethtown
A2534 Eric Hoover 2020 PA D3 Midfield Carlisle Carlisle Team MD Elizabethtown
A2533 Colin Kondracki 2020 PA D3 Attack Hummelstown Hershey Rock Elizabethtown
A2532 Alec Newman 2020 PA D3 Goalie Hummelstown Hershey Elizabethtown
A0630 Anthony Brett 2020 NJ D3 Midfield St. John Vianney NJLC Elizabethtown
A0629 Jack Cleary 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Somerville Elizabethtown
A0628 Brendan Doel 2020 NJ D3 Attack Freehold Freehold Township Team Turnpike Elizabethtown
A0627 Brayden Franey 2020 MD D3 Goalie Ellicott City Glenelg Country Team 91 (MD) Elizabethtown
A0626 Gavin Gismondi 2020 NJ D3 Attack West Deptford West Deptford Shamrocks Elizabethtown
A0625 Lucas Kohler 2020 VA D3 Defense James Madison Top Caliber/Team MD Elizabethtown
A0624 Joel Maragoto 2020 NJ D3 Defense Freehold Freehold Township Team 91 Elizabethtown
B2710 Benjamin Clark 2021 PA D3 Defense Coopersburg Southern Lehigh HEADstrong Elizabethtown
B2636 Graham Temple 2021 PA D3 Midfield Chadds Ford Unionville Freedom Elizabethtown
B2511 Alex Ly 2021 PA D3 Midfield Coatesville Coatesville Freedom Elizabethtown
B1990 Josh Klahr 2021 PA D3 Defense Reading Governor Mifflin Elizabethtown
B1833 Kyle Miller 2021 VA D3 Goalie Leesburg Loudoun County Hammers Elizabethtown
B1665 Dawson Smith 2021 PA D3 Defense Harrisburg Central Dauphin Elizabethtown
B1124 Colin Johnson 2021 PA D3 Attack Saucon Valley HEADStrong Elizabethtown
A4229 Blaine Hynde 2020 MI D3 Attack Muskegon Reeths-Puffer West Side Elmhurst
A3450 Brennan Bitely 2020 NY D3 Attack Webster Webster Schroeder Blaze Elmira
A0623 Logan Erisman 2020 WA D3 LSM Bellevue Bellevue Classics Elmhurst
A0622 Noah Mickelson 2020 MI D3 Goalie Mattawan Mattawan Army Ants Elmhurst 
B2202 Austin Evans 2021 WA D3 Defense Renton Liberty Seattle Starz/SouthS Elmhurst
B2102 Ethan Castillo 2021 IN D3 LSM Munster Munster East Ave Elmhurst
B2101 Jonathan Krolik 2021 IL D3 Midfield Plainfield St. Rita Team IL Elmhurst
B1832 Pete Grebe 2021 MO D3 Attack St. Louis Lindbergh Project MO Elmhurst
B1831 Tommy Smyth 2021 MN D3 LSM Duluth Duluth East Frog Elmhurst
B1645 Luke Thomas 2021 IN D3 Attack South Bend St. Joseph TRUE (IL) Elmhurst
A1127 Peter Abbes 2020 NJ D2 Attack Middletown United Embry-Riddle
A1126 Christian Hofer 2020 FL D2 Attack Oviedo Hagerty Sunny Embry-Riddle
A1125 Parker Liposky 2020 MD D2 Midfield Frederick Urbana Team 91 (MD) Embry-Riddle
A1124 James Meek 2020 NJ D2 FOGO Rutgers Prep Embry-Riddle
A1123 Landon Merigold 2020 MN D2 Goalie Rosemount Rosemount TRUE (MN) Embry-Riddle
A1122 Trevor Niedzwiecki 2020 CO D2 Defense Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain Blue Label Embry-Riddle
A1121 Kurt Pelchen 2020 FL D2 Defense Jupiter Jupiter Team 91 Embry-Riddle
A1120 Matthew Ryan 2020 NY D2 Midfield Farmingdale St. Anthony's LI Express Embry-Riddle
B3323 Landon Merigold 2021 MN D2 Goalie Rosemount Rosemount TRUE (MN) Embry-Riddle
B3120 Ryan Paulson 2021 FL D2 Defense Niceville Niceville Sweetlax/850 Embry-Riddle
B3119 Josh Thomson 2021 FL D2 LSM Orlando First Academy Sweetlax Embry-Riddle
B2957 Josh Papania 2021 AR D2 Defense Fayetteville Fayetteville East Embry-Riddle
B2956 Luke Aldrich 2021 IN D2 Attack New Palestine Roncalli MW Express/Origins Embry-Riddle
B2133 Joshua Bushong 2021 WA D2 Defense Wenatchee Wenatchee Seattle Starz Embry-Riddle
B1101 Andrew Ewalt 2021 IL D2 FOGO Deer Park Ponte Vedra Sweetlax/TRUE Embry-Riddle
B0038 Preston Moderi 2021 TX D2 Defense Dallas Episcopal School of Texas Mustangs Embry-Riddle
A3052 Connor Nydegger 2020 MA D3 Goalie Bridgewater-Raynham Fighting Clams Emerson
A3051 Birk Swan 2020 CA D3 Midfield Palos Verdes LA Heat Emerson
A2531 Josh Demattos 2020 NY D3 Defense Queensbury Queensbury ADK Emerson
A2256 Kyle Sledzik 2020 FL D3 Defense Ponte Vedra Brewster Academy 3D Emerson
B2201 Tyler King 2021 CA D3 FOGO San Mateo Saint Ignatius ADVNC Emerson
B2200 Jared Valluzzi 2021 NY D3 Attack South Huntington St. Anthony's Igloo Emerson
B1418 Alexander Menendez 2021 IL D3 Midfield Naperville Culver Academy TRUE (IL) Emerson
B1042 Baron Abrishami 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Florham Park Phillips Andover Bandits/Laxachusetts Emerson
A4075 Jacob Brundage 2020 SC D2 Defense Irmo Dutch Fork Victory Emmanuel (GA)
A3449 Darian Welsh 2020 GA D2 Midfield Buford Mountain View Thunder LB3 Emmanuel (GA)
A2255 Adam Wright 2020 GA D2 Defense Evans Evans Augusta Patriots Emmanuel (GA)
A1119 Tyler Sprouse 2020 GA D2 Defense Evans Greenbrier Emmanuel (GA)
A0621 Jake Cioffi 2020 RI D3 Defense Lincoln Mount St. Charles 3D Emmanuel (MA)
A0620 Michael Tardibuono 2020 NJ D3 Defense Westfield Emmanuel (MA)
B3522 Jared Weiss 2021 FL D2 Attack Viera Viera Dirty Birds/Lax Orla Emmanuel (GA)
B3299 Sanzio Digesualdo 2021 NY D3 Attack Niskayuna Niskayuna Emmanuel (MA)
B3118 Adam Dulske 2021 NC D2 Defense Boiling Springs Boiling Springs Sting Emmanuel (GA)
B3117 Ayden Key 2021 GA D2 Defense Augusta Lakeside Thunder LB3 Emmanuel (GA)
B2882 Luke Hildebrandt 2021 AB D2 Midfield Didsbury Didsbury Evolve Emmanuel (GA)
B2855 Jack Antico 2021 MD D3 Defense Baltimore Mount Saint Joseph HOCO Emmanuel (MA)
B2709 Evan Decker 2021 WI D3 LSM Milwaukee Wauwatosa East Emmanuel (MA)
A3774 Mason Grasso 2020 NH D3 Midfield Bow Holderness School 4 Leaf Endicott
A3050 Matt Cawley 2020 MA D3 LSM Westwood Westwood Laxachusetts Endicott
A3049 Aidan McDonough 2020 MA D3 Midfield Groton-Dunstable Fighting Clams Endicott
A3048 Connor Mulvaney 2020 MA D3 Midfield Holliston Holliston Fighting Clams Endicott
A2254 Zach Hojnowski 2020 CT D3 Midfield Somers Somers 3D Endicott
A2253 Nick Pagliuso 2020 CT D3 Attack Shelton Shelton Lax for Wishes Endicott
A2252 Christopher Tillotson 2020 CT D3 Goalie Monroe Masuk 2-Way/Chargers/Lax f Endicott
A0619 Derek Gemski 2020 MA D3 Defense Medfield Laxachusetts Endicott
A0618 Liam Johnston 2020 CO D3 Defense Cherry Creek CO Fire Endicott
A0617 Ryan Varano 2020 CT D3 Midfield Avon Old Farms Schoo Endicott
B2939 Jake Stack 2021 NY D3 Midfield Clifton Park Shenendehowa Albany Power Endicott
B2854 Andrew Toland 2021 MA D3 Attack Lincoln-Sudbury Endicott
B1830 John English 2021 NJ D3 Defense Ridgewood Ridgewood Maroons Endicott
B1729 Jack Dagata 2021 CT D3 Defense Branford Notre Dame Oilers Endicott
B1487 Guerin Favreau 2021 CT D3 Midfield Woodstock Valley Woodstock Academy 3D NE Endicott
B1411 Campbell Fernandez 2021 NJ D3 Attack Mendham Morristown-Beard STEPS Endicott
B1406 Shane Kilkelly 2021 MA D3 Midfield Oliver Ames Fighting Clams Endicott
B1382 Drew Daley 2021 MA D3 Defense Reading Reading NE Twisters Endicott
B1381 Jackson Burns 2021 NH D3 LSM Salem Central Catholic NE Twisters Endicott
B1297 Zachary Watson 2021 MA D3 Midfield Pomfret School Fighting Clams Endicott
B1227 Jack Fiorillo 2021 NY D3 Midfield East Williston Wheatley School LI Igloo Endicott
B1213 Trevor Brooks 2021 MA D3 LSM Milford St. Joseph Prep Fighting Clams Endicott
B1041 Ethan Cupples 2021 MA D3 Midfield Marshfield Marshfield Piatelli Endicott
B1040 Stefano Fabiano 2021 MA D3 Midfield Wakefield Bishop Fenwick Fighting Clams Endicott
A3047 Garrett Boerner 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Manchester Manchester Valley Gonzo Essex CC
A3046 Zach Mateo 2020 MD JUCO Defense Edgewood Edgewood PR U19 Team Essex CC
A3045 Connor Robinson 2020 VA JUCO Midfield Mechanicsville Atlee Richmond Hawks Essex CC
A3044 Nick Woodard 2020 VA JUCO Defense North Stafford MadLax Essex CC
A2530 Grant Boerner 2020 MD JUCO Attack Manchester Manchester Valley Gonzo Essex CC
A2529 Michael Brown 2020 VA JUCO LSM Fairfax Flint Hill/VMI Top Caliber/Blackwol Essex CC
A2528 Ryan Frick 2020 MD JUCO Attack Pasadena Northeast Peninsula/Under the Essex CC
A2527 T.J. Richardson 2020 OH JUCO Defense Cincinnati Sycamore Essex CC
A2526 Will Schmidt 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Baltimore Dulaney/Mount St. Ma Essex CC
A2525 Connor Trump 2020 MD JUCO Attack Manchester Manchester Valley Gonzo Essex CC
A0693 Jadyn Castillo 2020 MD JUCO Midfield Baltimore Towson TRUE (MD)/Kooper's Essex CC
B2913 Isaac Arana 2021 MD JUCO Attack New Market Wheaton MD Extreme Essex CC
B2782 David Geguzys 2021 AZ JUCO Attack Scottsdale Chaparral AZ Elevation Essex CC
B2596 Jacob Smith 2021 MI JUCO Goalie Lansing Lansing Waverly Momentum Essex CC
B1778 Mason Scott 2021 PA JUCO Attack Lancaster Lancaster Country Da Rock/Team 11 Essex CC
A3675 Matt Chlastawa 2020 MA D1 Attack Westfield Westfield/Bates Kings Fairfield
A3674 Tyler Perkins 2020 PA D3 Defense Council Rock South Fairleigh Dickinson
A3043 Nicholas Perillo 2020 NJ D3 Attack Jackson Memorial NJLC Fairleigh Dickinson
A3042 Ryan Turano 2020 NJ D3 Midfield Nutley Nutley Evolution Fairleigh Dickinson
A2524 Matthew Belcher 2020 RI D1 FOGO North Smithfield La Salle Academy RI Bulldogs Fairfield
A2251 CJ Cummings 2020 NJ D1 Goalie Christian Brothers A Team 91 NJ Fairfield
A2250 Cole Filson 2020 MA D1 LSM Mount Greylock Catamount Fairfield
A1883 Cam Barisano 2020 MA D1 Midfield Westford Academy Fighting Clams Fairfield
A1882 Mikey Beil 2020 NY D1 Midfield Schreiber Fairfield
A1881 Jacob Coleman 2020 NY D1 Attack Pleasantville Pleasantville Express Fairfield
A1880 Colin Consoli 2020 NJ D1 Goalie Glen Rock BBL Fairfield
A1879 Josh Demko 2020 NY D1 Midfield Carthage Carthage Orange Crush Fairfield
A1878 Tommy Elliott 2020 NY D1 Midfield Mahopac Fairfield
A1877 Nicholas Giardina 2020 NY D1 Defense Islip Fairfield
A1876 Ryan Hamburger 2020 NJ D1 FOGO West Essex NJ Riot Fairfield
A1875 Ryan Lancaster 2020 MD D1 Midfield Phoenix Loyola Blakefield Baltimore Crabs Fairfield
A1874 Braden Lynch 2020 NY D1 LSM Baldwinsville C. W. Baker Orange Crush Fairfield
A1873 Malcolm MacInnes 2020 AB D1 Midfield Calgary ELEV8 Fairfield
A1872 Ben Morgan 2020 MD D1 Defense Severna Park Baltimore Crabs Fairfield
A1871 Brady Strough 2020 NY D1 Midfield Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Harbor LI Express Fairfield
B3826 Joseph Costantino 2021 NY D1 Midfield West Islip West Islip Fairfield
B3772 Mikey Drake 2021 DE D1 Attack Wilmington Salesianum/Notre Dam Big 4 HHH/Dukes Fairfield
B3491 Rob Lucchesi 2021 NC D3 Defense Charlotte Myers Park/Tampa Carolina Miners Fairleigh Dickinson
B3343 Caleb McNaull 2021 VA D1 LSM Vienna Paul VI/Essex CC VLC Fairfield
B2635 Robbie Trisuzzi 2021 NJ D3 Midfield Rockaway Morris Knolls Resolute Force Fairleigh Dickinson
B1522 Grant Pierce 2021 PA D1 Defense St. Davids Radnor Big 4 HHH Fairfield
B1394 Zachary Antoniou 2021 FL D1 Defense Tampa Plant Sweetlax Fairfield
B1380 Robert Moore 2021 NY D1 Midfield Westhampton Beach Westhampton Beach LI Express Fairfield
B1039 Dylan Johannes 2021 BC D1 Midfield Langford Royal Bay Academy Fairfield
B0905 Aidan Bonn 2021 NY D3 Defense Huntington Huntington LI Team 91 Fairleigh Dickinson
B0747 James Kapralos 2021 NY D1 Defense Westbury Carle Place Rebels Fairfield
B0635 Matt Rice 2021 MD D1 Midfield Catonsville Loyola Blakefield Baltimore Crabs Fairfield
B0599 Jack McKenna 2021 CT D1 Attack Fairfield Fairfield Warde CT Wolves Fairfield
B0566 Nicholas Bloom 2021 MA D1 FOGO Westwood Xaverian Brothers Coyotes Fairfield
B0402 Chris Adornato 2021 NY D1 Midfield New Hartford Christian Brothers A Upstate Salt Kings Fairfield
B0401 Scott Cimbalo 2021 KY D1 Midfield Louisville St. Xavier L4 Fairfield
B0400 Christopher DeBellis 2021 NJ D1 LSM Wyckoff Ramapo NJ Riot Fairfield
B0399 Josh Demko 2021 NY D1 Midfield Carthage Carthage Orange Crush Fairfield
B0398 Owen Hirsch 2021 PA D1 Goalie Lancaster Manheim Township Rising Sons Fairfield
B0397 Timothy Lucky 2021 MD D1 FOGO Elkton Sanford School (DE) TRUE (MD) Fairfield
B0396 PJ McGoldrick 2021 NY D1 LSM West Islip West Islip LI Express Fairfield
B0395 Aidan McLane 2021 NJ D1 Attack Westfield Westfield Blue Star Fairfield
B0394 Rory Thompson 2021 NY D1 Defense Binghamton Chenango Valley Denver Elite Fairfield
G0228 Walker Hunter 2023 NJ D1 Goalie Oceanport Shore Leading Edge Fairfield
A3673 Thomas Stock 2020 NY D3 Attack Farmingville Newfield LI Empire Farmingdale State
B2399 James Engley 2021 NY D3 Midfield Ronkonkoma Connetquot LI Igloo Farmingdale State
B1829 Nicholas Rizzuto 2021 NY D3 Goalie Bohemia Connetquot LI Legacy Farmingdale State
A4176 Finn Crocker 2020 MA D2 Midfield Hamilton Beverly/MBX Prep MBX Felician
A3773 Matthew Branco 2020 NJ D2 Defense Saddle Brook Saddle Brook Felician
A3772 Brandon Cerone 2020 NJ D2 Defense West Milford West Milford Felician
A3771 Alfonso Guerrero 2020 NY D2 Midfield Bellmore Mepham LI Bengals Felician
A3770 Justin McKenney 2020 MA D2 Attack Arlington Arlington Titletown Felician
A3769 Angelo Ruiz 2020 SD D2 Attack Rapid City Rapid City Black Hills Felician
A3768 Bobby Shannon 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Old Bridge Old Bridge/Brookdale Felician
B2881 Robert Dunn 2021 MI D2 Midfield Waterford Township Waterford Kettering/ Army Ants Felician
B2551 Luke Dayton 2021 NJ D2 Midfield Haddon Township Haddon Township NJLC Felician
B1911 Joseph Celentano 2021 NJ D2 Defense Passaic Valley Felician
B1717 Filipe Correia 2021 NJ D2 Attack Brick Brick Team 91 (NJ) Felician
B1607 Drew Gisinger 2021 NJ D2 Attack Toms River Toms River South NJLC Felician
B1587 Liam Dunn 2021 MI D2 LSM Waterford Waterford Kettering/ PLG Felician
B1544 Kyle Such 2021 CT D2 LSM Newington Newington Rip It/CT Valley Felician
A3672 Brody Johnson 2020 FL D3 Goalie St. John's Bartram Trail Ferrum
A3448 Christian Johnson 2020 MD D3 LSM Upper Marlboro Frederick Douglass Ferrum
A3447 Nicholas Johnson 2020 MD D3 LSM Upper Marlboro Frederick Douglass Ferrum
A3041 Cory Hamilton 2020 MD D3 LSM Westminster Westminster MDX Ferrum
A2523 Jeffrey Cobb 2020 NC D3 Defense Jacksonville Northside Ferrum
A0614 Oscar Sessoms 2020 NC D3 Midfield Hampstead Topsail Ferrum
A0613 Jalen inman 2020 MD D3 Defense Poolesville MDX Ferrum 
B0904 Nick Shane 2021 DE D3 Defense Clayton Smyrna SCYL Ferrum
A3446 DeCouteau Blueye 2020 NY JUCO Attack Marcus Whitman Finger Lakes CC
A3445 Brodie Buckert 2020 NY JUCO Attack Palmyra-Macedon Finger Lakes CC
A3444 Michael Calianese 2020 NY JUCO Goalie Victor Victor Finger Lakes CC
A3443 Cordell Galvan 2020 NY JUCO Defense Bath Haverling Finger Lakes CC
A3442 Patrick Hampton 2020 NY JUCO Midfield Marcus Whitman Finger Lakes CC
A3441 Gavin Lathrop 2020 NY JUCO Attack Midlakes Finger Lakes CC
A3440 Declan Meehan 2020 MA JUCO Defense Whitman Hanson Hawks Finger Lakes CC
A3439 Kyle Russell 2020 NY JUCO Attack Wayne Finger Lakes CC
A3438 Alec Sapienza 2020 NY JUCO Defense Palmyra-Macedon Finger Lakes CC
A3437 Trevor VanNostrand 2020 NY JUCO Midfield Midlakes Finger Lakes CC
A3436 Nate Yehl 2020 NY JUCO Defense Bath Haverling Finger Lakes CC
A0850 Aaron Brooks 2020 NY JUCO Defense Geneva Geneva Finger Lakes CC
A0122 Teddy Christensen-Cook 2020 NY JUCO Attack Geneva Geneva Finger Lakes CC
B2067 John Hamilton 2021 NY JUCO Midfield Lockport Lockport Roc E6 Finger Lakes CC
A3767 Will Horn 2020 FL D2 Defense Steinbrenner Flagler
A3435 Pierce Jamieson 2020 NC D2 LSM Southern Shores First Flight V3 Flagler
A3434 Nate Lehr 2020 NY D2 Goalie Chenango Bridge Chenango Valley/Lime Flagler
A3433 Tanner Sims 2020 FL D2 Attack Winter Springs Oviedo Flagler
A3432 Seth Ulrickson 2020 FL D2 Midfield St. Augustine St. Augustine Flagler
A3040 Mitchell Evans 2020 MD D2 Goalie Marriotts Ridge Roughriders Flagler
B3812 Will Bateman 2021 MD D2 Midfield Cantonsville Mount Saint Joseph HOCO/Roughriders Flagler
B3811 Jack Callis 2021 MD D2 Midfield Baltimore Hereford/Roanoke Breakers Flagler
B3810 Asher Campbell-Westbrook 2021 FL D2 Defense St. Augustine Pedro Menendez 2 Knights Flagler
B3809 Luke Kane 2021 MO D2 Midfield St. Louis Webster Groves Project MO Flagler
B3808 Justin LaBanz 2021 MD D2 Attack Hereford Hereford HLC Flagler
B3807 Geraint Shaw 2021 GA D2 Attack Actworth Allatoona Thunder LB3 Flagler
B3806 Dominic Trager 2021 OH D2 Defense Hilliard Hilliard Davidson Haymakers Flagler
B3805 Gabe Zappia 2021 VA D2 Attack Roanoke North Cross Flagler
B3589 Asher Minich 2021 WA D2 Defense Camas Camas/Notre Dame De MadLax Flagler
B3521 Jack Newell 2021 FL D2 Defense Orlando Lake Nona Flagler
B3322 Ben Byrne 2021 FL D2 Midfield Jupiter Jupiter Flagler
B3321 Beau Casterline 2021 FL D2 Midfield Orlando Bishop Moore Always Sunny Flagler
B3320 Asher Westbrook 2021 FL D2 Defense St. Augustine Menendez 2 Knights Flagler
B3116 Ryan Berkman 2021 FL D2 Attack Windermere Montverde Academy Sweetlax/Florida Dor Flagler
B3115 Parker Collins 2021 NC D2 Midfield Charlotte Ardrey Kell Rattlesnakes Flagler
B3114 Christian House 2021 FL D2 FOGO Ponte Vedra Nease Villages Flagler
B3113 Jacob Limon 2021 FL D2 Defense Gainesville Oak Hall School Sweetlax/FL Generals Flagler
B2955 Stone Foster 2021 FL D2 Midfield Tallahassee Maclay School SweetLax/850/Terror Flagler
B2954 Jack Guerrisi 2021 MD D2 Midfield Severna Park Severna Park Peninsula Flagler
B2754 Michael Crenshaw 2021 FL D2 Midfield Windermere Windermere Outlaws Flagler
B2671 Ethan Lyles 2021 FL D2 Midfield Saint Augustine Saint Augustine Ohana/Spartans Flagler
B2550 Aaron Habisch 2021 MN D2 Midfield Little Canada Moundsview Team MN Flagler
B2549 Wyatt Huggins 2021 RI D2 Attack Portsmouth Portsmouth Abbey Flagler
B2440 Tyler Douglass 2021 FL D2 Midfield Jupiter Jupiter Ninja Flagler
B2245 Davis Campbell 2021 FL D2 Attack Winter Park Winter Park Always Sunny Flagler
B1910 Ryan Harding 2021 PA D2 Defense Mountain Top Crestwood NEPA Flagler
B1909 Jake Hilliard 2021 CO D2 Defense Superior Monarch CO Fire/Denver Elite Flagler
B1908 Elijah Kaasa 2021 MN D2 Defense Brooklyn Center Irondale MN Loons Flagler
B1907 Dylan Wilson 2021 MD D2 Midfield Sykesville Mount Saint Joseph Zingos Flagler
B1631 Luke Plummer 2021 KY D2 Defense Lexington Clay Commonwealth Kings Flagler
B1531 Colten Reynolds 2021 KY D2 Midfield Lexington Clay Commonwealth Kings Flagler
B1485 Billy Ryder 2021 NH D2 Midfield Pelham Central Catholic NH Tomahawks Flagler
B1292 Braeden Forrest 2021 FL D2 Attack Ocala Forest FL Generals Flagler
B1186 Cole Nichter 2021 MD D2 Defense Baltimore St. Paul's Koopers Flagler
B0903 Drew Flagg 2021 FL D2 Attack Ocala Forest Sweetlax/FL Generals Flagler
B0746 Matthew Gick 2021 PA D2 Midfield Felton York Catholic TEAM Lax Flagler
A4052 Matt Granaroli 2020 FL CLUB Midfield Wellington Wellington Florida
A4046 Kyle Johnson 2020 FL CLUB Defense Lake Worth Palm Beach Central PB Revolution Florida
A3766 Kyle Sullivan 2020 FL CLUB Midfield Newsome Florida Gulf Coast
A3765 Tyler Guthrie 2020 FL D2 Midfield Sanford Lake Mary Florida Southern
A3764 Rylan Reese 2020 FL D2 Defense Newsome Florida Southern
A3763 Justin Sherry 2020 FL D2 Attack Tampa Wharton Florida Southern
A3762 Wyatt Dano 2020 FL CLUB Defense St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Surge Florida State
A3671 Connor Davis 2020 AB D2 Goalie Calgary Scarlett Evolve/Axemen Florida Tech
A3431 Jonathan Crabill 2020 NC CLUB Goalie Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Florida
A3430 Seth Leavell 2020 VA CLUB Attack Charlottesville Covenant School Florida
A3429 Ben Acosta 2020 FL D2 Defense All Saints Florida Southern
A3039 Trevor Hatherly 2020 VA D2 Midfield Gainesville Battlefield Top Caliber Florida Southern
A3038 Kylan Lane 2020 MD D2 Midfield Dulaney LaxWorld Florida Southern
A3037 Jordan Long 2020 NY D2 Midfield Camillus West Genesee/Onondag Florida Southern
A3036 Austin Campbell 2020 AZ D2 Defense Gilbert Campo Verde/MBX Middlesex Bears Florida Tech
A3035 Luke Jayne 2020 FL D2 Midfield Saint Edward's Dukes Florida Tech
A3034 Jack Maranto 2020 MD D2 Midfield Fallston Maverick/UC Florida Tech
A3033 Colten McCracken 2020 MD D2 Midfield Middletown Middletown Roughriders Florida Tech
A3032 Zach Rozgonyi 2020 MD D2 Attack Elkridge Mount St. Joseph Roughriders Florida Tech
A2522 Luke Nolan 2020 PA CLUB Goalie Pennsbury Florida
A2521 Kalam Storrs 2020 MN D2 Midfield Benilde-St. Margaret MN Loons Florida Southern
A2420 Shane Carson 2020 FL D2 Goalie Merritt Island Merritt Island Space Coast Florida Tech
A2356 Ethan Hooks 2020 TX D2 Defense Dripping Springs Dripping Springs Jammers Florida Southern
A2355 Nate DePlancke 2020 FL D2 Attack Viera Viera Florida Tech
A1118 Jack Atlas 2020 NY D2 Midfield Islip Islip LI Legacy Florida Southern
A1117 Casey Campbell 2020 NJ D2 Attack Manasquan Florida Southern
A1116 Josh Carpenter 2020 CO D2 Midfield Colorado Springs Pine Creek Blue Label Florida Southern
A1115 Ryley Cole 2020 GA D2 Attack North Paulding Thunder LB3/Wasatch Florida Southern
A1114 Zachary Davenport 2020 FL D2 Attack Winter Park Lake Highland Prep Braveheart Florida Southern
A1113 James Feord 2020 MI D2 Attack Cranbrook Schools Juiced Cherries Florida Southern
A1112 Jack Frazee 2020 FL D2 Midfield Lake Highland Prep Florida Southern
A1111 Brendan Glasser 2020 NY D2 Midfield Farmingville Sachem East Florida Southern
A1110 Jack Gualtieri 2020 MI D2 Midfield Hartland Hartland Juiced Cherries/Blue Florida Southern
A1109 Tyson Gurnsey 2020 FL D2 Midfield Winter Haven All Saints Florida Southern
A1108 Joseph Heckel 2020 PA D2 Goalie Easton Easton HEADstrong Florida Southern
A1107 Carson Holtke 2020 CA D2 Defense Thousand Oaks Chaminade WC Starz Florida Southern
A1106 Sean McCarty 2020 NC D2 LSM Fuquay Varina Fuquay-Varina Goblin Florida Southern
A1105 Dante Mendez 2020 FL D2 Midfield Tampa Alonso SandSharks Florida Southern
A1104 Brydon Robichaud 2020 AB D2 Attack High River ELEV8/Axemen Florida Southern
A1103 Michael Simone 2020 NY D2 Goalie Smithtown West LI Legacy Florida Southern
A1102 Noah Swenson 2020 OH D2 Resolute Blacklick DeSales Resolute Florida Southern
A1101 Camden Etten 2020 FL D2 Attack St. John Paul II Florida Southern 
A1100 Austin Engeler 2020 FL D2 Midfield West Broward Florida Tech
A1099 Andrew Ward 2020 PA D2 Defense Palmyra Palmyra Rock Florida Tech
A1098 Sam Cardosi 2020 FL D2 Defense St. Edward's School Dukes/Mavericks Florida Tech 
A0033 Ryan Oliver 2020 FL CLUB Goalie Orlando First Academy Florida
B3765 Sam Balch 2021 IL D2 Defense Wilmette New Tier/Roanoke Team One Florida Tech
B3764 Ben Claffee 2021 MD D2 Midfield Forrest Hill Fallston/St. Mary's Florida Tech
B3763 Elijah Doan 2021 TN D2 Midfield Franklin Centennial Florida Tech
B3762 Cole Marini 2021 NJ D2 Defense Monroe Township Monroe Township/Roan NJLC Florida Tech
B3761 Collin Stewart 2021 MD D2 Attack Westminster Calvert Hall/Mercer Florida Tech
B3760 Josh Vetter 2021 MD D2 Defense Ellicott City Howard/Roanoke MD Pride Florida Tech
B3759 Elliott Yacu 2021 AL D2 Midfield Homewood Homewood/Marquette Florida Tech
B3425 William Couture 2021 VT CLUB Midfield Essex Essex Florida State
B3400 Griffin Martin 2021 PA D2 Attack Trafford Penn-Trafford/NJIT Low & Away Florida Tech
B3219 Johnny Hulsman 2021 MD D2 Goalie Baltimore Westminster/Bellarmi Gonzo Florida Tech
B3112 Chris Donnelly 2021 FL D2 Attack Sarasota Cardinal Mooney True (FL) Florida Southern
B3111 Jake Rider 2021 FL D2 Midfield Melbourne Melbourne Central Ca Mid Coast Renegades Florida Tech
B2953 Owen Mccusker 2021 NJ D2 Attack Manasquan NJ United Florida Southern
B2952 Roderick Pittman-Delancey 2021 FL CLUB Midfield Alafaya Timber Creek Florida Poly
B2880 Holden Gelinas 2021 FL D2 Midfield Fort Myers Canterbury School FL Crabs/Old Bay Florida Southern
B2879 Branden Taylor 2021 OK D2 Attack Tulsa Comets Impulse/Braveheart Florida Tech
B2878 Maxwell Wuchenich 2021 CA D2 Midfield Santa Monica Deerfield Academy Dragons Florida Tech
B2730 Joshua Young 2021 OH D2 Defense Cincinnati Western Reserve Acad Burning River/Trilog Florida Tech
B2670 Peter Basturk 2021 FL D2 Defense Fort Myers Canterbury School Old Bay Florida Southern
B2669 Joshua Castano 2021 CT D2 Attack Niantic Xavier CT Valley Florida Southern
B2668 Gary Lozito 2021 NY D2 Attack Poughquag Arlington Florida Tech
B2548 Clay Edwards 2021 FL D2 Attack Tallahassee Lincoln Wolfpack/Terror Florida Southern
B2547 Jakob Terpak 2021 PA D2 Attack York Central York Rock Florida Tech
B2439 Jack Ferris 2021 FL D2 Attack Jupiter Jupiter Ninja Florida Tech
B2438 Brett Nastos 2021 MD D2 LSM Eldersburg Liberty Koopers Florida Tech
B2330 Griffin Bruno 2021 NJ D2 Midfield Cranbury West Windsor Plainsb NJLC Florida Southern
B2329 Andrew Goodrich 2021 MI D2 Attack South Lyon South Lyon TRUE (MI) Florida Southern
B2244 Levi Shapiro 2021 RI D2 Goalie Saunderston North Kingston 3D Florida Southern
B2243 Andy Degner 2021 IL D2 FOGO New Lenox Providence Catholic Team IL Florida Tech
B2132 Garrett Gmeiner 2021 MD D2 LSM Eldersburg Mount Saint Joseph Gonzo/Zingos/Team MD Florida Tech
B2131 Jackson Sytsma 2021 FL D2 Defense Tallahassee Lawton Chiles 850 Florida Tech
B1906 Mattias Flammenspeck 2021 AB D2 Midfield Heritage Pointe Foothill Composite Evolve/Mountaineers/ Florida Southern
B1905 Mason McQuiggin 2021 AB D2 Midfield Calgary St. Francis ELEV8/Team AB Florida Southern
B1904 Gavin O'Connor 2021 NY D2 Midfield Medford Patchogue-Medford LI Legacy Florida Southern
B1903 Kade Arnold 2021 MD D2 Defense Gerstell Academy Gonzo Florida Tech
B1902 Jonathan Thomas 2021 MD D2 LSM Calvert Hall Looney's/HoCo Florida Tech
B1901 Connor Young 2021 PA D2 LSM York Calvert Hall Kooper's Florida Tech
B1736 Cole Bonnell 2021 VA D2 Midfield Haymarket Battlefield Cavalier Florida Tech
B1609 Quinn Fitzgerald 2021 IN D2 Attack Indianapolis Brebeuf Jesuit TRUE (IN) Florida Tech
B1591 John Radun 2021 VA D2 Defense Haymarket Battlefield Cavalier Florida Tech
B1559 Jaxson Francisco 2021 MD D2 Goalie Westminster Winters Mill HLC/Gonzo Florida Tech
B1396 Danny Richmond 2021 FL D2 Attack Vero Beach Saint Edward's Florida Tech
B1379 Mason Cloyd 2021 MD D2 Midfield Towson Towson Breakers/Warrior Dia Florida Tech
B0902 Andrew Walenty 2021 NJ D2 Midfield Jackson Township Jackson NJLC Florida Tech
B0660 Connor Kyger 2021 MD D2 Midfield Monkton Hereford HLC Florida Tech
B0037 Gavin Stecher 2021 MD D2 Attack Towson Calvert Hall Gonzo Florida Tech
A3031 Dalton Church 2020 MA D3 Defense Proctor Academy Fighting Clams Franklin & Marshall
A3030 Jake Goralnik 2020 CT D3 Midfield Hebron Salisbury School Eclipse Franklin & Marshall
A3029 Blake Leveston 2020 MA D3 Attack Williston Northampto Prime Time Franklin & Marshall
A3028 Conor Rooney 2020 MA D2 Midfield Shawsheen Tech Laxachusetts Franklin Pierce
A3027 Tyler Swan 2020 ME D2 Defense Biddeford Thornton Academy ME Mussels Franklin Pierce
A3026 Jaxon Underhill 2020 CA D2 Midfield Calabasas MXB Prep Middlesex Bears/Roni Franklin Pierce
A2249 Drew Martin 2020 TX D3 Defense Jesuit Prep Iron Horse Franklin & Marshall
A2248 Jordan Beckett 2020 CT D2 Defense Masuk Masuk CT Wolves/Lax for Wi Franklin Pierce
A2247 Cameron Griffin 2020 MA D2 Goalie Beverly Beverly NH Tomahawks Franklin Pierce
A2246 James Heitmiller 2020 NH D2 Goalie Nashua Bishop Guertin NH Tomahawks Franklin Pierce
A2245 Connor McCormack 2020 NH D2 Attack Hampstead Pinkerton NH Tomahawks Franklin Pierce
A1097 Benjamin Brown 2020 ME D2 Defense Deering 207 Franklin Pierce 
A0611 Lachlan Barber 2020 MD D3 Goalie Annapolis St. Marys (MD) Prostart Franklin & Marshall
A0610 Kai Kelly 2020 CA D3 Attack IMG Academy SoCal Bulls/Legends Franklin & Marshall
A0609 Danny Meringolo 2020 NY D3 Defense Horace Greeley Franklin & Marshall
A0608 Brendan Murphy 2020 CA D3 FOGO Portola Valley Menlo School ADVNC Franklin & Marshall
A0607 Drew Pascal 2020 VA D3 Defense St. Stephens & St. A Blackwolf Franklin & Marshall
B2729 Tyler Foley 2021 MA D2 Midfield Newburyport Newburyport Franklin Pierce
B2634 Matthew Melkonian 2021 NY D3 Midfield Rockville Centre South Side LI ICON Franklin & Marshall
B2328 Shane Henrick 2021 MA D2 LSM Methuen Methuen HGR Franklin Pierce
B2242 Jackson Hale 2021 NH D2 Midfield Exeter Exeter NH Tomahawks/Houlaga Franklin Pierce
B2199 Brett Rama 2021 PA D3 Attack Upper Dublin Upper Dublin Dukes Franklin & Marshall
B2130 Ryan Cottone 2021 MA D2 Attack Newburyport Newburyport Franklin Pierce
B1828 Ryan Roberts 2021 FL D3 Attack Winter Park Winter Park SweetLax Franklin & Marshall
B1433 Hogan Rose 2021 MA D3 Midfield Pingree School NE Twisters Franklin & Marshall
B1282 Charlie Bernicker 2021 PA D3 Midfield Villanova Radnor NXT Franklin & Marshall
B1099 Terrence McCabe 2021 PA D3 Defense Wayne Shipley School Fusion Franklin & Marshall
B0901 Kai Kelly 2021 CA D3 Attack Carlsbad IMG Academy SoCal Bulls/Legends Franklin & Marshall
B0659 Pierce Archer 2021 NY D3 Midfield Garden City Garden City Franklin & Marshall
B0634 Gavin Schulz 2021 NC D3 Attack Durham Academy Hilltoppers Franklin & Marshall
A3025 Brady Crumbacker 2020 MD D2 Midfield Century MDX Frostburg State
A3024 Luke McCullough 2020 MD D2 LSM Damascus MDX Frostburg State
A2354 Christopher Savani 2020 MD D2 Goalie Millersville Severna Park PLC Frostburg State
A1096 Erek Augustin 2020 MD D2 Midfield Burtonsville Paint Branch MDX-Revolution Frostburg State
A1095 Austin Sipes 2020 MD D2 Attack Westminster Rock Frostburg State
A1094 Owen Horrigan 2020 MD D2 Defense Poolesville St. James School Lionheart Frostburg State 
B3520 Matthew Begley 2021 VA D2 Midfield Catlett Kettle Run/Onondaga BattleLax Frostburg State
B2437 Landon Bruce 2021 MD D2 Defense Sykesville Century Koopers Frostburg State
B2327 Gregg Dort 2021 NY D2 FOGO Ballston Spa Ballston Spa Albany Power Frostburg State
B2010 Seamus Kearney 2021 MD D2 LSM Mount Airy South Carroll Rock Frostburg State
B1900 Corbin Moore 2021 PA D2 Midfield Manheim Manheim Rock Frostburg State
B1416 Luke Zimmerman 2021 PA D2 Defense York Delone Catholic Team Lax Frostburg State
B1318 Dylan Zimmerman 2021 PA D2 Defense York Delone Catholic Team Lax Frostburg State
B1096 Gunner Settar 2021 MD D2 LSM Middle River Archbishop Curley HLC/Charm City Frostburg State
B0745 Blaine Karotko 2021 MD D2 Midfield White Hall Hereford HLC Frostburg State
B0633 Andrew Mullineaux 2021 MD D2 Midfield New Market Linganore Team MD Frostburg State
B0598 Eric Giron 2021 MD D2 Defense Rockville Rockville MD Xtreme Frostburg State
A3023 Cole Sweeney 2020 SC D1 Defense Oceanside Collegiate Top Left Furman
A1870 Sam Bonacci 2020 NY D1 Midfield Christian Brothers A Orange Crush Furman
A1869 James Brewer 2020 GA D1 Defense North Atlanta Thunder LB3 Furman
A1867 David Creo 2020 NY D1 Midfield Rockville Centre Chaminade LI Outlaws Furman
A1863 Jackson Klein 2020 MA D1 LSM Marblehead St. John's Prep Fighting Clams Furman
A1860 James Pendley 2020 TX D1 Defense The Woodlands The Woodlands Iron Horse/Sidewinde Furman
A1857 Danny Riccio 2020 NY D1 Defense Hawthorne Iona Prep School Predators Furman
A1853 Asher Wagnon 2020 GA D1 Midfield St. Pius X Thunder LB3 Furman
A3670 Dominic Basile 2020 NY D3 Midfield Clarence Center Clarence Buffalo Lax Academy Geneseo
A3428 Devin Lennon 2020 FL JUCO Goalie Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley Genesee CC
A3427 Tim Defendis 2020 NY D3 Goalie Fairport Fairport Blaze Geneseo
A3426 Michael Mascitti 2020 NY D3 Midfield Pittsford Pittsford Blaze Geneseo
A3425 Josue Exantus 2020 TX JUCO Defense Houston Westside Genessee CC
A3424 Hogaiyo John 2020 NY JUCO Defense Lake Shore Genessee CC
A3022 Robert Boniello 2020 NY D3 Attack Levittown Division Express Geneseo
A2419 Kevin Mouton 2020 NY D3 Attack Bethpage Bethpage Geneseo
A0606 Cole Bollin 2020 NY D3 Attack Webster Schroeder Harvest Geneseo
A0605 Michael Corwin 2020 NY D3 Defense Sayville Geneseo
A0604 Bryce Robertson 2020 NY D3 Attack Bayport-Blue Point East Coast Geneseo
B3183 Will Smeader 2021 NY JUCO Midfield Hamburg Hamburg Genesee CC
B2759 Joe Russo 2021 NY D3 Attack Webster Webster Thomas Harvest Geneseo
B2510 Dominic Pagano 2021 NY D3 Defense Horseheads Horseheads Big Horn Geneseo
B2046 Brendan Doller 2021 NY D3 Attack Yorktown Heights Yorktown Predators Geneseo
B2034 Jacob Coleman 2021 NY D3 Midfield Massapequa Park Massapequa True Blue Geneseo
B2033 Trevan Meagher 2021 NY D3 Defense Huntington Huntington LI Outlaws Geneseo
B2032 Riley Henselder 2021 NY D3 Attack Hauppauge Hauppauge Rebels Geneseo
B2031 Steven DiCarlo 2021 NY D3 Midfield Farmingdale Farmingdale LI Tide Geneseo
B1965 Torin Bograd 2021 NY D3 Midfield Huntington Huntington FLG/Outlaws Geneseo
B1827 Cade Spencer 2021 NY D3 Midfield Webster Webster Thomas 3D Geneseo
B1636 Nick Reffelt 2021 NY D3 Defense Niskayuna Niskayuna Kieran Geneseo
B1240 Robert Pisacani 2021 NY D3 Goalie Northport Chaminade LI Express Geneseo
B1183 Matthew Coleman 2021 NY D3 Defense Oakdale Connetquot LI Legacy Geneseo
B1037 Cole Sullivan 2021 NY D3 Attack Greenlawn Harborfields LI Rebels Geneseo
A4047 Cole Christensen 2020 NC CLUB LSM Charlotte McCallie School 24-7 Georgia Tech
A3968 Brendan Voelker 2020 PA D1 Defense Ardmore Episcopal Academy Georgetown
A3967 Davin Baldock 2020 AB D2 Midfield Sherwood Park Vimy Academy Georgian Court
A3966 Ryan Cupo 2020 NJ D2 Goalie Old Bridge Old Bridge Georgian Court
A3965 Justin Curcio 2020 NJ D2 Attack Galloway Holy Spirit Georgian Court
A3964 Ryan Dautrich 2020 NJ D2 Attack Toms River Toms River South Georgian Court
A3963 Ethan Doyle 2020 NJ D2 Attack Wall Township Wall Georgian Court
A3962 Kyle Harms 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Wall Township Red Bank Catholic Team Turnpike Georgian Court
A3961 Joey Jordan 2020 PA D2 Attack Lancaster Lampeter-Strasburg Georgian Court
A3960 Cody Kromer 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Toms River Toms River North Georgian Court
A3959 Arshad Lassiter 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Springfiel Dayton Resolute Georgian Court
A3958 Chris McCurnin 2020 NJ D2 Defense Lanoka Harbor Donovan Catholic Georgian Court
A3423 Nicky Petkevich 2020 MD D1 Attack Bethesda Bullis School/Colgat Baltimore Crabs Georgetown
A3021 Garrett Kenny 2020 NJ D2 FOGO Old Bridge Old Bridge Team Turnpike Georgian Court
A3020 Tallen Smith 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Milltown Spotswood Team Turnpike Georgian Court
A2243 Nicholas Calvetto 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Toms River Donovan Catholic Team 91 NJ Georgian Court
A1851 Aidan Carroll 2020 MA D1 Attack Milton Boston College HS Laxachusetts Georgetown
A1850 John Dixon 2020 FL D1 FOGO Vero Beach Noble & Greenough Sc Laxachusetts Georgetown
A1849 Seamus Foley 2020 MN D1 Defense Edina Benilde-St. Margaret Project Midwest Georgetown
A1848 TJ Haley 2020 MD D1 Attack Shady Side St. Johns College Next Level/Cannons Georgetown
A1847 Wallace Halpert 2020 MD D1 LSM Baltimore Gilman School FCA Georgetown
A1846 Dylan Hess 2020 FL D1 Midfield Ponte Vedra Beach Ponte Vedra Sweetlax/FL Crush Georgetown
A1845 Todd Kennedy 2020 OH D1 Goalie Gates Mills Governors Academy Resolute Georgetown
A1844 Jack Leary 2020 PA D1 Midfield Villanova Haverford School Mesa Fresh Georgetown
A1843 Chase Llewellyn 2020 MD D1 Midfield Cockeysville Loyola Blakefield FCA Georgetown
A1842 Will Tominovich 2020 MD D1 Defense Annapolis St. Marys (MD) Hawks Georgetown
A1093 Vaughn Meehan 2020 NJ D2 Midfield Howell Howell Team 91 Georgian Court
A1092 Colin White 2020 NJ D2 Goalie North Brunswick/Merc Georgian Court
B3654 Tommy Sopko 2021 PA D1 Attack Berwyn Conestoga/Bucknell NXT Georgetown
B3556 Bobby Blum 2021 PA CLUB Defense Langhorne Neshaminy Team Turnpike Georgia Tech
B3415 Connor Morin 2021 NJ D1 Attack Bernardsville Morristown-Beard/Not BBL Georgetown
B3414 Alex Trippi 2021 VA D1 Attack Great Falls Bullis School/North Georgetown
B3243 Matthew