RANK is the rank (1 = leader) for that particular event. So for face-off percentage,
 the player with the highest value will be ranked "1." If a player has '--' for a ranking
 or percentile, it means that there is a minimum threshold which the player has yet to

 Thresholds are established for 

 shot percentage: minimum 10 shots
 shots on goal percentage: minimum 10 shots
 faceoff percentage: minimum 10 faceoffs
 free position percentage: minimum 10 free position shots
 goalie save percentage: minimum 10 shots faced

PERCENTILE is the ranking of a player's stats from 100 (top 1 percentile) to 0 
(bottom 100 percentile). If a player has zero value for an event, the percentile is left blank.
The total number of players used is all players on the roster except for goalies, which uses all
goalies who have faced at least 10 shots. So for example, for division 1 men, there are about 2500 players.
Thus if a player is ranked in the top 25, his percentile rating is 99%. There are approximately 120
goalies. So if a player ranks 12, he is in the 90% or 90 percentile.

VALUE is the value of a stat, for example, number of goals, assists, saves, etc.

WEIGHT is a factor in the PIR formula which designates the importance of that particular stat.

NET is the weight*value component which is added to the PIR.

PIR RAW is the sum of a player's net components.

PIR is the PIR RAW adjusted for team factors.

PIR NORMALIZED normalizes the PIR so that the lowest value is 50.0 and the highest 
value is 100.